The genius path to become a person with a Self

human success: living life on the tree of lifeBeing successful as a human

When you look at people, you notice that there are two different ways to be successful:

1. worldly success… and
2. successful as in well rounded, fulfilled, joyful, and loving life.

The two don’t happen in the same person too often.

There are notable exceptions. Einstein was one of the exceptions. 1

Your vibration is a lot more correlated with the human success score than with worldly success score: fame, money, notoriety.

Obviously I train people in human success first, and worldly success second… and I have chosen, for myself, the same.

Why? Because no worldly success compensates for wretchedness.

“Among the rich you will never find a really generous man even by accident. They may give their money away, but they will never give themselves away; they are egotistic, secretive, dry as old bones. To be smart enough to get all that money you must be dull enough to want it.”

I know, it is not politically correct to call successful people wretched, but the truth is the truth is the truth…

You can be wretched on any level of wealth, on any level of fame.

And you can be fulfilled and love life on any level of wealth, on any level of fame.

Steve Jobs was a 7 on the 1-100 successful human scale. Bill Gates is a 5.

Nelson Mandela: 30.
Werner Erhard: 30.

Warren Buffet 40
Charlie Munger 50

So what is the secret of one or the other.

The Tree of Knowledge world is teaching you to be high on the worldly success scale. At the expense of human success.

I have found that you can become successful in the world without ever having a Self. A core.

And without a Self, a core, you will never be successful as a human.

The Tree of Knowledge is bankrupt.

The Tree of Life, where adaptability, awareness and simplicity lives is a better place.

On the Tree of Life people don’t attempt to grab more than they can hold.

  • They don’t buy stuff they can’t or won’t use.
  • They don’t try to multitask… get more things done
  • They don’t try to seem something they aren’t
  • They don’t hope that results will come to them without cause

The more of your life is originating from the Tree of Life, the more successful you are as a person.

Attention, information, being hip

In the “attention economy” world we live in, information, or how many things you can pay some attention to seems the way to be hip.

But who is pulling your strings? Yourself or someone who wants to sell you something?

People on the Tree of Life don’t use a smartphone to be pulled into the fray…

The fray 2 is a Tree of Knowledge thing… ego based, right or wrong based… and you live there a lot… don’t you?

And nothing gets done.


The bigger the ego, the Tree of Knowledge sense of self, the lower you test on the human success scale. And ego, like anything from the Tree of Knowledge, can be manipulated.

Whether you are crying, blaming yourself, feel like a loser, or the opposite, it is all ego, and it is all Tree of Knowledge.

On the Tree of Life you just are. And you are always OK… even though you may be working on getting better. Like I am working on kindness…

The competitive plane

Because on the Tree of Life there is never anything wrong. Nothing needs to be fixed. There is no hurry. Ever.

You may do things fast… but not with hurry.

You could watch me before I get ready to leave the house, or get ready to lead a webinar. I move with measured speed, fast, but I am not in a hurry.

Fast comes from me. Hurry comes from some outside idea…

The same place where greed comes from. Greed for anything… by the way.


An article I found that has something to add:

Failure as the Single Best Marker of Human Successthe most successful among us – in any field – are those who have failed the most

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  1. Einstein’s Human success score: 50
  2. fray, a word that means to cause deterioration or wear on something, usually material, by rubbing it. Metaphorically, this can apply to less tangible things, such as our nerves or our tempers.

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