You got well… Yeah, but what did you do? What of what you have been doing got me well?

My health number is at 60%. I am not healthy. Yet.

I know you expect me to be healthy, given that I give you health advice.

But what qualifies me to give health advice is not my current number. It’s increasing my health number from 7% to 60% in a year! That is what qualifies me to give health advice. And of course that I can muscle test stuff for you and me…

You see, most people have a much lower health number, even though they are a lot younger than me. I am nearing 70 years old. And I am from a family with not very high life expectancy.

Longevity is not a Jewish trait.

You see, Jews have been forced to live in different countries immemorial, and different Jewish groups had to adjust to different local foods.

But the DNA doesn’t change fast enough for them to be able to be well on foods that were not compatible with their bodies.

Same thing happens nowadays to people who live in a country not the same where their ancestry lived for thousands of years, by the way.

And in the 21st Century’s global economy everyone, even in their own natural habitat are dealing with this.

For example: frozen fruits eaten out of season. Can it be good for you? No. It cannot. It’s toxic.

The other thing that happened to Jews is that they had to earn their keep with cleverness. When you put too much into your brain, through thousands of years, you will have to pay the piper someplace… in diseases, or conditions.

My father had a condition called “narrowing of the arteries” (Peripheral arterial disease, PAD). Both my brothers have it and I have it.

My calf gets really tired and sore from simple walking. It doesn’t hurt when I sit or sleep.

So today I did some research, again, and found some exercises, some fancy supplements, muscle test said “no” to.

Muscle test said no to the mainstream opinion, and the alternative “medicine” opinion.

Muscle test said something I will cherish: I just need to continue what I am doing.

Yeah, but what am I doing?

This question throws a lot of my clients off track.

After about a month getting really well they keep what they think caused their well-being and throw out the rest.

I don’t know about you, but they, almost all of them, attribute their improvement to something that has nothing to do with my advice. So what they throw out is what I told them to do.

Soon they are tired, craving food, and their minds go dull.

80% of clients.

So the question: What am I doing that is getting me well, what is it that I need to continue is not just my question: it is a question most people have.

In my case, I need to continue eating the diet: the food-list. And I need to take my supplements. But the muscle test changed about 10 days ago: when I added hemp seed, and a lot of it, to my diet.

Why? Because hemp seed is a powerful anti-inflammation food. I take it as hemp milk in my tea, yummy. How much? I have been taking five ounces a day. Is that a lot? Yes. But muscle test says: I am on the right track.

Another thing I have started about the same time: the off-the wall colloidal mineral/vitamin/amino acid drops… And whatever is in that is amazing.

The third thing I started is taking prebiotic supplement. I have bought bimuno, and will test a few others…

Ultimately, my insight is that what is wrong with my family starts in eating the wrong foods which cause intestinal, digestive illnesses and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

You see, had I not changed my diet first, gradually eliminating everything that my body doesn’t thrive on, and adding the minerals, the vitamins, and the probiotics, all what I do now would not be useful.

But I did the work, and now I am on my way to getting well. Well enough to be able to be mobile enough to live well.

Getting well is a long process.

You got ill in decades of eating the wrong foods the wrong way.

No supplement can fix that… only a return to the diet your body can thrive on.

No “one-size fit all” course can fix that. And no doctor… no nutritionist, because each person has a different genetic makeup.

The healthiest of my clients are from countries where luxury food items are not available. Or they live on a budget.

But the moment they live, even for a few months, visiting relatives in Canada, or some other country: they get sick. Again.

And then they don’t know how to find their way back to health. Because they have to start from scratch.

And they don’t know what they did…

So the question: what got me well? is probably the second most important question people can ask.

The first is: what would get me well? of course.

Acknowledging the right source for the results is not easy. And being arrogant and thinking it is something that you did independently of my coaching will make me not want to keep you as a client.

I have been having some clients send me their daily food diary. I have been doing this for free. I wanted to see what kind of mistakes people make. The 80%. The ones that got well and then decided that they know better.

I have learned enough. So I am going to charge for this service.

I have done it successfully with some clients… even if they drive me mad.

Because I cannot bear the idea that you invest in my sessions and then you go back to how you were before… It’s killing me.

So this is the end of the free daily emails… I haven’t quite decided what to charge. It takes me 150 minutes a month… that is two and a half hours.

So it won’t be chump change.

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