Please don’t get mad at me… I am still talking about The One thing book…

working 7 days a weekHere is another thing I found in that book: schedule your “one thing” times and your life around your breaks, around your vacations.

I read it last night.

It is the most shocking thing. Breaks? Vacation?

Ever since at age 17 I decided to become a high achiever, I never planned breaks, never planned vacations, never even planned for weekends without work.

I had unplanned breaks, when I collapsed from exhaustion… or got ill. but planning for breaks? Never.

Without this new context I would never have shared this with you. I would not even think of it, this is just how it is.


I have been off-kilter. Not quite as brimming with enthusiasm as normally. Symptoms of burnout, running on empty.

I was going to force myself to work… but it wasn’t going well.

So I started to watch Netflix… guilty pleasure…

So about an hour or two ago it occurred to me, that although I didn’t plan for it, maybe what I need is recreation time. Just sitting and resting. Or lying down and resting. Or maybe walking and resting.

But not working.

Resting consciously.

Rest is the price we pay for being rested… sounds outlandish to me. And refreshing at the same time. I am laughing.

A total paradigm shift.

PS: I still wrote an article, and practiced my duolingo… 46 uninterruptek streak…

But I am drinking a goat cheese drink, and chilling. Who is this person?!

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Please don’t get mad at me… I am still talking about The One thing book…”

  1. Surprise, Sophie! Recharging your batteries serves you well — and all of us too! Congratulations on enjoying yourself.
    Even though he was a non-stop workaholic, who was finally halted by his biggest fear (dying alone, in pain), Thomas used to talk about his considerable time spent working as “Enjoying his creativity.”
    I’m feeling very happy for you today!
    — Blair

  2. Reading about Tomas Leonard’s last days recalled my mother to mind. Arrogance. Everyone should be not trusted. A typical “Finish What You Start”, Thomas Leonard. Chasing the mirage.

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