Vibrational Review: Gabriel Code: identify your nine fat triggers and lose all the weight

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Vibrational Review: Gabriel Code: identify your nine fat triggers and lose all the weight

Jon Gabriel is an amateur(?) Biochemical Researcher. In this new Mind Valley program, the Gabriel Code, he claims that your body has fat triggers.

Test your fat triggers:

I did, and the result was: the cause of my weight issues is frequent dieting. Maybe, maybe not.

Because the Gabriel Code hasn’t been launched and because I don’t own it, I will need to muscle test instead. Besides, I would not do it, I have 10 extra pounds… if it is any good, then it’s a cannon, and my extra weight is a bird… Who shoots a bird with a cannon? lol

What Jon Gabriel teaches is that there are nine possible fat triggers and if you can pinpoint them you can design a way of dieting that will allow you to start losing weight and keep it off.

But after all, it is a weight loss program where you turn your (whole) life over to designing and obsessing about a “healthy” diet, designed by someone’s mind, not your body, not your real issues, not really what’s going on.

Can the weight loss last? Probably not. Probably it will last only as long as you are willing to stick with keeping it front and center, staying obsessed about your “healthy” way of eating, cooking, exercising, at the expense of living.

Jon Gabriel: personal vibration: 200
Truth value of his findings: 170 (which is very low. Why? In my view, putting dieting front and center is against real living… it is moving even more to the periphery of your being, which is the public, the visible, and low vibration, the act that caused your weight gain to begin with. Being concerned about other people’s view of you and your actions)

So I recommend it? No

Why? Because instead of returning the power to you, your body, your Self, it replaces it with some outside expert’s mind construct, that enslaves you even more.

What do I do to keep myself in shape, and drop the same 30 lbs every few days… lol?

I have been looking for a lifestyle, not a way to lose weight.

What are the errors that a new lifestyle would correct and return my body’s ability to use the food I give it? Not like a Gabriel Code diet… but a transformation!

  1. Error #1: Emotional blockages to deep breathing. My Heaven on Earth is quite effective with that, except when what makes you not breathe is one of the errors below…
  2. Error #2: Living in your mind, and thus on the periphery of your being. Why? Because underneath it all you think, no, scratch that, you know that there is something wrong with you. My Avatar State Activators are a great remedy for these: they help you to move from the periphery inward.
  3. Error #3: You are unfulfilled. The Soul Correction Workshop and its inquiries will reveal the hidden cause for sabotaging yourself, and assist you to remove them.
  4. Error #4: Your body, your mind, your being is toxic. You are filled with toxins to the brim. Some of the toxins come from the outside, most of them come from you. Your emotions and inclinations, when you don’t allow them room, become suppressed, and toxic. They force you to put on weight to hold down the threatening explosion… Frequent energetic cleansing of the whole body will do miracles, but the toxins will be regenerated until you find a way to experience and express your anger, your hate, your grief, your power craving in innocent and harmless ways.I am working on a curriculum for that… my biggest barrier is that it is best to come together, and do it on a retreat… but I am not sure how many of you are ready for that…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Gabriel Code: identify your nine fat triggers and lose all the weight”

  1. You have expressed in this article what I have been having a hard time articulating to those around me now that I am on the path of losing the same 30 pounds I lost some odd years ago. I don’t want food and my weight to be center of my life. I don’t want it to consume so much of my thinking and obvious attachment to wanting to look good for others. It is exhausting and yet keeping it a focus (whether I am gaining or losing) is clearly giving me something. A way out I think of being more in touch with life of who I really am.

    I grew up only a couple of hours from where you live. Sign me up for the retreat when you are ready!

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