Clarity is power, but meaningless and powerless on the Tree of Knowledge.

But on the Tree of Life clarity is the main component of having a winning life.

Clarity, on the Tree of Life, is finding the cause of an effect… Once you know the cause, you can play with it like a musical instrument: you can change out of the cause, you can modulate.

You have yourself and your life tamed sufficiently that you can safely say: I have the power… I call the shot.

On the Tree of Knowledge you cannot see the cause. It is hidden under an avalanche of feelings, “science”, words.

That is the purpose of the Tree of Knowledge, by the way.

And because you have no idea, anything or anyone can fool you.

You can believe in god. You can believe in the “Law of attraction”, you can make people and organizations rich, because you are hapless. On the Tree of Knowledge you can’t feel the gentle nudging of your sensations that know the truth and could lead you to clarity.

In fact, you misinterpret them. Put words on them. And then you turn around and teach the b.s. explanation you came up with.

All human science is worthless on the Tree of Knowledge, and all scientists are snake oil salesmen.

Here is an example:

Inner Bonding: What is Inner Bonding®?

INNER BONDING a 6-step spiritually based therapeutic modality that heals shame, and the resulting self-abandonment, that is often the root cause of anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, and relationship problems. INNER BONDING creates profound connections with Self, Spirit, and others that heals emptiness and aloneness, unleashing creativity, imagination, passion and purpose, love and joy!
the process: effectiveness value: 1%
Erika Chopich, Ph.D Personal vibration: 120. Enough said…
* Margaret Paul, Ph.D Personal Vibration: 170. She doesn’t live what she teaches. Why? Because on the Tree of Knowledge it is all b.s., sand in your eyes.

Clarity can be measured.

Clarity is not an inner state… clarity is taking steps that match your inner reality and produce the results in actual reality.

So clarity is the percentage of match. It can go anywhere from zero to 100.

You could argue, that clarity is a 3-way measure: your picture of reality, reality, and your actions.

But, without arguing, without justifying, I am going to call clarity ONLY when your actions are showing that your picture of reality and reality match.

On the Tree of Knowledge it was enough to know stuff, but not live them.

On the Tree of Life it doesn’t matter what you know unless it informs you actions.

But in the past 32 years most of my Hebrew went underground.

It was obvious from the test I needed to pass to get into the intermediate class.

My clarity about Hebrew was very low. My illusory knowledge was not a match to reality. I failed the exam test.

Why did I start learning Hebrew again? Because I just listened to the step with Alexander the Great from Tai… and I saw that I have been thinking about re-learning one of my six languages, but doing nothing about it. I saw my b.s. I told the truth about it. And took the first step.

I am committing 5-10 minutes a day, for however long it takes. Why? What else am I going to do with 5-10 minutes a day? Play more Freecell… lol.

I have written several articles on clarity before. I am re-publishing them today, so I keep this article short.

Do with it what you want to do with it.

Your life is your life.

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