What clued me in that Tinnitus is probably an energetic disturbance, like an energetic attachment?

When I watched that video on the Reddit method… it is an energetic method to disrupt negative energy… I have learned versions of it from a guy who used it as a ski instructor to remove clients’ fear… It works and it’s energetic.

So if that is the case, all the methods out there that are not energetic, claiming to do something with Tinnitus are B.S.

So, with the limited knowledge I have, let me look what I think “energetic disturbance” is.

For one: it is in the invisible realm. So when someone is told: it is all in your head… dismissing them and their complaints, the most likely cause is: energetic disturbance.

  • Tinnitus seems to be only in your head… it isn’t.
  • Fear… irrational fear. Seems to be only in your head… maybe it isn’t.
  • Schizophrenia… seems to be only in your head, though some claim that they can see it in an EEG… but, of course, EEG checks energetic stuff…
  • Many blockages are energetic.

Electrical, chemical communication… energetic.

Can be big money for both traditional and non-traditional “practitioners”… because if they don’t succeed: it was in your head!

I am a tad paranoid. OK, I am very paranoid. I don’t want to get killed, neither by the establishment, nor the witches and sorcerers out there.

At this point, if I find an attachment on your ear, I’ll just remove it for you.

Just like in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, poisoning someone through their ears, putting an attachment, through your ear is incredibly disruptive, even if it doesn’t kill you.

Through your ear the get access to your emotions too… words are energy too.

One typical cause for an energetic disturbance is a shock… a scare… like a bomb exploding next to your head. Or a car accident. A painful surgery…

Whenever you could say: it had my wires crossed… you are talking about an energetic disturbance.

A huge loss… love, faith, money, all can cause a crossing of your wires energetic disturbance.

  • Being exposed to loud noise, ongoingly.
  • Or too much stress.
  • Being raped…

The incident is like an attack on your homeostasis.

We may look sturdy, but energetically we aren’t.

And then add the evilmongers, the witches, the sorcerers, the marketeers… and politicians… and the fear of war… annihilation.

If you have a higher TLB than one, you are sturdier than 99% of humanity.

But obviously most of us are on TLB 1… sensitive, easy to push us over the edge.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What clued me in that Tinnitus is probably an energetic disturbance, like an energetic attachment?”

  1. Do you know where I can go to the learn how the Reddit method can be used to overcome fear?

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