Are you a zombie? There are reasons for that…

are you a zombie?For the second night in a row I am dreaming of spices.

My dreams repeat until I get and acknowledge what they are teaching me.

In case of this dream, the fact that the reason we eat spices because they have the trace minerals we need to live. To be healthy. To be well.

In Hungary, every meal has a compatible salad, which is NOT some leaf and salad dressing like in America, but some vegetable, some spices, and some vinaigrette of sort.

If it is not fresh vegetable in the winter, then it is a preserve. That has mustard seeds, or dill, or some other spice or spices.

The food we call vegetables has practically nothing useful for us in them, with the exception of the innocent looking zucchini, which is practically our only source of Manganese. And without Manganese we can’t sparkle. We can’t step dance to work. No energy, no shine. Why? Because most enzymes, the miraculous chemical agents, can’t be manufactured without them in the body. No enzymes, you dull. No enzymes and you are sluggish, you are sickly, you lack energy.

I have to take it nearly every day, unless I eat zucchini.

When I look at what people eat, I am not surprised they are mineral deficient.

But even my clients: the few that send me their food diary daily: they eat the same 4-5 foods every day, even though they have 40-50 on their list.

The ones that send me the food diary are the clients that need hand-holding to get well. Either because they started out seriously not well, or because their numbers went up and then dropped from acting like a robot, making their own (same) decisions.

What am I trying to say?

That, it seems to me, you are ignorant, and that you don’t even want to know. Dull, incurious, no spark.

You spend your limited amount of time doing things that don’t need to be done, you spend time with people who don’t enrich your life, you watch and read stuff that is duller than you are, and you are waiting for me to wipe your ass.

With exceptions, of course.

There have been a few comments I didn’t publish, and a few I have… of people who do useless, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, and stupid things.

spices in pickles are our main source of trace minerals in winterThe longer and more self-righteous the comment the lower the vibration of the commenter.

You are ignorant, and you insist on remaining ignorant.

While learning stuff is actually really a lot of fun.

As I am reading this book on Chaos Theory recommended by Charlie Munger, I notice how I read. I am not reading for understanding. I have no foundation to understand. I am not a mathematician, not an astrophysicist, not a meteorologist, not an economist, not this and not that.

I am layperson with some understanding of terms in mathematics and physics.

So I don’t read for understanding. I don’t read to memorize. I read and read and follow…

When I get tired, which I ultimately do, after about ten pages, I stop reading. I know I got tired because I don’t follow.

Understanding? It would be impossible for me. And useless.

I listen to Tai’s steps the same way. And I listen to people I coach the same way.

If I have the humility to follow them deep into the rabbit hole, I’ll see what they saw.

And because your actions are directly correlated with what you see, like the front of the hand and the back of the hand, seeing what they see is my ultimate goal.

This is what I call learning.

If you watched my brain on an EEG electroencephalogram… you would see hardly any brain activity.

When you try to understand, your EEG has horribly much brain activity. Useless, by the way.

But explains why you don’t want to learn. Because it gives you a headache.

When I try to figure something out: I do the same thing. I follow the “thing” to the rabbit hole and watch it, observe it, and see where it is taking me. Same almost inactive brain… And often, mostly, by the end of the journey, I see what is there. I see.

You are thinking, prematurely, and never see anything. Sad, really. This thinking is the primary way the Tree of Knowledge is keeping you stupid.

I often watch genius detectives in movies, and the best of these illustrate the methodology: reconstructing what happened from the clues.

No effort… just following the clues to the rabbit hole. Where they can see it. SEE IT.

I know I have a definite advantage over you: as a trained architect I have been practicing this long enough. But then again: not every architect sees… and the monstrosities I am forced to glance at convinces me day after day that I made the right decision refusing to be an architect in America.

I didn’t have the passion of Roark (from The Fountainhead) in that area.

But in a lot of ways I AM Roark: I work in a world of ignorance, in a world of false façades, and I am persisting.

And just like in architecture, every client seems to believe that they know better what is good and what they need, in my teaching about mindset, health, spirituality: ditto.

Same people, same self-righteous ignorance.

Same inability to follow something into the rabbit hole and see…

The question regarding the big three-gallon water bottle on the top of the mini speaker: why it’s not working is prime example.

If you tried to vibrate with your hand the bottom of the big bottle, then try to vibrate the side of the same bottle, you would immediately see the reason.

Of all the many people who answered, not one of them did an experiment. They were thinking… I bet they got a headache…


Life is simple. Full of simple things. Like spices, or like can something vibrate or not? You look what your ancestors did, or you just try to do it with your hand…

But you are lazy, you are dull, and you probably lack minerals.

If you are not taking them, and they are not in your food, then you are deficient in them.

Oh… another way you are stupid: you ask me to measure something physical… but don’t send me its picture. What do you think I do?

But, of course, if you are one of these people, I can say, with a lot of certainty, that you do it everywhere.

Shoot in the dark, have no direction for your life, for your actions… No aiming. Just shooting.

Missed? You can’t even miss… there is nothing to hit. Nothing there… Just fog.

And lastly, an experiment that delighted me:

I bought a mini electric whisker for my tea and coffee.

As you know I have been putting butter (Kerrygold) and hemp milk into my tea and coffee. Good… by not great.

So I bought this mini electric whisker, or whatever it is called.

making latte and cappuccino at homeAnd I am now experiencing a miracle. The fat particles of the butter and the hemp are now evenly distributed, chemically (temporarily) dissolved in the water.

And the result is teaching me why Starbuck’s latte or cappuccino is so popular: it is not coffee with some water… it is a whole new beast… heavenly.

The principle is known to people who can cook: the same principle applies to butter cream, to mayonnaise, to facial cream.

Fat and water don’t mix, unless… And we are back in the basics: unless you understand your world, you’ll be not having a good life, you will only eat what others prepared for you, a zombie thinking: is this all there is? about life.

No, this is what your life looks like. Life is glorious, rich, lovely… The fact that yours isn’t, it is all because you are ignorant and lazy.

Mineral deficiency being one cause… trying to think, trying to understand, instead of simply seeing, is another.

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