Who is this site for? Is it for you?

Sophie Benshitta Maven empath raise your vibrationI am an empath.

An empath is like a psychic in a way. A true empath can feel and identify your feelings, whether they are emotions or physical sensations. I can feel them stronger than you yourself. Using those feelings as guidance I can inform you about the source of your feelings and advise you on a way to restore balance and well-being.

Through empathy I have also found a way to connect, directly, to the Source of All-of-It, in a two-way fashion, so I can ask questions and receive answers, get energies, get guidance, and support. I don’t know of anyone who does what I do, and I cannot teach much of it: so far I haven’t found anyone who can connect, at will, to another person, for example.

I have asked for and received strong energies from Source. I can embed these energies into liquids or into audios. The Avatar State audio, for example, assists you in identifying the areas where you are out of alignment, and help you correct them.

The Heaven on Earth Energy bundle, and the Energizer, infused in water, help you deal with emotions suggested by the mind or the Dark Side, so you can be well, and healthy.

My teaching is politically incorrect: I do not teach what I heard, what I read, I teach what I directly glean from All-of-it… often confronting and counter to everything that you hold true. I only teach something I tested, observed, thought out, thought through through structured thinking of a scientist.

Everything that you hold true got you where you are… maybe you’ll welcome my knowledge so you can get to where you want to be: the freedom to be yourself, the joy of being on purpose, of living with purpose.

This site is for people committed to raising their vibration.  Being interested, wishing, hoping is not the same as committed… 99% chance that you are NOT committed… And if you are not committed, this site is not for you.

A higher vibration means, for you, a smoother, happier, more successful life, but that is not where I, myself, keep my attention. You can participate with agendas of your own, happier, healthier relationships, more effective, more profitable activities, better self-image, shedding weight, illness, bad habits… and the usual stuff people want. But what you want will be ONLY achieved as a side effect of you raising your vibration.

My mission is to teach you how to experience Truth for yourself. To raise your vibration not by running from your humanity but by embracing it.

To find out if I can teach you… you can book a 15 minute long session to have a conversation with me. You need to be prepared to tell me what you want to use my teaching for… I’ll listen, I’ll feel you, and I’ll tell you, bluntly, if I can teach you or not.

When you don’t take responsibility for your attitudes, for your standards, for your failures and mistakes, you live in a sort of split world, and that split creates tension, fear, anxiety, anguish, and a general sense of malaise, lack of comfort and confidence.

My methodology and my tools are here for you to remove that split and experience yourself as a whole, so you can have confidence and start growing.

WARNING: This site is not for everyone. As an empath I can feel your anguish, suffering, joy, and willingness to commit. I can teach you how to reach higher levels of consciousness but only if you are willing to do the work.

As an empath I can see in you what you can’t see for yourself. This is how you grow. My methods are confronting and aligned with Source always. Raising the vibration of humanity to evolve the human species is my only goal. I welcome you to join me on this journey, only if it resonates with you.

How to proceed if you want to get the most of this site?

…and if what I am up to resonates with you, of course…

Step 1: find out what is your vibration. Vibration is a number between 1 and 1000… it is an indicator to what degree you, your body, your world view, your knowledge, your behavior, your emotions are in harmony/alignment with what a Human Being is supposed to be, the Original Design.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Who is this site for? Is it for you?”

  1. You look so lovely Sophie…my daughter saw your picture and asked me how old you are and I told her your age and she was so amazed that you have no wrinkles and wants to know your secret.

  2. that picture is 4 years old, and I now have some wrinkles. The secret? I think if I have any secret, it’s to eat lots of raw everything and a gallon of liquid a day, mostly water. Otherwise I work like a dog, about 100 hours a week, so I don’t know. I looked better then because I slept more, and of course I was younger… I will be 66 in September.

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