How hard can it be? he said while grinding the gears

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Countries, people, soulcorrections, have different attitudes to doing things. 2

Hungary (country), Finish What you Start (soulcorrection), England (country, ethnicity), especially, have an attitude of “How hard can it be?”

And they fancy themselves all-knowing, all-expert at everything.

My brother calls this the “do it yourself” culture.

And utter disrespect for people with experience, education, expertise. Or for skills, expertise, experience, and learning.

I worked as an architect in Hungary, for 11 years. Every client knew everything better. They considered me their guy who puts the stamp to their plan so they can get a building permit.

My brother was in a different profession, and his experience was the same: no humility, no sense of what it takes to actually be good at something, to see things fully.

The title of this article comes from “Father Brown”, a BBC TV show about a Catholic priest and amateur sleuth. In one episode he sits in a car, and tries to start it. Another person says: do you know how to drive? And he says… “of course. How hard can it be?”

It’s funny in the show, but it’s devastating in real life.

Because it’s a serious impediment, invisible to the person who is inflicted.

This, a lack of insight, a lack of desire to attain a system of knowledge, experience, expertise is the biggest stumbling block to people in their “quest” for the good life.

If they can imagine themselves doing it, they fancy themselves able to do it… well.

Programs, like Landmark Education and other mind-based education cater to their delusion. Visualization, mindmaps, goal setting…

And they can read about the ten dark years – this is how long it takes to go from nothing to actually become good at something, good enough to be good… Malcolm Gladwell calls this the 10 thousand years…

When we examine high achievers, people who either do something worth writing about, or write something worth reading, they all put in their ten thousand hours of focuses, specific, directed, conscious, growth oriented time.

Dabbling in something doesn’t count as part of the 10 thousand hours.

Playing music without the focused and regular injection of improving one’s playing, don’t count. Playing tennis every day for ten years won’t make you an expert… because playing is not training. Playing makes you mediocre at best.

I have clients who undertook writing the success stories in the “Skill Finder” chapter of What Color Is Your Parachute.

And instantly declare themselves expert at something they had a singular experience with, but no training. No practice. No expertise.

To the people who don’t have the insight and the desire to attain a system of knowledge, life is played out in the bottom of life… because only experts do well in life.

How many expertise you have, is also a big issue.

You have to get out of your own way if you want to improve on your circumstances, if you want to be in the game of going for the good life.

Giving up a delusion is hard if not impossible.

You first need to see that your conviction is a delusion.

What is a delusion?

In the Starting Point Measurements the indicator of delusions is your vocabulary count.

If your words describe a desired situation, outcome, as if it were already real, and you believe your words, then you are delusional.

People with this delusion (there probably are other delusions, not talked about in this article) have a very low vocabulary count. 300-400.

Another soulcorrection is Building Bridges… In essence the Building Bridges person is unable to see the path from idea to reality, from idea to expertise.

Silent Partner doesn’t build expertise because they feel it is not worth it.

Removing Hatred doesn’t build expertise because of envy, because they feel slighted.

Forget Thyself, another soulcorrection, doesn’t like to be taught: it lacks the trust. So if a Forget Thyself doesn’t have the skill and determination to learn from books, or from dead people, they will likely not amount to anything.

Learning, developing expertise is not pleasant. It is a lot of repetition. It is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm… as Winston Churchill said.

But without the insight, that one needs expertise because one doesn’t have it is the most important element of all.

We call that humility. Without humility people, you, are stuck on the level where you are, and will never move.

It takes a lot of skills to live the good life. Some are mental, some are spiritual, some are physical, some are emotional.

It’s your tool box.

Because life is 360 degrees.

Not just your job. Not just your marriage. Not just your health. Not just your looks. Not just your fun.

360 degrees.

The quality of your life depends on the number of tools in your tool box, the tools you can use on an expert level.

Let me give you an example: I have started to add hemp to my tea. I am, it seems, a tea addict: to me it is the comfort food.

I have been doing it for seven weeks, or about 50 days. 5-6 cups of tea a day. So it’s about 250-300 repetitions.

Every single time, the goal is to have more creamy elements, and less crunchy elements in my tea. And I am not done. It is not an expertise yet.

I am experimenting with different methods: freeze the hemp kernels. Use different grinders. Deliberate practice: note the different results from different methods…

Why am I doing this? After all isn’t a good enough result… good enough?

Yes, a good enough is good enough.

I am doing this because how you do anything is how you do everything.

If I start becoming a slacker in one area, it will carry over to other areas… and I will become like just another “self-acclaimed guru”… who doesn’t grow.

It is unacceptable to me. I won’t get caught dead being that. “There is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent” I said 20 years ago, and I meant it.

This attitude is what it takes to stop and ponder how come muscle test doesn’t show, didn’t show, that I had Tin deficiency? What is it about how I ask my questions that can be improved upon, so Source will give me answers that go beyond the answers I am getting now?

Would I ask a question like this if I got sloppy about the hemp stuff? I doubt it.

Unless you question your assumptions, unless you question your convictions, you are going to live in delusion.

The rule of Life is that you are either growing or you are dying.

It’s true about people, it’s true about countries, it’s true about anything.

But I let you in on a secret. It’s a secret of the people, the mighty few, who are growing.

It is the only enjoyable way to live. I love myself. I respect myself. I enjoy being with myself. And when you love yourself, you start loving your life.

Your self-hatred is the result of a life of unwillingness to grow.

Nothing coming from the outside will ever change that. Not a billion dollars, not a miraculous cure, not a slim body that befalls you, not a wonderful relationship…

No. Happiness is an entirely inside game. You love yourself, you are happy. You don’t… meh.

Oh, and declaring that you love yourself is just another method of the delusional.

Talking about flying isn’t.

PS: in my programs I use what I can to move you from where you are towards the actions, the skill building, the insight it will take to get closer to the good life.

I have coaching, I have courses, I have health consultation, I have activators… energy products.

But my most important service is to knock you awake.

When people get their results from the Starting Point Measurements, there is a huge opportunity there. In the moment of awareness, they can choose to do something that keeps that moment open longer.

The insights are open for seconds… minutes… rarely hours.

Unless you wedge something, an action, in that opening, they will close… forever.

For most people the first step after the Starting Point Measurements is to start energizing their water.

Everyone is dehydrated. Severely. Especially your brain. Your brain is operating on an emergency level… not at the optimal level. Hydration with coherent water is the difference.

And until one does that, until one can be consistently good at energizing one’s water, all of my other tools are a waste of money, a waste of time… they won’t work if your brain doesn’t work.

Some people’s brain is so desiccated, they cannot even set up their water energizer system correctly.

If you cannot do that… set up your water energizer system correctly, then how will you do the rest of life, that is a lot more complicated?

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  1. Note: I do not recommend the books, programs, etc. on the pictures... they are actually illustrate what you don't want to believe... ok?
  2. Note: I do not recommend the books, programs, etc. on the pictures… they are actually illustrate what you don’t want to believe… ok?

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