Why I am not interested in healing, but very interested in getting you well?

Healing should mean “getting you well”, and on the 13th floor of your being: it is.

But humanity lives on the 14th and the 15th floor… the Tree of Knowledge, and there healing means something entirely different. It means that someone who is a “healer” does woowoo and then whatever was bothering you goes away.

Not going to happen. But people are seeking healing, want to be healers, so I am changing the words… and of course a ton of people who this way can keep on dreaming.

I changed my site’s heading from healing to “getting you well” and the quality of the people changed DRAMATICALLY! Who would have thought? I was guided to change… but I surely didn’t expect that I was going to rid myself of the wannabe’s and the secondhanders.

The words sound similar, but the meaning, the emotional meaning in today’s “culture” is vastly different.

The only thing that can heal your body is your body itself.

It needs you to do a whole lot of things so it can do its work…

  • 1. Provide it with the nutrients it needs
  • 2. Remove all the food looking things it doesn’t recognize as foods
  • 3. Provide its cells with water that is compatible with life… coherent, energized water
  • 4. Breathe, consciously
  • 5. Rest, consciously
  • 6. Move a little, consciously
  • 7. Remove as much of the toxic influence of the culture as you can: cell phone, TV, social media, newspaper, doctors, etc.
  • 8. You need to want to get well more than you want to be right (about anything) aka you need to have some humility
  • 9. You need to enroll your spouse or significant other… or it will never happen

I have written a ton of articles about all these. But I haven’t addressed the last three points enough.

Why cannot you get well if you still immerse yourself in the toxic waters of the 14th and the 15th floor?

—The Tree of Knowledge culture wasn’t created by accident. It was created consciously, some seven thousand years ago. I have known it for a long time. The blood line is unbroken, direct descendants of those people are still around living outside of the culture, but praying on you.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, and you can calm down now… I am going to talk about the culture and not those people.

The culture of the Tree of Knowledge is to take you away as far as they can, from feeling your feelings.

They do it with words.

The first job is to confuse you about what is a feeling and what is an emotion.

And emotion is a marker feeling: strictly created by words, spoken or thought.

They are the emotional payload of words. Payload as in bombs are the payload of a bomber airplane. They have a job: and they do it well.

In every language.

When someone says: tell me what you feel… you are not going to tell them: I feel the clothes on my skin, I feel my nose itching, or I feel hunger.

No, you are going to say: I feel that you don’t care, or I feel that I love you. These are not feelings, these are emotions.

Once you are confused enough, once you can’t tell your ass from a hole in the ground, you are trapped on the Tree of Knowledge, and you are only an appendage of “society” and “culture”.

Because you lost your guidance system. You lost your contact with reality. You lost your contact with your body. You lost your body’s cues telling me what is good for you.

So being still immersed in the “culture” of the Tree of Knowledge will pull you out of your efforts to get well as fast as anything you can imagine. First you’ll suddenly doubt that what I am saying is going to work. You’ll wonder if I am a fraud, a sorcerer. If I am even on your side… You will. Trust me… lol, not funny.

And then you’ll sabotage the process. You’ll do one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake… And you’ll blame it on me… probably only in your head.

If you started to get well… you’ll hate me for that. Because no one is smarter than you… 🙁

Oh, read the Feelings book, and the Words book… it is invaluable in distinguishing for you what is the role of feelings and the role of words…

And this is when wanting to get well needs to be more important than being right.


Because finding out that someone knows something that you don’t. That you have been stupid, made stupid, duped all your life isn’t good news for the ego.

The ego wants you to continue thinking that you are the smartest, that what you think is true is true… and if that means you are sick, and crippled before your time… the ego says: So be it.

The ego is the in-your-body representative of evil. Kabbalah calls it the Opponent. Christianity calls it “Satan”…

If we considered raising your vibration a wrestling match, Ego would be the only thing you ever need to wrestle…

But ego has a lot of tools up its sleeve. It is a shape-shifter, a joker, a crafty little devil.

In all the “Batman” stories, the inner world of a human projected into a story, the joker is the ego.

Resistance is futile… or at least is very difficult. But possible. And every little win is a win.

In our case, if you manage to enter a negotiation relationship with ego, ego will let you do the things you need to do.

I had to make deals with ego, continuously, as I was doing my own growth, my own getting well process… In fact, i am not done… you are never done.

Your body, your health, your well-being needs attention, needs processes, systems, that are easy, obvious, and well-thought out. Oh, and consistency. And ongoing enrollment of ego and other hirees of the Dark Side: your friends and family… onto the next point…

Civilization, culture, The Dark Side, uses your friends, your family, and especially your significant other to keep you in line.

If you are willing to observe, marriages, or “relationships” are not a voluntary partnership between two consenting adults: no. They are a weird I possess you/you possess me affairs, where the deal is: you are not allowed to be a person any more.

the wise changes themselfLove? Forget about it.

Love would mean wanting the best for the other, wanting what is best for them.

That is not the culture. The culture is: wanting what keeps them the same, wanting what keeps you in possession.

So someone who is thus attached: will not be able to get well unless the significant other agrees and supports the idea, the process, the how of it.

Of all the “attached” clients I have, the successful ones spent time and energy to “enroll” their significant other to support them.

The ones that thought they could do it without the other: all failed. ALL.

Consciously or unconsciously the “other” will fail you.

This is often true about offspring: they will prepare something mouthwatering but something that kills you. Disconnect your audio. Or start talking to you about things you could do to get well, or take, or such.

The “culture” works on you first and foremost through the people who say they love you. But they love you like they love peas or chocolate or sex. They don’t love YOU… because they do not want what is good for you.

Oh, and YOU are the same way with them… unless your vibration is above 500… and I don’t have any clients who do. There are only 20 people in the world whose vibration is above 500. They probably don’t need me…


If you want to get well, you need more than just knowledge about “healthy” foods and “healthy” supplements.

You need a lot of inner knowledge of how the world works.

You need to know what it’s going to take, and do that work, or you’ll fail.

For me, the hardest thing was that I could not do what was “right” without actually knowing why it was right. So it took me a long time to puzzle it out, and while I was puzzling, I refused to do the “right thing” that my body was telling me to do.

But slowly I turned around, and today I make only tiny mistakes, and only when I am exposed to the “culture” and am put out of balance, out of my Self… like it happened this week.

As you know, most gurus, most teachers don’t practice what they teach. And to some degree it is true about me: I practice what I have learned to practice… and not more.

In the grocery shopping van I tried to calm down one of the guys… but instead of calming down, he barked at me… Like dogs do, when you want to pet them… I got scared. And getting scared, I was too busy trying to avoid the guy in the store… and didn’t catch ego’s soothing voice: just take one truffle…

By the time I finished my shopping and went to the cafeteria to wait for the van, I was gone… I had coffee with cream.

Today I have a fever blister… The better you are the more obvious are the signs of having made a dietary mistake. The cause and the effect.

So, what’s the conclusion? You have to be vigilant, you have to be willing to enroll family, friends, yourself, and ego in this adventure of getting well.

You’ll have to promise people that YOU won’t change, and you’ll not leave them in the dust.

Remember: they consider you a possession, so their only concern is you getting out from under their yoke.

You won’t change culture. But you can be as free in it as you want.


  1. Before you even start… find out where you are at… get your Starting Point Measurements. If you have… you can get to step 2, you have the link to buy
  2. Buy the Water Energizer… do the enrollment, the systemizing, the process, make it a habit. Produce the result.THEN
  3. Get your health session with me, to get your nutritional requirements met, and your food list set up. and do all the steps you did with the Water energizer, again, for the eating part: enrollment, systemizing, making it a process, make it a habit. Produce the result. Get well and stay well.

This is only hard if you make it so. …and if you didn’t do the enrollment part.

If you don’t get well, your issue is in the mindset area.

You are probably, most likely, trying to prove me wrong. Or maybe your spouse is not enrolled…

You want to make me wrong more than you want to be well.


Hello Sophie

Quick feedback…

I’ve worn baggy dresses over woollen leggings for months. Today had the urge to wear jeans…oh surprise.. they went on easy, no tightness. I can even puff up my inhale and still… loose waistband…. haven’t been starving either?? So thank you.. this is a very nice ‘side effect’ to the menu.

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