Does what you know about eating serve you well?

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I wrote about skill building yesterday.

One of the skills you need to build is to eat right.

The information out there is faulty.

Just like the person who commented on my site this morning, people, who are clueless, misguided, delusional, have as much right to post on the internet as people with legitimate knowledge. And they do… in droves.

It is as if you went to a school where the teachers were volunteers from all walks of life, and you can’t tell the difference between what they teach and what is so.

A lot like church. If you say it fervently enough, it must be true.

Why can’t you tell the difference? It’s your nature. To accept everything that you hear, unless it offends you… lol.

But even then, even if it is contrary to your own experience, you tend to believe what you hear more than what you experience.

It is, probably, because you think there is something wrong with you. You know your mistakes you’ve made, you know yourself as less than stellar performer, you take yourself to the bathroom and it humbles you on one hand, makes you want to distance yourself from yourself on the other.

If you could make friends with yourself, you could get a lot more discerning.

I know, I know, we are back to the conversation: allow the love between you and YOU to take hold. Your judgment of yourself is not good for you. Your suffering from that, your guilty conscience, your resistance makes you stupid, as in blind, deaf, incoherent, and mistake-prone everywhere.

This is not a judgment on your abilities, this is a “diagnosis” of your incoherent state.

So… what are the main lies or untruths am I talking about?

Anything that promises easy… Thinking for yourself isn’t easy. Learning from a legitimate source isn’t easy. So you read the easy stuff, and you do the easy stuff, and you end up worse than you were before.

I have been looking at digestion again. I have these two clients whose numbers are not getting better.

There are a ton of similarities between the individuals. They walk a narrow path. They have a strong concern for their financial well-being. And they do something, their job, well… or efficiently. Narrow path. Secure. Makes them feel smart.

So what are the main issues with digestion?

Digestion is the process that converts what you put in your mouth into raw materials for the cells.

Pay attention to what I said: what you put in your mouth is NOT raw material for the cells. What you put in your mouth needs to be converted first. And then… bummer, needs to be able to get to the cells.

So it doesn’t matter what you eat as much as you think.

What matters is what the cells can get and do get.

So where do I look to know that there is a problem with the digestion… i.e. the converting process?

I look at your health number first.
Second: I muscle test your mineral/vitamin/protein/EFA deficiencies.

Then I ask you to send me your food journal daily. It is very time consuming, but a necessary step: often just one offending food can throw your digestion off kilter.

I advise you, daily…

Once your foods (unless you lie, of course) are only the foods that are compatible with your body are consumed, I test your deficiencies again.

If your health number isn’t going up double digits, and your deficiencies don’t improve…

…then I know. You think you have good bacteria in your gut… while you don’t.

When your digesting process isn’t working well, it is almost always due to bad bacteria and yeast (Candida) are dominating your gut flora.

They also make you stupid, literally. And angry. And confused.

And if I see kefir, yogurt on your food diary, then I know for sure you have been mislead.

Here is my tested, both in my body and with muscle test from Source:

The bacteria in kefir and yogurt is weak and barely any of them survive the stomach acid.

So they are not making any dent in the gut flora. ANY.

What about fermented vegetables? Why would fermented vegetables be good (or better) for you?

Two reasons:

  • 1. vegetables don’t tell the stomach to secrete strong acid: vegetables need an alkaline environment.
  • 2. vegetables, being fibrous, can be the perfect vehicle to hide the bacteria through the areas that want to kill them.

So, you have essentially two options if you want to make your gut healthy, a gut where your food gets digested so you can get well:

  • 1. find a good quality probiotic and take it daily. It may take months before it makes a difference, but eventually it will. Make sure you feed the good bacteria, also daily.
  • 2. eat fermented vegetables.

Now, fermentation doesn’t stop. As long as the bacteria has food, it continues. Even if the food is stored in a refrigerator.

Which, to me, means, that anything that has a longer shelf life than a week, has NO LIVE BACTERIA in it.

I have checked kimchi, for example, at my supermarket. Expiration date is months ahead. No live bacteria.

I have checked sauerkraut… same thing.

Fermenting vegetables is a pain in the arse… I have tried and it’s not something I want to do with any regularity.

So I take my probiotics. And feed them. I have settled to FOS as a prebiotic.

It seems to be working better, but not perfectly.

How do I know? Five ways:

1. my numbers

2. my sleep (it is still disturbed and restless)

3. my poop… not quite there yet. Not regular, not the right consistency.

4. my intelligence (not quite sharp),

5. my supplement needs (minerals are now almost not need to be added daily, but Vitamin B: muscle test makes me take large quantities of that.)

What happened that I needed to re-adjust myself?

I have started to take hemp seeds. A lot. That is a big change in my diet. And started to drink tea instead of coffee… Coffee was hurting my stomach. I also removed butter.

Every big change needs you to take a good look… Again.

Why? Because your bacteria, or more precisely said, your gut flora is specialized, and was optimized for the food you’ve been eating. With the change, the gut flora needs to change.

It is slow-going, and give the bad bacteria a chance to return and colonize.

One of the things I notice, to my horror, is that my taste buds suddenly cannot taste the sweetness of hemp. Which makes my tea not that enjoyable.

Any change in tasting is a sign of trouble in the intestinal flora.

Health, digestion, is always a work in progress.

And any dietary mistakes reverberate for months… A snickers bar here, a cup of cappuccino there, a sandwich… and you are stuffed… as the Australians say.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. You had deleted my comment from the other page. I am sharing your website for the public to know about the mal information and disrepute caused. There is a huge difference between a teacher who informs and a master who transforms.

    Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others! – Gyanavatar Sri Yukteswar Giri

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