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your-shadow-is-living-a-life-worth-livingWe had a fabulous session in the From Upset To Communication course yesterday.

One of the things a good course leader does regularly, is ask people the question what they are up to.

What are you up to? What is the purpose that makes it worth for you doing this course?

The purpose of communication

The purpose of communication is to make something happen through other people: more love, more money, more prestige, peace, sell more, make an agreement… the something is not defined. Lots of things.

But if you are not up to something, if you don’t want to make anything happen through other people: this course is not for you.

the happiest day of my lifeSome people just want something, but cannot see that other people have anything to do with it. So they never learn communication. I have people like that in the experimental course.

If they will continue that, if they will not have anything to be up to: the course will not do anything for them.

But, of course, they are totally and utterly wrong: nothing worth doing, nothing worth accomplishing, nothing worth having can be done without other people… and if you still manage to do them, you’ll get no enjoyment out of it.

Humans are social animals, and other people make life worth living. Bummer, for a lot of people. But this is how it is.

There are the people who go to the other extreme, and want love, fame, prestige, whatever, without doing anything worthwhile… The number of these deluded people is large too.

The number of the people who understand that you need other people both to accomplish and to enjoy the fruits of your labor, is small.

I suggested to my small group to take on the purpose: having, living a life worth living.

Why that? Because inside that simple definition everything that makes life worth living can be found.

It’s like “good food” can be a millions of foods in billions of ways prepared… And yet everyone knows what good food is. No doubt about it.

And so is with a life worth living.

My “life worth living” will be different from yours.

For me, a life worth living is writing stuff that is worth reading, and doing stuff that is worth writing about. While I am well, and making a living. Where my stuff is read, and my “doing” has an echo…

For one of my participants, who is an artist, a life worth living is being able to sell her art is to come out of the vacuum and be heard, seen, through her art. I totally get that.

For another participant a life worth living is having a business where both his workers and his clients are in harmony with what he wants to accomplish… that is a life worth living. Life like an orchestra… beautiful.

You could have a purpose of learning something… like the art of living, and be able to turn around and help others learn it too… that would be a life worth living.

A life worth living always includes people… and with people comes the need for communication.

Everything can be resolved in communication, and every project can be moved forward, or hindered by communication or the lack of it.

In my work, all kinds of people come to me.

Some are happy with who they are and what they are accomplishing, or so they say, and they want me to confirm that.

They may be anywhere on the scale of consciousness, can be as low as 130-140… It surprises me… but if that is a life worth living for you, I am OK with that.

And most people who come to me don’t feel they live a life worth living, and want to change it.

Most believe that having more money would change that, but that is rarely the case: money in excess creates a life not worth living.

Rare is the person who can do anything worthwhile while swimming in money.

Many believe that having someone to love would change their life of lack to a life worth living. I doubt that anyone can love someone who thinks that… because while you are pining for love, you likely don’t do anything worthwhile.

One of the areas of life where I got sense knocked into me was love. The short report by Wallace D. Wallach saying those things about love, or what makes you “win and keep love” so counter intuitive. 1

And happiness… yesterday I was unusually giddy. And I surprised myself by smiling even in bed, before I fell asleep.

Yesterday I did, physically, things I had been unable to do for years: actually walk from store to store and be well. And then be with people and instead of looking at them as aliens, or mixing with them like sheep, I chose to be funny, and witty, much like a comic: I didn’t miss any opportunity for a wisecrack.

And later I lead a class that promises to be groundbreaking for people who manage to see that they are up to something.

What a great day.

A life worth living has good days, bad days, and great days. And the totality of it is either a life worth living or not. You decide. No one else can say anything about it.

In a life worth living you conquer over yourself, you have a productive relationship with others, and you feel you are doing something worthwhile.

It’s that simple.

If you don’t need communication, your life is probably not worth living… And if this statement made you angry, stop and look at the life you are living.

PS: I still do the 67 steps (67 audios by Tai Lopez, that introduce principles, rules, distinctions from different authors he has read. The most valuable program I have ever done, and probably the least expensive as well. I have been doing it, continuously since February 2016, 15 months? 16 months? And I don’t see any reason to stop. I am still getting immense value out of it, daily.)

Because of the nature of the program, you don’t have to plan your self-development too carefully. You read every day, you add a new skill every couple of months, and practice it 10-30 minutes a day, you listen, you ponder, you map it on your life, you take the actions you promise… and every few months you look at your life in amazement: your life is moving at a steady pace towards a life worth living.

And you can see that you did it. It’s not as much as what you learned, as what you can see now, and what you have done. Magical and miraculous.

I could not have done it better myself…

Obviously it is easier if you have a guide or coach or someone to share it with, regularly. This is what happens inside my Reclaim aka 67-step coaching program.

I am very careful who I take. Because I give hours of my time for a fragment of my normal fees… and my energy. If I don’t see that it’s worth for me, I don’t do it.

PPS: You may think that a life worth living is easy… but an easy life is never worth living, because an easy life is void of growth. Any kind of growth.

Some of the lives most worth living were full of strife… like St John on the Cross, or Nelson Mandela.

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  1. email me for it if you haven’t read it

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