Even if the movement starts in the direction of hell… it can take you to heaven.

As you can see, I republished one of the most important articles I have ever published.

What is important in that article is the insight. It is an insight about a life well lived. Einstein said:

“If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.” 1

The insight is that you can use the laws of physics in your life to succeed.

We can use Newton’s first law to achieve great things, to live a life we were meant to live, to live the life Life meant for us to live.

The first law is about bodies in movement. Rest is a phase of movement. Let me start with that: A body in rest will stay in rest… unless…

Go-to-heaven-for-the-climate-and-hell-for-theYour life, as it is, is in rest. Stagnating. Not going anywhere. And unless you move it in some direction, with some force, it will stay stagnating. Bummer, eh?

The same first law also states, that a body in motion will stay in motion, unless something slows it down or stops it.

That is also about your life. If you somehow manage your life to move, you can keep it in motion and then take it where you want it to go. 2

I have had great success with this one law of Newton. And I have had great failures… with this same law.

anticipated-traffic-to-heavenSome students start moving, and unless something happens, like a holiday, they keep moving, growing, and raising their vibration.

Other students buckle down and refuse to move. Most of them take it as a personal attack that I want them to move.

The question is: why are they in my program? It is all about growing, But I wait until they come to their senses.

The hardest thing, in my experience, is to make someone move who is comfortable.

Comfortable in their misery. Comfortable because the devil known is better than the devil you don’t know.

As a coach, I need to do this gently.

If you want a picky eater child to eat, you may want to start with the dessert… once they get into eating, they will eat the rest of the meal too. (is this true? it depends on the quantity of the dessert, I think. Force feeding the child never worked. Instead, allowing their body to guide them, allowing Newton’s first law to work is the art.)

The biggest fear the ego has is doing the wrong thing.

The ego is the enemy, by the way. Ego is all Tree of Knowledge. It will keep you in prison if it sees that it is safer. Ego is the enemy of Life. The enemy of living. The enemy of growth. The enemy of happiness.

So ego will make you say “Don’t tell me what to do”

And ego will put down more and more anchors.

Some will hate me. Some will write long essays about what is happening for them. Some will disappear.

The ones that started to move, will stay in movement, and grow. I get happy emails, happy posts from them,

The difference: the ego didn’t successfully stop them.

Now, this article is written for everyone, but I aim it at the immovables mainly, where the ego is winning currently.

The goal is to start moving. The direction won’t matter, only that you move.

The easiest direction is a wrong direction, a direction the ego wants you to move…

Go-to-heaven-for-the-climate-and-hell-for-theIf you remember my story, the ego wanted me to get rich quick with a scheme… It used my hopelessness and hope to make me move. And I did. And it didn’t matter that I didn’t get rich quick, or slow, or that I lost money, I was already in movement and therefore I could gently change direction and allow the energy of the movement take me to a new direction.

There is one caveat: you need to do this consciously.

Life cannot carry you if you go unconscious. Life cannot help you change direction unless you consider your life a co-creative process: between you and Life.

What happens if you are not conscious about what you are doing? You get stuck with the unproductive movement to nowhere.


  • your desire trap to becoming a billionaire.
  • your pleasure trap playing computer games
  • your desire trap to becoming a rock star

These are actual examples of actual students that got stuck or are stuck in those unproductive traps.

But… but just like in my case, greed was whetting my whistle… whatever that means… and made me get up early and do the actions, day in and day out, proved to be enough movements to redirect it to a more useful, more productive direction, your actions inside the trap can gain enough energy to allow for redirection.

The student with the desire trap has been redirecting to other desire traps to actually doing work that is in a more productive direction…

The rock star person is now doing something that seems to be productive… the danger is there may not be enough movement, enough energy there…

And the computer game person… well, he stopped and does nothing, I think.

So what is the difference between those examples and mine?

Even though I was in the desire trap, I saw actions inside the desire trap that were mundane, monotonous, but had to be done daily… slowly moving my stagnating life into movement.

  • In the movie “Shall we dance” Richard Gere’s character got moved by his desire for a woman… not his wife… and the ball room dancing that was the way to get close to her.For the Jennifer Lopez character, her desire to cause the Richard Gere’s character to do well in the competition was the crucial movement that took her back to being a competitive and alive ballroom dancer… to be alive.
  • In the movie Departures, the male character took up preparing the dead for the family of the dead. And he found his groove, and reclaimed his love of the cello, and his marriage in the process. 3

Examples in films are countless. Start out with a random direction, and through the movement, Life will take you over.

  • For one: reading. Reading books. Being pulled in, being waken up.
  • For another: getting well… finally feeling the blood flowing.
  • For yet another: getting that there is a way out of the mouse-trap… and building a system in which they can delegate.

My secret plan using Newton’s first law

I started to learn Hebrew yesterday… right after I realized that staying in the apartment where I live now is not honorable… and I will need to move. Moving seems impossible, but I bet that the tiny input of learning Hebrew will get me out of this trap of complacency… that is my ultimate goal with this 10 minutes a day action.

That is my secret plan. I can feel that Life is supportive of that. Where I’ll end up? Wherever I end up will be a good place… I am confident… and scared at the same time.

A body in motion can be steered. A body in rest… impossible to steer.

Now, what if you are my student and you picked the direction you ultimately would like to go, and therefore you are not in movement, because there is nothing to move you in that scary direction?

I specifically think of a student who wants to be a sales ace…
Or the person who wants to be a real estate agent…

If you are reading this… and if you aren’t, I’ll send you here: pick something easy and really attractive to you.

I have a student who was at the same place where you are, who picked learning social interactions before tackling the big one: becoming an ace sales person.

So she is now practicing interacting with people. Listening. Being un self-conscious. It’s working. She is enjoying it.

A movement is a movement is a movement.

Even if the movement starts in the direction of hell… it can take you to heaven.

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  1. This quote says that being successful means being useful in three important ways.

    x and y are simply about having a life. The more good things you do, the more you get paid, and the more successful you are at life. Play is fun. z is important because speech is so common. As a lever of influence, it has a high impact on your sum total of usefulness.

    z means it’s hard to say something useful: talking is useless by default. Taken literally, it means that you can only become less successful by talking. Talk only hurts, it never helps. Taken as a poetic license, it means that the odds of saying something useful are against you.

    Talking sends information into the world. The conversation is overtly about the things in the world, but covertly about the speaker. Even assuming that the talk about the world is useful to the listener, the covert message about yourself is noise, vanity, or masochism.

    Speakers who leak vanity risk being preyed upon by good listeners with an agenda. Those who leak masochism invite others to play ‘Kick Me’. Even if the covert channel sends just noise, it is diluting the useful information on the overt channel. Therefore, talk is best reserved for short windows of opportunity to put in a key bit.

    An experienced conversationalist from a healthy social environment tends to be short and sweet. Highly successful people are known for what they did, rather than what they said.

  2. First law: In an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.[2][3]
    Second law: In an inertial reference frame, the vector sum of the forces F on an object is equal to the mass m of that object multiplied by the acceleration a of the object: F = ma.
    Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
  3. both movies are in my subscribers only site… paid subscribers only

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