When we talk about fields of communication, we actually talk about energy fields.

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When we talk about fields of communication, we actually talk about energy fields.

They look innocent, but they are energy fields… and some things can happen in an energy field, and others can’t.

You have a “homepage”, that, in my experience, is predictable by your soulcorrection plus your Zodiac sign.

Why? I don’t know. My guess is that those are energy fields too.

What is an energy field? I’ll repeat what I have said three lines above: some things can happen in an energy field, and others can’t.

I know this is way beyond rational, and way beyond what any sane person would be willing to see… but lots of evidence points to the fact that fields are energy fields, and they are obvious from what can and what cannot happen inside them.

As a true empath, whatever that means, I can feel energies, however subtle they may be. It is a curse, but occasionally it is useful.

For example sleuthing out what makes water not respond to the Energizer audio in one environment and behave predictably, energize the water, in another.

Judging from five examples, the field: mother/child in its entitled/forceful state is not conducive to support the subtle energy of the Energizer.

The child resenting the “not mother”, demanding, forcing, twisting her arm, to no avail. And this is not just with me (not mother), this is with everyone, male, female, doesn’t matter.

One would think mother/child is a gentle loving relationship, but that is a Tree of Knowledge idea of a cannibalistic relationship.

The child cannibalizes the mother, and tries to build itself and its life from the energy of the mother.

Genetically speaking, from the point of view of the genes, the child’s genes, wanting to be the only winners, want to annihilate the mother, so it cannot give birth to competition.

Nothing straight about it. It’s covert and nasty.

Not on the side of life. Life wants more life. The child’s gene wants to eliminate the source of life.

Water is Life. Coherent Water feels like an enemy to the belligerent, entitled, angry child.

The same people whose water doesn’t energize also don’t get well from the diet I suggested they eat.

Now, the difference between an animal that is entirely gene-driven and a human is that humans have big enough brains to shift the field in which they live.

Unfortunately, having the capacity and acting on it are two different things.

If having a capacity were enough, we would all live in heaven… but we don’t. We live closer to hell, a lot closer.

But be conscious about the fact that your energy may be against Life… no matter what you want consciously, the energy will win out, as long as you are stuck in one energy field, any one of the four energy fields.

Because being able to shift a field of communication also shifts the energy…

And unless you can move about in all fields of energy, at will, you cut yourself off from having active and operative capacities, spiritual capacities, that make life wonderful.

Truly wonderful.

And you remain stuck in the hallway of hell…

In the next article I’ll examine if any of my current energy techniques, if any of my current coaching techniques can be effective with people who are stuck in an unproductive energy field. Stay tuned.

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