What is the dynamics of hate? What is the real cause of hate?

I know, I know. All you positive thinkers don’t even want to accept that there is hate. Because you so hate negativity, right? From joking aside, listen up.

If you want love, you need to be intimately familiar with hate. If you want peace you need to be intimately familiar with hate. If you want good: you need to know evil more than the evil person.

You won’t get tainted. It doesn’t stick. Nothing that is not yours will stick to you.

But if you hate covering it up with sticky sweetness… this article will help you see the dynamic, and stop it at its root.

So, here it goes:

From time to time, some incident triggers me to get bummed out. I don’t even have to be present… I can just think it… lol.

Yesterday I measured a person who had an attachment. I removed the attachment, because I was already connected to her. Her vibration jumped to 260. The highest vibration of a person ever coming to me.

She was surprised. And, I could feel, scared. This article is my reaction to that fear. That fear that is so familiar to me, I can taste it.

If I had to point out one thing in the Feelings book that was invaluable to me, I would pick the distinction “relative devaluation of the self”.

Most people live, most of the time, in a protected environment, where they have trained the people around them to treat them in a certain way.

Most people fancy themselves as smart and as deserving as the next person, or more. That is the cornerstone of our world, the key to a semblance of stability. Delusions. Lies. Self-lies. 1

We may call ourselves names, but that is even included… even when we call ourselves stupid, we think we are still smarter than the next person…

I even hear Tai Lopez speak that way about himself.

Now, what happens when you put yourself in an environment where you are not the smartest?

And what happens if someone can do the things you’d like to do but can’t?

You will experience the relative devaluation of your self.

Relative to the other person, you are less. Less smart, less capable, less whatever…

And you respond with anger. You respond with spite. You respond with hate.

People will call you names, at the minimum in their hearts. And if they need what you have to offer… the hate will become a real issue. It will prevent you from learning from them.

Nowadays I feel like I am living in the book, Atlas Shrugged. The difference is: The world of a novel and the world of reality are very different.

But a novel as a thought experiment is very useful. All the people who can could leave the world to all the people who cannot… and see how they destroy themselves and their world.

I watch people who can, and they cower.

They cower so they don’t stand out. They cower that they too can have a family. They pretend not to be smarter… just to keep the boy friend from leaving.

People never consider that it takes courage to be the best you can be, not just work. Because you may become better than your mates. And then you’ll be alone.

And although being the best, or being better sounds good, it is horrible. It attracts envy and hate.

Envy is the source of hate. And greed: wanting what is not yours is the source of envy.

Wanting without deserving.

The source of all strife, all war, all killing. All hate.

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  1. Two good books about this phenomenon I have read recently are Born Liars: Why We Can’t Live Without Deceit by Ian Leslie, and The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane by Matthew Hudson.

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