What is your numbnut/moron score? How would you know?

I am sure you think you are clear. The stuff you say, the number of words you use accurately in a language gives away your level of clarity… And it’s low. I measure it as the 10th measurement in the Starting Point Measurements.

When I say clarity, I mean every area of life… including health as you’ll see later in this article.

Now, why is this important? Because your clarity is what defines whether your actions, your reactions, your emotions are going to be in line with reality or not.

Whether you’ll be astute, or a numbnut. or anything in between.

A person of severely limited intellectual prowess. A complete dumbass, one whose intelligence quotient does not surpass that of the average rock.

Obviously there are levels to being a numbnut or moron… as you will see from the article. I am 60% NOT moron… i.e. clear…

This is also correlated with the truth value I use when I evaluate authors, speakers, teachers, gurus, healers, and other windbags…

People who speak as if they knew what they are talking about. Average truth value is around 6% for people who ‘teach’…

Average truth value aka clarity aka numbnut/moron score in the world is

  • 1% clarity. Or
  • 99% moron.

here is the page with more of video clips from that Book of Moron show

There are levels of astuteness.

Astute is someone who bases their decisions on reality, not some vague concepts, vague emotions, or vague anything… or what they have heard, read, dreamed… lol

Your income, your happiness, your fulfillment are all dependent on your level of your astuteness.

And clarity, astuteness express themselves early on in your use of language.

In my coaching I can feel your emotions, and I can read your words. I have no access to what you actually do, or what your situation actually is.

So I work with what I have access to. And I can work on your clarity.

For example: a student of mine wrote on my coaching site.

She is at step 18 of the 67 steps, the Man-On-The-Moon Contrast Keeping Easy Things Easy

1. What is something that should be simple that you made hard?

Managing my finances and putting together a spreadsheet for monthly budgeting and debt reduction. Now (5 months later), it is much easier actually enjoyable.

2. What is something that is hard that you made too simple?

I think socializing/relationships. At work I talk to many people every day and do networking and it comes fairly easy to me but on a personal level of socializing I made the assumption it would be easy. Clearly, for me, it is not….lol.

On the surface, you can identify with her: some things are hard and some things are easy…

Maybe hard for you and easy for someone else. But what you probably don’t see: clarity is lacking, she is judging things on the systemic judgment level, the black or white level. Easy or hard. Nothing in between.

And if clarity is power, then power is lacking.

So, my job is to poke. Poke so more clarity arises. Poke so the student can get more astute. In this topic and in every area of life.

Just one thing: start to differentiate between
–hard as in difficult to do, needs much energy, much knowledge, many skills and
–difficult ON you… as in you can do it but you resist it, or have strong emotions about it. I.e. much meaning… Tree of Knowledge stuff.

it is useful to learn to use English accurately. It is most important for your own clarity. Clarity is power.

One area I have to always work to increase my astuteness is muscle testing.

Here is a great example in the area of health:

I have learned from Dr. Joel Wallach, a veterinarian turned Naturopath:

He grew his hair back by increasing his intake of Copper, an essential mineral that has been lacking in our diet since we have stopped eating from tin dishes, drinking soda from tin cans. It was replaced with other metals, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

So I added Copper to my regimen, and lo and behold my hair started to regrow, have fullness, and regain its original color.


I have read an article where a Massachusetts bio-something or other firm is working on a poop pill (actual poop in the pill, lol) that repopulates your gut with a bacteria that when it’s lacking you lose your hair, its fullness, and its color.

A seeming controversy. Is it the poop or is it the Copper?

So this morning I muscle tested the issue.

I asked different questions.

Turns out that many of

the minerals that are essential, are essential to the good bacteria that we need for intestinal, digestive health.

The stupid scientists at the bio firms in Massachusetts ask the wrong question.

They had one result that was positive, but they never asked the question: what was making that one poop implant successful and none of the subsequent ones.

My experience in minerals and how much they are needed is this:

When I eat foodstuff that favors bad bacteria, like grains, and seeds, muscletest says I need all the so-called essential vitamins and minerals and fatty acids, because eating that food fed the bad bacteria and killed my good bacteria.

When I don’t eat that bad foodstuff, I need scarcely any vitamins and minerals, or fatty acids to supplement.

If you listen carefully, I am not 100% clear about what is going on inside my gut, but I am a whole lot closer to clarity than the poop-selling companies and their scientists.

The answer’s astuteness depends on the clarity of the question.

If you feed your good bacteria with the right things, then you will have a full head of hair (if your hair was thinning from not feeding the good bacteria) and you’ll also be probably smart and happy and healthy and thin.

Because of a narrow cone of vision, every single product, every single solution, every single treatment only addresses one side of reality… and therefore no one gets well. But who said that wellness is the seller’s purpose? They did, and they were lying.

If you can keep your eyes from getting fixated (the cause of narrow cone of vision) then you can see:

All death begins in the colon suddenly means something really big and important:

Unless your gut flora is the right type, right combination, and happy, you are not happy, and you’ll die from it.

How? What? Why? Because if the gut flora is what digests your food, and your gut flora is not the digesting type… you can eat tons of food, even some of the right food, or all of the right food even, you’ll be lacking nutrients… you’ll be a fat undernourished person growing a lot of fat to put all the resulting toxins into.

It seems to me that almost everything (except fat and maybe partially sugar) needs microbes to digest it first before it becomes bio-available to you.

All food. All supplements.

The difference between good bugs and bad bugs is: are they eating for themselves while they are poisoning us, or are they eating for themselves and making us thrive.

Let’s look at cows: cows are happy when they eat grasses.

Feed them corn, and they are not happy. Corn feeds the bad bacteria in their gut… and the cow is not happy.

Although we don’t have a fourth stomach, we still only benefit from food that the good bacteria turns into bio-available nutrient for us.

And if you eat in a way that feeds the bad bacteria, then the toxic poop of the bad bacteria kills off the good bacteria.

If you don’t feed your good bacteria with what it needs, then they will die off.

  • Thinning, limp hair is just one symptom.
  • Being dull, or less than astute is another.
  • Being emotional is yet another.
  • Weakness, yes, that is yet another.
  • Headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, bloatedness.
  • Constipation. 90% of your poop is good bacteria that has been digested. Not enough poop: a dead giveaway that you have bad bacteria overcrowding your gut.

Whatever bacteria you  have in your gut is what gets fed by your prebiotics. Now, this is devastating!

I have had constipation most of my life. This is why a naturopathic doctor back in 1998 didn’t want to take me  as a client.

I have chronically more bad bacteria in my gut than good bacteria.

The Copper, it seems, doesn’t feed the bad bacteria… Thus my dramatic change in my hair.

But… ever since I have added Bimuno, I have constipation.

Instead of the prebiotic increasing my good bacteria, it increased what was there… the bad bacteria.

How? What? WTF?

Bimuno has glucose in it. Added. makes it more palatable for TLB 1 people, like yourself.

And if your bad bugs, especially Candida Albicans, love glucose, then you are screwed.

Because as a kid I had perpetual sore throat, I was treated with antibiotics.

Antibiotics kill good bacteria and bad bacteria. It causes Candida Albicans to take over, and do horrendous damage to your gut.

It is impossible to get rid of, it needs to be controlled with diet.

Any amount of sugar, in any form, makes the Candida population explode, instantly, and you get sick.

I have another good bug food that I can test: FOS… a soluble indigestible fiber… the good bugs supposedly like and the bad bugs don’t like it as much. It has no sugar added.

So I am going to test it.

It seems that for me headaches/nausea and constipation are the primary indicators that I am doing something wrong.

Now, I have started with clarity… and language.

You see that normal language coupled with human tendency to get hooked and focus on ‘the answer’ which is never ‘the answer’ would have prevented me from going as deep inside my gut as I have.

I would also have been looking: who is right? Dr. Wallach or the Massachusetts bio-engineering firms.

Maybe both… Maybe neither.

Once you can adjust your language to the fact that there is no certainty in the Universe, you are on your way to become more astute.

Until then, you’ll be a numbnut… Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

PS: If you take offense, then you are doubly numbnut. This numbnut categorization includes 99.99% of humanity.

You could ask an intelligent question: how come you became a numbnut?

I answer that question in many of my articles, but here is a brief and incomplete answer:

  • you really think that you know much.
  • And you really really think that what you know is true.
  • You really think that you see much.
  • You really think that you know what to do with what you read…

Ultimately it is a lack of humility that got you there.

  • But, you were educated by numbnuts,
  • you read stuff written by numbnuts.
  • You were never taught how to think. And you don’t. Don’t think…
  • You may think about stuff, but that is NOT the thinking I am talking about. Thinking as in decision making, as in creating mental constructs to verify if something is true or not… etc.
  • Your brain is a tool you haven’t been trained to use.

So until you train yourself to use your brain, you’ll remain a nearly 100% numbnut at the mercy of other numbnuts.

Bad news? I’d say so.

PPS: What is the truth value of this article? Truth value doesn’t mean X percent is true, and Y percent is a lie… It may mean that the information is partial… there is a lot more to the thopic than what is said.

On that basis, the truth value of this article is 70%.

PPPS: what needs you to drink coherent water most is the good bacteria. Why? I don’t know. Yet. I haven’t found the right question to ask… yet.

In my health measurements I measure a lot of things about you and your body, and can see most of the things that you are doing that cause you not to be as well as you could be.

It is worth hundreds of dollars if heeded. Most people don’t know how to heed it, because they think they already know, or they think they are clear.

If you are not clear, best is to add consulting… that is a phone call with me.

Get your Health Measurements

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “What is your numbnut/moron score? How would you know?”

  1. Truth, truth value, I’ve been thinking a bit about, and I’m wondering if there is no such thing as Truth…maybe just NECESSARILY true. Like maybe the ‘life’ is in the perpetual ‘looking’. I think I have been looking for absolute truth in order to feel safe enough to move forward in a particular area. Now, my cowardice is nothing new, here. So that aside, it seems that from what I can get from your work, there’s almost like a formula of applying awareness and testing that offers what I referred to as-at best-the necessarily true. Now, if any of this holds up, should I continue on this path? Because if any of this does have some legs, I’m looking for the next question as it relates to application for areas of my life PS. it’s obvious that I’m asking for some dirt to be held. lol

  2. OK Baheej. Two things: 1. clarity of speaking: I literally would have to wreck my brain to understand what you are saying. On the other hand I am going where you are going and you are asking me to help you be sure when no certainty can exist, give the nature of Life. I am sorry, you have to learn to enjoy the journey, instead of asking “are we there yet” like a little kid at the back or the car… You need to learn to see during the journey instead.
    2. I had a conversation in my Sunday Rant today, and you can buy the call for $20. I haven’t even posted it yet… but I will. As soon as I finish the answer. https://yourvibration.thrivecart.com/single-sunday-rant-call/

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