Why doesn’t meditation raise your vibration?

Life. You either go with it or life will drag you…

And if you don’t go, untold suffering is your “pay”.

Why doesn’t meditation raise your vibration?

You know everything you know because you were taught.

Even if you have an inner sense of what you should know, how things work, etc. without first being taught you are like everyone else: completely caught up in the way the world thinks.

I am talking about both tangible and intangible knowledge.

So here you are, with a certain kind of knowledge that gives you your ground of being… and then you have experiences.

You read a book, You watch a movie. You are moved or you are left indifferent, or in a quandary.

From where you hear the message of the movie, from where you get what moves you or leaves you indifferent is the ground of your being, which you learned.

If you go into meditation, you take your ground of being with you. And nothing will change while meditating: because all your experiences, if any, will be interpreted from your ground of being…

And unless your ground of being shifts, nothing happened.

An example of somewhat the opposite happened to me today.

I am at letter 105 from the 124 Letters of a Stoic. My ground of being is now firmly includes, incorporates what Seneca teaches: virtues, the good, doing what is honorable.

And as I am sitting here, movie after movie comes up, and I weep. I wept when I watched them. But I suddenly know why I wept then, while then I had no idea.

I have said before that I weep for no apparent reason quite frequently. They are the tears of being moved, being inspired, being in the presence of divine. Being in the presence of good. Honorable. Virtues.

I am also muscle testing if the movie makers meant to make a movie about what is honorable, what is virtuous, what is good.

I find they did a movie of a good story.

Maybe they wept. But they didn’t know why they wept: very few people even know about virtues, and being moved by virtues make you “vulnerable” now your soul knows you know… and it will badger you relentlessly, to live according to your values, according to your principles.

I am OK with that.

The answer to the question in the title, why meditation won’t raise your vibration, unless your vibration is already very high, is this: you take yourself and your ground of being to meditation. Or reading Seneca. Or listening to Tai’s 67 steps. Or Tai brings his to reading all the great books he claims to have read.

And everyone reads a different book, while they seem to read the same words.

Because it is not what is written, what the author meant, you read what is consistent with your already attained ground of being… or with your already attained level of vibration.

All those people who had a vision, or who had a peak experience, or had an enlightening experience either lie or partially lie.

No instant knowledge is possible. Knowledge needs work. Because no knowledge is as simple so a glimpse at it would give you the whole ground of being of it.

So they either worked hard at making what they saw a whole world view… or they are just attention-seeking.

Most of the people who teach meditation are like that… flimsy, eclectic, and definitely not a practitioner of what they teach.

Of if they are: it is probably worthless…

I have found only one philosophy that agreed with all the yeses I found in other disciplines, and didn’t agree with any of my no’s from other disciplines: and that is what Seneca teaches.

It’s taken me 60 odd years, out of which 35 spent with intense studying, to get here.

It’s not sexy. It is not sexy at all.

But it works.

I tested a few people who have read the same letters by Seneca and swear by them.

Tim Ferris: vibration 170. I don’t think he got what I got. Ryan Holiday: vibration 170.

Which means: they go to Seneca, as Tim puts it, calming philosophy… I just got a stomach ache.

Last: My articles are up there… wherever they are. And every reader gets something different from it.

For someone who intends to teach: this is quite a disquieting idea. But it is the truth.

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