The crucial difference between people who are on the top and you. Part 1

I slept till 7 today. That is two hours past my normal wakeup time.

I had a dream till the moment I opened my eyes. Lots of smart people to talk to in the dream, so I was hanging around longer than usual. Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan…

I wasn’t looking for answers, I was looking. And I got some answers.

I was curious to see how they were that they could go so far in wealth, success. In fame.

One of the most important thing I saw is that they didn’t try. Didn’t try to understand things. There was no forcing. No violence.

When I watch you, you have two modes: you try and give up.

Trying is forceful. It is violence.

  • Trying to understand
  • Trying to remember
  • Trying to do before all the parts are together

These are forceful. Unnatural. Against Life.

The competitive plane.

There must be some machine-like world view underneath that I don’t see… a world view of right or wrong. Good or evil. Not the way life is… good, evil, right, wrong, are human inventions, Tree of Knowledge.

You cannot have fun inside that paradigm, the competitive plane. The plane of either this or that… never both. The plane where compassion has to blame someone, because there is always someone guilty.

I am learning Hebrew on Duolingo. It’s a machine. And it acts like a machine. Calls my perfect English sentences wrong, because that way saying the same thing wasn’t programmed in.

Duolingo is a “competitive plane” machine. It wants perfection, and it limits expression. Thank god, not all the time, or I would not want to use it to learn a language.

I have earned 146 lingots. At my speed level that is about 700 minutes. In 50 sessions. Over 41 days.

I now know about 300 words reliably, I can say them, I can type them. I spent no time trying to memorize them. I allowed them to take residence in my brain.

I have no agenda. I have no reason to learn Hebrew. I have only one thing: have a chance watch how I do things, so I can turn around and teach it. Teach why I have fun and results together.

I once watched a Chinese movie where on of the characters was a school teacher. In China children learn by memorization.

If you went to school in the United States, you probably learned your multiplication table the same way.

I learned my alphabet that way, and I still have to sing the whole thing to find where a word is.

It is an ineffective way to learn: no knowledge can come from it. Because it doesn’t involve seeing. Discovery. Adventure. Joy.

It is a foundation of a life of no fun, being a cog in a machine, no experience. No wind in your face. No discovery.

Yesterday I heard an expression in an Irish movie: Oh, that is the Irish shit sandwich: pat your head while they kick your ass.

Result: you try harder. Or you quit.

The people I met in the dream had a third path. They weren’t stuck with the either or world of the Tree of Knowledge. They didn’t try harder to remember, to fit in, to get more pats on their heads. And they didn’t quit either.

They managed to remain curious, in spite of the education system that failed them. They read. And they kept their eyes open. Saw everything. Didn’t try to see: saw.

When you learn what “they” teach, or even what I teach, you are a good little boy or girl, and will never amount to much.

Because you looked at what they taught as the thing to learn. Not life. Not a journey that has no destination.

Not adventure.

You are a jail decorator. You have options. Not freedom. Freedom to be. Freedom to create. Freedom to explore. Freedom to fly.

Life, I think, is still a school for you where you are either succeeding or not.

And just observe that tightness in your neck, shoulders, and stomach.

Now, what are the important points to get in this article?

Let’s see.

  • 1. The most important is to get that Life is not an either/or phenomenon. This will irk the campaigners, this will irk the politicians, this will probably irk you.Life is an “and” phenomenon. And the people who succeeded beyond what is normal, maybe didn’t KNOW this, they SAW this.The amazing expression “we innovated ourself out of the problem” is one of the ways to say that.

    If you look at yourself and your life, that sentence doesn’t make sense to you. And inside the either/or it won’t. Because it lives on the Tree of Life… where “and” is the rule.

    If you can get the distinction, you can see it everywhere, like you saw the color you picked in the “color exercise” if you ever did it till the end.

    The well-known phrases you say about important things all translate Life to an either/or language of the Tree of Knowledge.

    You can see this, for example, here: what Darwin said is translated to this either/or statement: evolution is the survival of the fittest.

    Try to hear the either/or in it. Because without seeing it, hearing it, you are blind to it.

    And life, the color exercise, isn’t played too well by blind people.

And that takes us to the second important point:

  • 2. Seeing is all important. Understanding isn’t. Seeing is Tree of Life. Once you saw it, you saw it. Everywhere. It expands your view of life.

    But understanding is limited to that example, and it incarcerates you… Gives you illusions that takes the wind out of your sail.

    While it gives you a sense of how smart you are, it actually makes you stupid. It can happen on all levels… some well known “scientists”, “philosophers”, politicians do that, did that, and will do that.

    Diet gurus, cult leaders, religion founders, teachers, healers… you can find it everywhere.

    I can hear it in your questions, I can hear it in your comments.

    You are so scared of coloring outside of the lines, you won’t even risk it.

    Looking? What if you see something you don’t know what to do with? Something that doesn’t fit your neat self-image? Or world image?

    This, your self-imposed limitations, is the hardest thing to break for a coach.

    This is also an area where one swallow appearing doesn’t make it spring… an event is mostly an accident.

    Curious is simply the capacity to look, and look, and look some more. Without fear.

    Curious is where you call fear excitement: same physiological symptoms.

    Following the path that you don’t know where it leads. A journey with no destination.

The only kind of life where you can say: I was born to live. Live Life. Wherever it takes.

PS: There are points 3, 4… So this article is not finished…

I have already started part 2… Triggered by an email by Mind Valley founder, Vishen Lakhiani… Tree of Knowledge person extraordinaire… Stay tuned.

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