The non-physical pain of being devalued…

There is a very interesting phenomenon and I just experienced it full blast.

This is how it goes: I write something. I think I know what i am saying. but hours later it hits me… wow.

So I wrote in my previous article, this morning, that all pain and suffering you experience is experiencing your own resistance… resistance coming from the 14th floor words: “This should not be…”

And most non-physical pain you experience comes from the devaluation of the “I”… or the perceived devaluation… and the feedback that is causing it is resisted.

So, consequently all non-physical pain comes from your resistance to feedback.

OK… I said more or less this… but how true and how general it is just hit me.

Here I am sitting by my computer, wondering when the mailman will arrive today. I have something outgoing…

And because I was connecting to him, I am feeling his anguish. his pain… I focus in and feel it in earnest. It is mostly in the stomach, but it pulses upwards… so it is not stomach ache, it is a non-physical pain most typical of the “Silent Partner” soul correction.

He had his ego bruised somewhere… maybe he is running late and can’t tolerate not being the fastest mailman in the Northern Hemisphere? lol.

And I bet that this non-physical pain, self-inflicted, is probably further slowing him down. He is not present to what he is doing… so he is falling further and further behind.

I like my mailman, by the way. I don’t think there is anything wrong with him… he does.

One of my strategies to avoid being a hero in my own mind…

One of my strategies to avoid being a hero in my own mind, is to confess every mistake I make… like the one I realized yesterday: I forgot to fill an order that came in more than a week ago…

OK, so I forgot it. Once I don’t have to hide it, I have restored my integrity.

Did I meet my standards of fulfilling every order within 24 hours? No. But standards are arbitrary, and set higher than anyone is willing to meet.

I have never met a person who met all their standards… unless they set them so low, that even the law is set higher.

This whole idea of setting standards that you’ll fail to meet come from Christianity, at least in my part of the world.

Christianity sets standards its of his clergy even consider binding… but if you, a simple lay person violate any of those standards, you should feel guilty.

A person who isn’t guilty won’t go to church… so let’s pile up the guilt. Lol.

I have no standards for my behavior, I have preferences. I am not playing the guilt game… I am playing my own game: living on my 13th floor, fully expressed, fully joyful, fully happy.

Aren’t you tired of playing games you didn’t agree to play? Consciously, knowing what it entails to play?

Having accepted the ‘marker feelings’ of words, that one thing is bad, and another is good: it is the same game.

In the Feelings webinars I attempt to train you, and train you further in my 67 steps coaching program.

It adds another layer of richness to what we do… And a whole different level of conscious awareness.

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Bummer you say? Yeah, I agree.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “The non-physical pain of being devalued…”

  1. I just realized that it’s a postal holiday today, Presidents Day, and there is no mail pickup. So the greatest mailman on the Northern Hemisphere had some ego devaluation in his private life. Oh well… I can feel what someone feels, but I can’t feel what they are doing…

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