The ground of your being

life on the 14th floor: words and more wordsWhen you live on the 14th-15th floors of your being, the ground of your being comes from there too.

Let’s first look what is the ground of your being, the floor on which everything is built that is compatible with that floor.

On the 13th floor the ruler is Life. Nature. The Universe. No interpretation. Life, nature, the universe gives you your actions, your attitudes, your interpretation of events.

Virtues live on the 13th floor, because virtues are a Yes to life. Anything gets evaluated by that question: is it a Yes to life or a no to life.

Is it part of the flow, or is it a blockage to the flow. Blockages need to go. Attitudes, needs, wants, habits, activities that are a no to life, that don’t fit the flow of life, Nature, the Universe, must go, because it is evil. Against life.

life is either you or me: ground of beingIf you examine, everything that comes from the current 14th and 15th floor are blocking life. Even the nice ideas.

Most people have an inner tension because they haven’t completely killed their 13th floor, haven’t completely killed Life, Soul… and Life and Evil is fighting inside them.

And some people are only present to their unhappiness, or that life isn’t working for them. But a lot more is going on, below their conscious awareness.

You are in a war. One way or another.

Your soul correction can guide you to find what kind of war and to what end.

Your soul correction gives you your default world view: your default ground of being.

The theater in which life plays out. You and your will… and others, with their will. Stuff. Winning and losing. Control over others. Possessions. Ruling. Being right or being wrong. Learning or already knowing everything. What is fair. Who and what to believe and not to believe. What is winning for you. What is “not losing” for you.

Your theater has the answer to all the questions philosophers have asked for thousands of years.

You, unless you are an exceptional person with exceptional self-awareness, you are unaware. You fancy yourself a blank canvas. A good person. A this and a that.

You are none of that. It takes diligent and persistent work to become good. Even just one good out of the 160 ways to be good. 1

You have done none of that diligent and persistent work, not even to distinguish for yourself what each virtue is, because virtues are dirty words on the 14th floor where you live.

On the 14th floor you have characteristics… lol. Psychological profiles. You are a finished work there, able to only do a little bit of tweaking, faking, going around. On the 14th Floor you don’t have to work on anything…

But on the 13th floor you are a partner with life, with the “gods”, with the soul… and you sculpt yourself to being…

Well, that is a question: what do you want to sculpt yourself to be?

This is the question where your soul correction will be either your enemy, or your ally.

The soul correction is the way you negate life. The way you accommodate and grow evil in the world. The way you are a blockage, a blot on the clean sheet of life.

Your choices, your actions come either from your soul correction, or life… the good.

You can only do this work effectively on the 13th Floor.

Whoever is running the world, from the shadows, have tied you to the floors where everything that is valuable to Life is a non-value.

Where belief systems become your ground of being, not life.

Where other people are the problem, not you. Where who gets the most toys wins.

Interestingly we are in the same phase of decline, as the Roman Empire was before its fall. Debauchery, gluttony, moral decline. The cult of personality…

If you want to be an island of sanity, an island of happiness, you first need to be able to come down to the 13th floor.

Feel what you feel, and KNOW what you feel. NOT emotions, emotions are the 15th floor.

Feelings. Feelings that come from your senses of perception, and from your physiology.

It is difficult, even to remember to feel what you feel.

Your soul correction (it is not your soul, the name is a misnomer, indicating that there is something wrong with your soul…) tries to cut you off from your feelings. Your soul correction, as I said before, is the way you are “bent” to do evil… to kill life, kill nature, kill your godliness.

All humans. No exceptions.

So I have been pondering why I am asking you to do something near impossible… or is it? Is it impossible?

And can I think of, invent, or ask Source for something that can make it easier?

Depending on how much you are caught up in resistance, resistance to Life, resistance to me, resistance to anything that tells you what to do, you need different guidance.

I have a few students who have taken to reading the Feelings books, doing the work to feel their feelings.

And I have students who have to go through hell, because they want me to die first.

It’s all in a day of a teacher… I am not complaining, I am OK with it.

It’s all in a day’s work.

The ground of your being reveals itself… first to me, and then hopefully to you. Ugly. Always.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see ugly in myself.

A person who bought the Water Energizer, who needs it really badly, never downloaded it… so obviously he never used it.

I had the thought: if I could put an energetic attachment on him and make him use it! that would be really good…

Of course, that is ugly, that is evil.

It violates the law of free will… I would violate the law of free will. And thank god, I can’t do attachments, because I would be doing them… because “I know what is good for you!”

OK, can you see the ugly? Good intention: helping you. But using tools that enslave you, that proves my superiority over you, that makes me an evil person.

I have had these fantasies, by the way, all my life. Every time I would feel powerless.

This was the first time in a long time… although around the elections, I was really tempted. lol. To me, this is enjoyable, not dramatic. I find it funny, and I laugh. I have chosen. But that doesn’t mean the evil won’t come back to tempt me! It is not eliminating evil, it is laughing the evil in the face… at least that is how I handle it.

So, what am I saying?

That you need to put yourself on the “right floor” to experience yourself and the ugliness directly, not just from feedback. And don’t react. Just see it, and say: “I see you”.

The goal is not to “fix” the soul correction, the goal is to internalize what Life wants, what is natural, what is good.

So that you create new ground of being. So you do what you do from the floor of “harmony with life, harmony with nature” instead of some 14th floor benefit, or 14th floor “value”.

Without coming down and reviving the 13th floor, making it livable, you’ll be stuck in the “puppet on a string” floors of the Tree of Knowledge.

That is the step where we are now.

And in the meantime I’ll look what energetic support Source can give, if any.

Getting the Days of Power energy during the opening can be also very useful. The energy I have available to do my work has more than doubled in the past months that we have tuned into the Days of Power.

It knocks me out for a day or two, but I consider it mini vacation… spend it mostly in bed. And I love it.

So getting in touch with your feelings and getting more energy.

If your hydration number is low, I guarantee your can’t do this work. 🙁

Low is 10% or under.

You don’t know your hydration number? Want to know?

It tells you if you have enough energy to do spiritual work… and if you have enough energy to heal, succeed, love, care, etc… the good stuff.


PS: Each Avatar State audio is to activate a virtue… And while the audio is playing, it keeps the virtue alive. but if you do nothing of your own accord, as soon as you turn off the audio, the virtue also turns off.

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  1. There are 160 virtues hardcoded in the human DNA… but they need to be activated. I have been calling them spiritual capacities. I can turn them on… but unless you need them, you’ll turn them off…

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  1. It’s so funny how you teach the same things so many times and so many creative ways, but it isn’t until I reach a certain point where I can get the smallest glimpse of how it applies in my space. This, I think, was very helpful. Thank you! I had some ahah moments. Now to stay with it.

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