How the rich think. I didn’t say what? I didn’t say what they believe? I said how…

tailored-vs-untailored dietCustom diet plan… versus a plan off the rack.

I want to do more Health Consultations. So I have been reading emails in my spam folder for ideas what hooks people… Spammers, marketeers know how you think and therefore they know how to hook you.

I found this subject line: “Custom diet plan…” and I contemplated using it. A custom diet plan, this is what I give people, will cost you. But unlike custom made clothes, this will not cost you much more than a diet plan off the rack, in fact on the long run, it will cost you less.

But here is the interesting thing: even when someone comes to me for a health consultation, they quickly return to their lives and do what they have always done: chasing mirages. Chasing quick fixes. Chasing a fix. 1

But why? What is the difference between clients that do well with the diet and clients who do well for a while, but then go back to almost the way they were?

This is what I am examining in this article. It’s long, be forewarned.

I grew up in Hungary. I wore custom (tailor made) clothes all my life.

tailored fits like a gloveSome people can wear stuff off the rack, but neither my mother nor I could or wanted to… unless we wanted to look frumpy, like an American.

I even learned sewing when it was harder for me to pay for custom made clothes.

So when I shared this with one of the old women on my shopping trip, she said: you must have been rich.

But the truth is that people who buy stuff off the rack buy a lot more clothes, because none of them fit…

I had two suits, a few blouses, and a dress or maybe two.

Others have their closets full…

People in America think differently from how my family thinks.

In Tai’s 67 Steps there is a step about rich people and poor people. The homework is to observe rich people and poor people and note the differences.

None of my students have been able to observe anything, really.

When you look on the surface, maybe the rich has more stuff. But that doesn’t explain why they are rich.

People, poor people, who want to get rich, go to sorcerers like Christie Marie Sheldon, to get rid of their poor people beliefs, but they are doomed to remain poor. Beliefs, thoughts are haves… something you have.

Because what you think or your believes have nothing to do with riches. HOW you think does.

Almost everything depends on your how, not on your what.

Teaching how to energize your water fast, I wrote:

put small bottles of purified water into your large container of purified water… then energize it. The small bottles will act as battery for the energy. They will pull up the energy of the large container’s water, through entrainment.

Several people put in their large container a one liter bottle… expecting the same result. This immediately gives away their thinking: their how is: I know better. The more the merrier. But if you had ANY ability to think, you would know that they shot themselves in the foot: the one big bottle will not do the same work as would four-five small bottles of the same total amount of volume. Ugh, stupid thinking.

I teach: wrap full size good headphones around your container… A student places the full water bottle on the top of the speaker, thinking that the tiny speaker can vibrate the 15 kilo water… Ugh… stupid thinking.

People tell you to observe, but you cannot see.

And you cannot see how you think. Moreover you think everyone thinks like you. And you are surprised that it isn’t so.

I read books, I watch movies, even TV shows on Netflix and Amazon, to see how people think.

I have been watching the comic, Robert Dubac, on youtube. I don’t watch it only to laugh, albeit he is very funny. I watch it for the audience reaction. I learn how people think. Mind boggling.

These are the same people who voted Trump 2 into office. Now I am not surprised.

Not what they think, how they think. Poor people thinking.

I have some students who, when I muscle test, test 60% or so as “rich people” thinking.

The rest: poor people thinking.

It has nothing to do with their financial status today.

Rich people, in this context, are people who have what it takes to live the good life in all areas of life.

The 60% students take to learning how to think from the program, while others don’t.

Learning how to think is not taught in school. Definitely not in an American school.

I did learn some of how to think at Architecture School though. In Hungary. For example: don’t learn what… learn how to look it up. Learn the how. Learn how to think it up if you cannot find it. Priceless.

I am reading the books on Charlie Munger’s list. History, and science. All about the how of thinking.

Not every history or science book is about the how. Most people are stuck on the what… like you. Cannot see the how.

This includes spiritual teachers, gurus, energy practitioners. Psychologists. Sociologists. Most scientists.

They don’t teach the how because they have never looked at it.

Your how is invisible to you, like water is for the fish.

One can say that the entire Landmark Education program is about the how. But people who can’t see the how, hear only the what. This is why the average vibration of a Landmark person, leader or participant, is only 150.

Truth repeated is a lie, Werner Erhard used to say. Because Truth to be Truth must include the how. And truth cannot be repeated from your how, and remain truth. Your how, the bottom of the iceberg, will alter the truth and makes it a lie.

99% of the people who comment on my site heard what I said from their own how. Ugh, stupid.

And if we want to be really precise, underneath the how, there is an even vaster, even more hidden level, the who.

But for this conversation, I am collapsing the who and the how into one…

Because unless you can see the how, you’ll definitely miss the who.

By the way, the biggest mistake Landmark makes is to jump into the who… They make people parrot who-type declarations, without ever seeing the how.

Who I am is the possibility blah blah blah…

The airborne life of that “who” is a couple of seconds, if it ever even takes off.

Remaining with the airplane analogy: if you don’t know what makes a heavier than air object fly, and if you don’t know how, you’ll never make an airplane that flies. Makes sense, right?

By the same principle, if you don’t know what makes a “rich” person rich, and you don’t know how they think, you’ll never become “rich”… meaning having money, health, happiness, and fulfillment.

And, for your information, this cluelessness about how one thinks repeats itself on every level of “riches”…

And then, on the billionaire level, some people become conscious… like the fish that jumps high, looks down and says: OMG, water!

Not every billionaire. But some.

Charlie Munger is one of them. I just bought his “Poor Charlie’s Almanack”, a big heavy book. Like a grave stone.

In it a lot of how.

The 67 steps, if you do it right, like I do, and those students of mine that are actually learning, teaches none of what… and much of the how.

How can only be taught through immersion. Entrainment. Of all the programs, EVER, this program has the most value… IF…

IF you immerse yourself in it.

So what would prevent you from immersing yourself? From getting wet?

The same thing that prevents you from swimming… Arrogance. Lack of humility. You are only interested in activities that bring immediate results or pleasure. And in your “imminent wisdom” you know you can tell what activity will or won’t…

Tai calls these two attitudes the Epicurean and the stoic, or the YOLO versus the investor.

The ones (my 66% students) who have the results or the program have the investor mentality, even if some part of them is still looking for miracles and magic.

Most people may save money. May even invest money. Prepare for retirement. But this is not about money.

The investor mentality makes no sense to them. Because it is a how.

It is a thinking and doing how, the willingness to do things that don’t make immediate sense. Like reading the books Tai recommends. Or like doing the skill building actions I recommend.

The biggest difference is that people who already have gotten some of the how, got a taste of it, are now willing to invest their time into learning numbers, learning communication, learning to play the piano…

The ones that don’t have, haven’t gotten a glimpse of the how thinking of the rich, are still doing this, and doing that, complaining that their lives don’t work.

Will they get a glimpse and become investors? Eventually?

You know when you want to start the car, and it takes a few (or a lot of) attempts to ignite the fire in the pistons? Life, changing how you think, is like that.

Even that is not instant.

The ones that are willing to turn the ignition key, even when it looks hopeless, may eventually start the engine… and be on their way to “rich people’s way of thinking.”

The ones that prefer to complain… complaining won’t start the engine…

PS: the method of immersion is how you learn on the Tree of Life. The Tree of Knowledge, the “tree” that dumbed you down, and made you sheep, is never interested in the how… it just wants you to want what you want without you ever having to change who you are, and how you think. NOT what you think… I know, if you live on the Tree of Knowledge, you heard “what you think”… I made my point.

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  1. Just as in clothes… they go back to frumpy, they go back to buying stuff at the whim of the moment… stuff that makes no difference.
  2. I just muscle tested Trump. Not surprisingly he has the poor man’s way of thinking. Bombastic, immediate, flashy, short term, “après moi le deluge” which loosely translated from the French: after me the great flood… The younger George Bush had the same mode of thinking: poor man’s thinking.

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