Let’s talk about balance: The myth, and reality… and Self that is more important than balance

your self is what keeps you straight

First off: about the Tree of Knowledge.

The purpose of the Tree of Knowledge is to keep you from doing your own assessments, to take ready ideas and swallow them whole. Ultimately the aim of the Tree of Knowledge is to keep you in sheep state.

If you ever visited a mental institution, you have seen the zombie-like patients, that whenever they started to act as people, they were injected with chemicals, to make them comply.

The Tree of Knowledge is the larger than a psychiatric ward solution to the same “problem”. The Tree of Knowledge controls you with words and words that carry emotions.

Easy peasy…

So let’s get back to the word “balance”.

It sounds soooooooo good. It is what you should have. Work and life balance. Right?

And many people have became mediocre underachievers by pursuing balance. I use the word pursuing, because it is the same mechanism as pursuing happiness. Destructive.

Nothing worth having can be had by a “balanced” life.

Balance is a myth.

“The truth is, balance is bunk. It is an unattainable pipe dream… . The quest for balance between work and life, as we’ve come to think of it, isn’t just a losing proposition; it’s a hurtful, destructive one.”

—Keith H. Hammonds

I first encountered this myth when I was studying RBTI, the theory/hypothesis? of Dr. Reims, who was a soil engineer turned healer. 1

RBTI measures some chemical properties of your saliva and pee, and attempts to bring the numbers to the ideal numbers.

The ideal numbers are the ideal numbers: unattainable. Or speaking precisely: only a dead body has those ideal numbers.

Outside of death the numbers swing wildly and that is life. Life is chaotic, even though it is built on very simple formulas. But lots of simple formulas create stormy, chaotic reality.

Your TLB number is the most important predictor of your life. Whether you’ll be happy, content, fulfilled, peaceful, or not.

Your TLB number, the Twitchy Little Bastard score shows how well you can accommodate controversy and ambivalence, how much Self you have.

The Self is a core, that keeps you you… to the degree it is formed. It is like the weight that makes the Russian stand up doll stand up… no matter what you do with it.

It is the Self that keeps you on the Tree of Life, where you cannot be duped… or at least not too long.

But more importantly, the Self is what allows you to transcend Chaos, and be at peace, regardless the stormy environment, whether it is inner or outer.

Wanting two conflicting things: rest and work. Being alone, and being with… Getting somewhere and killing everyone who gets in your way… lol. Growing and staying the same.

  • When you have a Self, you can get really angry: you don’t have to suppress it.
  • When you have a Self, you can waltz through life, doing what is hard, doing what is tedious, doing what is dangerous… because your Self calls your beingness.

When you don’t have a Self or it’s weak, you are like a leaf being blown hither and tither. Whipped into excitement… or whipped into fear, despair… unconsciousness.

The Tree of Knowledge doesn’t want you to have a Self. Trump would never have won in a world where people have a Self. Because the guy has none…

All the books you read are Tree of Knowledge books (with very rare exceptions, this The One Thing book is an example of a predominantly Tree of Life book. And the books I have read, so far, on Charlie Munger’s book list).

  • If you read them from the Tree of Knowledge, they dumb you down further.
  • If you read them from the Tree of Life, you find the gold nuggets and move on. You don’t even hear the b.s. lies… who cares.

Now, back to balance: Balance is the tepid water of mediocrity. Practicing for death.

This is balance is something you crave.

Now, there are other balances… like the chemical balance of the brain.

Delicate. Can be swayed to this way or that way.

Bipolar is a condition where the person doesn’t have enough Self to make the swings still within their control.

I have inherited bipolar tendencies.

I have not been taking breaks because of these tendencies: the chemicals in the brain, exciters and calmers can be best controlled with sleep.

The more you sleep the more the calmers win out and sway you towards depression. Depression the exciters. Depression your will to live. The joy. The ambition. The TLB.

The exciters make you manic unless you manage them. They can take you all the way to euphoric, and irresponsible.

  • Some soul correction hate the downtime… and yet get pulled in. They don’t have a Self.
  • Some soul correction hate the excitement… they don’t have a Self either.

Your soul correction shows your vulnerability. Your soul correction shows you how you get yourself into the kind of trouble it is hard to pull yourself out of…

The happiest people are those who are like the Russian stand up doll… they can stand up and return to Self.

OK… this part, the next part of this article is a hypothesis. Muscle test says it’s true, but I don’t have enough evidence… yet.

Each person, each of us, has a space that is either filled with the Self or it’s empty. But it is a space. And that is important!

A space is defined by its boundaries. In a space clearly defined, only what is consistent with the boundaries, only those can occur. Anything can happen, but only those things will occur.

Occurrence is something happening that you can see… and occurrence is what is reflected in you from what is happening. True mirror or not, it is the “map of reality”.

OK, let me say it again: what is happening is reality. What you get, what you see, what you experience is occurrence… the map of reality.

You have no power about reality. Reality is what is. Out of your hand.

Occurrence is largely in your hand… Occurrence is where your soul correction is operating. It limits what you see to the same… unless you transcend your soul correction.

When you manage to transcend your soul correction, for example, in my case, that I am right and you are wrong… I can listen, I can dance, I can love.

Another example: a person with soul correction “Sexual Energy” is driving to work. Everything that is on the road, inside his soul correction, occur as an obstacle. Something to resist with all his might.

When he can transcend his resistance, he can just drive. He can experience life as a dance. He can be loose and well…

This, the example of the student with the soul correction “Sexual Energy” is an actual example. We just did, earlier this week, his Juice exercise. He saw that turning life into dance is something that can allow him to do the best, to be his best, to sail through difficulties, whether they are at work, with people, anywhere.

It is his path to building an invincible Self. His Russian Stand up doll…

It is the closest any of us can get to balance: having a strong Self that can be swayed, thrown, but will always return to standing.

Unfortunately your brain chemistry doesn’t work on these principles. This is why I need to, carefully, manage my sleep. Not allow myself to sleep more than seven hours… no matter what tricks my body uses to sway me.


  1. RBTI is the abbreviated term for Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization. RBTI is a working explanation of the fundamental ionic energy composition and function of biological life. The book is inside my paid subscribers’ area… $3 lifetime, at this time.

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