The hidden spiritual capacity that is underneath all the others… I think.

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some people never learnIt’s been coming up with more and more frequency:

We don’t know what it looks like to be good, to be kind, to be independent, to be happy, etc.

I wrote recently about my quest to become a kind person.

I am 70 years old. Why now? why so late in life?

When I look back at my childhood, when I look at my brothers, their wives, I see no kindness. EVER.

I am now able to be kind except right now, today… I am irritated, and out of balance… I don’t want to share the “story”, but please know that there are innate capacities and learned capacities. I will never be as patient as a saint… especially when I am out of balance… Kindness and patience are intimately connected.

Spiritual virtues, like kindness, goodness, love, forgiveness… etc. you only learn when you see it in many situations. We could be simplistic and call it learning by osmosis.

Osmosis, in this context means: without using the head, without defining it from the Tree of Knowledge.

Most of how you are you learned through osmosis, not through conscious learning.

I assert that you cannot learn a spiritual capacity through the Tree of Knowledge, this is why Landmark’s technology, specifically inventing a possibility for yourself and your life, doesn’t work… unless.

Unless, of course, what someone invents they already are.

You can’t think yourself to goodness, or to kindness, or to generosity, gratitude, or appreciation.

You need to learn it. Through osmosis.

I use novels (fiction), movies, even TV series in addition to observation. I immerse myself into the situation with characters that demonstrate a spiritual capacity.

American movies or TV shows are rarely useful, although there are a few.

Before I start a series, I muscle test.

I used to think that the vibration of the show is what Source pays attention to when it gives me a yes or a no. But I am starting to think that Source took my commitment seriously to grow as a human being, to grow spiritual capacities, so lately every single show I watched was about a main character whose main characteristic was, that they were kind.

I could never have lucked out, watch the shows I needed, without muscle testing.

Source knows that without “art” we live an impoverished life.

The people in our lives won’t teach us much, especially not spiritual capacities. But we have literature, and we have Netflix or Amazon Video.

I know when I am done with a line of study. Memories of movies or books I saw before start to push into the foreground, like John Grisham’s book, The Firm, that was made into a movie.

The book was a typical John Grisham low-life low vibration stuff, consistent with his own vibration. (John Grisham personal vibration: 120)

The movie re-wrote the ending. And the ending is a tour de force, an example of “innovating yourself out of a situation”, the behavior and phrase that Jeff Bezos created.

The capacity to innovate yourself out of a situation is a spiritual capacity. It is through transcending being right, winning, looking good, and the other low vibration, ego and survival based behaviors.

Most people force, manipulate, threaten, conspire to beat people at their game, and most of the time cut their own nose in spite of their face.

If I am right and innovation is taking the situation to a higher plane where it does have a solution by changing what you consider winning… then the movie, The Firm, is an immersion movie.

Our hero played by Tom Cruise, find himself between a rock and a hard place.

  • The book makes him join the criminals… to beat them.
  • The movie makes him escape the trap without jeopardizing his own integrity.

Now, if I look at low vibration-high vibration through the filter of this movie and the move it shows, I see that it has a root shared with all the kindness movies.

The kind people are not doormats. They don’t actually lose, they allow someone to win their way while they work, over time, to actually bring about a win that is just, and a win-win.

While murderers, thieves, and other criminals, of course, should go to jail…

Obviously you can’t run before you can crawl.

The most important underlying, invisible capacity I can see, so far, is the capacity of withholding judgment.

And I am, alas, not very good at that… yet.

Withholding judgment is not an outside thing: it is an inside thing. It makes NO SENSE for the onlooker who is on a lower vibrational level. Because looking from there, there is a definite good and a definite bad… and a definite course of action… with definite emotions, like anger, rage, shame, grief, whatever…

Try out and report back to me.

Withholding judgment, withholding knowing, jumping into conclusion, is potentially the hardest spiritual capacity that underlies nearly all the other capacities.

When I say “withholding” I mean: it is not time yet to judge… not hiding, or pretending.

So if you misunderstood, please correct your understanding.

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