If you are not getting well on the diet I muscle tested for you…

Some people’s health number first rises and then plummets again. One in ten, on average.

What do the people whose health number behaves like this have in common?

First off, let me say that they mean well… but…

They violate some basic ground rules of the system I suggest for well-being.

The system is based on the theory, that if you eat and behave consistent with what your personal genetics suggest, then you will be well. But it seems that a food list used in the 21st century way is not able to do it for most people.

What is the 21st century way? You have vegetables, supplements, spices, fruits from all the five continents. Many are hybridized. Many are GMO. Many are sprayed to stay fresh, irradiated, cooked, pasteurized… All of which was impossible for your ancestors, and only came about in the past maybe 50-100 years. The same time span that people are getting fat, getting chronic diseases, and human intelligence, creativity, and hardiness are diminishing.

Expectations and reality

Your personal genetics is a veritable maze. I’ve read an article about a woman trying to find out if she was Irish… and found that she was only 11% Irish, and the remaining 89% was all over the place.

This is what is normal for everyone, except some ancestries where intermarriage was against religion, or law.

But intermarriage was and is as frequent as being drawn to someone for procreation: frequent.

The more of a mutt you are, the luckier you are in the genetics lottery.

But finding the right foods to eat, the foods your body likes is a veritable puzzle with so many variables no supercomputer can puzzle it out.

This is why I don’t come from knowledge when I advise you. I may have a supercomputer in my head, but as I said: too many variables.

So what I do is I muscle test the food list against you, while I am connecting to Source. Many of the results fly in the face of what I know.

Now, with some clients, I am finding out that muscle testing a food list is one thing, but using it correctly is another.

And here is where we get to the intelligence of the user. Or the lack of it.

Here are a few categories… I have tried to create a complete lists on how you trip yourself, but I am certain you’ll be able to come up with more ways to stay sickly and tired all the time.

  1. Out of season produce

    Maybe you have strawberries on your list but you live in the United States. If you lived anywhere on Earth at any time, you could eat strawberries for about a week or two, when they were in season.

    If you lived anywhere on Earth, and potatoes were your staple food: you could store them all winter in sand… root vegetables: ditto. Maybe even cabbage, apples, nuts, and preserves. but you would not store strawberries…

    Now, why eating strawberries out of season is a health risk?

    Strawberries have enzymes, I think, that are incompatible with winter eating. Or maybe strawberries from another country, from the Southern Hemisphere, to get here and look decent, had to be picked green, and aren’t suitable for eating. Or they are full of pesticides, and other horrid stuff that if you put in your body, you’ll get sick.

  2. Store bought condiments:

    One of my clients likes to eat almond butter. She says the only thing on the label is roasted almonds.

    So this morning I tested it. It takes a long long time to make something similar to almond butter without adding oils. The almond butter will not look like the peanut butter you are used to. Almonds have a very low fat content for that.

    Another thing: if you make almond butter at home, even if you refrigerate it it will get rancid very fast. So they put something to keep it from going rancid… Some kind of preservative.

    That chemical will also keep your body from functioning normally: i.e. digest the foods you eat. Oops.

    The general rule is: don’t eat anything with ingredients… even if they are not listen on the label, you can puzzle it out if you are intelligent at all. If you can think… Can you?

  3. How you prepare your food

    Oatmeal… The bad chemical stuff in oatmeal that is cooked becomes neutral. The nowadays fashionable way to make oatmeal is to keep it raw… and thus you get all the bad chemical stuff that is OK for a horse, but not OK for you.

    Result: you’ll never get well.

  4. Beneficial bacteria

    The bacteria in your gut is specialized for one food only.

    When you change your diet, your bacteria in your gut needs to change… but maybe you won’t have any of the bacteria you need for the new food you added.

    Go slow. But go…

    If your current diet doesn’t make you well, then there is something wrong with your diet.

    It is not just my muscle test: it’s your intelligence, it’s your energy level, it is how you feel.

    I’ve tested and can say, with certainty, that when you are tired, i.e. used up your energy for whatever you did, useful or not useful, when you are tired, you are literally stupid. So the doing goes slowly if at all.

    And judging from how people lead their lives, doing the unimportant, irrelevant first, you won’t have any smarts, any energy for what you left for last: growing.

    So to have the correct and beneficial for your diet bacteria, to adjust for changes, you need to provide your body with a steady flow of beneficial non-specialized bacteria in the form of probiotics. And then you need to feed them.

    In addition to the food you eat.

    Feed them with water soluble fibers. Asparagus, onions, garlic are very rich in water soluble fibers. If you can’t add those in reasonable and high quantities, then you may need to buy a supplement. I am testing Bimuno… it muscle test yes for me. Your mileage may vary… as they say.

  5. Eggs

    Eggs serve a double purpose: the white is an almost perfect protein providing you with the essential amino acids your body needs to rebuild itself.

    The yolk provides your body with the cholesterol it needs to keep your brain, your nerves, your sinews and ligaments oiled and healthy.

    I have only found one person who could not eat eggs… because of allergy.

    If you don’t eat eggs, you are probably dumb as a doorknob and you make other mistakes too. Guaranteed. Oh, and you are going to have early dementia. Also guaranteed.

    So please don’t be stupid. Two-three jumbo size eggs a day. Mandatory.

  6. Food combining, eating your favorite foods only and other tidbits

    Food combining is not well known, but certain foods combined with others cause inflammation.

    Inflammation of the guts, and eventually a systemic inflammation.

    Sore joints? Sore muscles? Inflammation.

    It’s your foods. So become a detective, and experiment.

    Raw, uncooked oats are very inflammatory… as are all grains.
    Mixing fruits with anything: very inflammatory. whether it is your salad, your meat, your kefir…
    Prohibition of milk and flesh in Judaism is not an accident: the two don’t work well together and cause inflammation. And because flesh stays in the stomach for as long as six hours, eating anything not compatible within that time period causes inflammation: fruit or milk product

    According to some theories, all diseases are caused by inflammation. But even if it is just some, plus the discomfort… I’d put energy in preventing inflammation, if I were you.

    What may be missing, that missing causes inflammation:

    flavonoids and bio-flavonoids — I have to learn more about these
    The omegas… aka essential fatty acids also cause inflammation if they are missing.

    So please make sure you supplement or include foods in your diets, foods high in flavonoids.

    Because I am clueless about those, I’ll write another article just about flavonoids… first I need to learn, then test, etc… so please be patient. You have enough “rules” to abide by without them.

  7. Sweet tooth? The only way to get rid of the sweet tooth is by not feeding it.

    Sweet tooth almost always signals a wrong kind of intestinal bug. The bugs suggest to your brain to feed them instead of you. Your sweet tooth is an indication… don’t ignore it.

    Raise your TLB… it takes time to starve the bad bacteria and the Candida, maybe even months.

    And every little mistake, every slip-up throws you back months…

    If you insist on chocolate, if you insist on candy bars… and you want to keep insisting… then I will not pretend that I can be of any use to you, and will sever our health consulting relationship.

    I am sorry: I can’t help you if you are not willing to help yourself.

  8. You are trying to incorporate all your previous rules:

    avoid fat, low cholesterol, count calories, eggs are bad, eat little to keep slim…

    These old rules are that got you sick… Please don’t try to incorporate them: you’ll fail at the whole thing because of them.

  9. You don’t trust me… or better said: you trust yourself more.

    Here is a question to answer: you are the one who got yourself to a place where you need help. If you continue trusting only yourself… nothing much will change.

    Wouldn’t you be better off trusting me with my track record? Please?

    Here is the problem: your world view, your intelligence, your knowledge about the world being the same: even if you read 100 books, you’ll still be the same person, with the same immovable beliefs… and rules… attitudes. And you’ll come to the same conclusions you have before… the same conclusions that got you sick… So please entertain the possibility that someone may actually know better what is good for you and what isn’t…

I am not god… and even god said that: according to some sources that believe in the existence of god.

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2 thoughts on “If you are not getting well on the diet I muscle tested for you…”

  1. Slept like a baby after first day of following new and surprising diet recommendations. Felt positively blissful as I settled in for the night. Loved how great that felt! As I settle in with a more predictable routine re: food, hope to have that experience again.

  2. You will Darnise, if you weed out all the misunderstandings and misconstrued recommendations. Your attitude is refreshing and attitude is 90% of all success. thank you for sharing.

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