How does the Days of Power help you become more of yourself? To climb the Tree of Life…

I thought I would share something I haven’t talked about in a long while… And that is your memories. Your pain memories… specifically.

We all have it. And they are, for most people, packed away, in some fat, or some muscle, joint… like any other toxin.

Life is smart. You cannot be very effective with life, very present, if you have to deal with pain that can’t be resolved… emotional pain.

Many people go to classes to rid themselves of the pain, but these classes don’t work very well. Why? Because when you retell the story, you get caught in the story instead of feeling the pain. You feel the “marker feelings” the words awaken, but not the original pain. 1

The pain is NOT in the story… stories are words. But the pain is real, and the words, the story, push the pain further out of reach.

The pain is real. The pain has a message. And you have to feel it fully to be whole and complete again.

When the hurt, humiliation, abuse happened, it was impossible to grieve. It wasn’t convenient. It may have been too public. Or your mother said, like mine: don’t cry or I give you a reason to cry…

The world didn’t want to deal with your pain. The world, people, only care about themselves.

activate divinity courseYou left a big chunk of your soul, a big chunk of your self in that pain…

In the Activate Divinity Course we dealt with this issue, energetically. But some pain, some soul fragments escaped the work, escaped my attention…

The Days Of Power enormous energy infusion is strong enough to melt away the thickest and toughest protection your body built to allow you to live your life, day to day, so you never have to deal with the pain again.

With this energy, you need to prepare yourself that you can and you may have to rebuild yourself when the pain becomes available to you.

How will you know?

You will have wordless weeping bouts. Wordless. Weeping for no reason.

Since yesterday: sobbing bouts. Tears are just tears… they carry away the pain.

I have been experiencing these bouts for about a month now. I have been able to resist the Tree of Knowledge temptation to look for stories, or to “what happened”.

And I have been experiencing a lot more freedom, and a lot more ability to love, to care, and to be gentle.

The only way to get rid of a non-physical pain is to allow it to melt away.

Your challenge is the words.

Judaism, my cultural heritage, prohibits idol worship. Idol worship is when you put something between you and the thing you are interacting with. A voodoo doll would be, in Judaism, an idol. A picture of Jesus would be an idol. Even the Bible is idol… if you put it between you and your god.

And even words… this is why Judaism doesn’t allow you to say the name of god. So you don’t idol worship.

Someone wrote to me the other day and called the Days of Power DOP… and the Tree of Knowledge TOK… Abbreviations are also something you put between you and what you are dealing with… also idol worship. Beware.

Why am I sharing this? Because on the Tree of Knowledge you always idol worship. Always. That is what the Tree of Knowledge is, in essence. You never interact with things, people, feelings directly: you put words between you and them.

For the purposes of becoming free, for the purpose of healing your Self, your soul, you need to refrain from putting words between you and the pain.

The pain needs to be experienced directly.

Nature never gives you pain you can’t handle. So for many of you the pain will come out dripping… so you can handle it.

I am already seeing signs of this in some of my students. The drips of pain makes them hide… or makes them attack.

So I am writing this article for you, if you regularly attend the Days of Power energy download: please expect this, and rejoice.

And know, that when the pain is gone, you’ll be more whole, more complete, and more able to love than before.

And if you do this well, your TLB score will get higher too.

One of the things that keep your TLB score low is the unhandled pain that is lurking and keep you frozen so you can avoid feeling it.

Good luck. Just keep exposing yourself to the energy…

The sky is already closed for the energy of this most recent Day of Power, but the next one is not far… 14-15 days only.

Let me know if you need some energetic support from me. The Activate Divinity course is an excellent support for that.

PS: When I find that I am ready to release some pain, I do what I can to make it easier.

I know it is time, because something makes me weep. Last week it started with Nina Simone, then the movie “Alive Inside” where old almost dead people come alive when you put music through headphones on their head… and then the movie Sabrina… and then the movie Mr. Church…

Make time. Feel the pain. Allow it to come out through your eyes

PPS: I just remembered to remind you: there are some physical requirements to be able to deal with pain. You cell hydration needs to be at least 30%. Your body won’t allow you to get in touch with the pain unless you can be trusted to stay well. And if your cells are not hydrated: you are not well, and you cannot stay well. This is the main reason you are on the Tree of Knowledge: there you can futz with the words, embellish them, feel some politically correct emotions, but you can’t grieve, you can’t fully experience anger and rage… because you are not well enough to experience and be well…

So you’ll never become a full person again.

Oh… I won’t sell you the Water Energizer unless you have your Starting Point Measurements already.

Your best bet is to come to my informative Energized Water webinar teaching you what you need to know to energize your water.

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  1. Marker feeling, the expression, comes from the book “Feelings” by Margoczi

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