Why your brain doesn’t make you a winner… Or is your brain to blame?

I just had one of the most productive Sunday Rant call 1 ever… and I just finished the third book in the Freak series, Think Like a Freak.

Because it is about thinking, and because it is about frames it is right up our alley at this point in time.

Everybody thinks that spirituality, being spiritual means that you are ethereal and float above ground. Or walk on water. Or see and convene with the divine.

But maybe that is a crock of bull. Snake oil that you got sold. Rendering you stuck in wanting what you can’t have, while not attending to what you can.

If you take the time and look around, the world is for people who can. And will. And do.

It has visible aspects, and it has invisible aspects. It even has invisible aspects that you have no idea they are there.

The invisible aspects are spiritual. Nothing airy fairy about them, they are just not in the dominion of the obvious, the visible, the measurable, but they are there.

No entities, no spirits, no angels. No law of attraction, manifesting and other garden variety bullshit.

Capacities, ways of looking, attitudes, energy, the things that even if you were born with them, you still have to practice to become habitual.

While you are talking about beingness, and while you are talking to spirits and entities, and while you are stirring energies, and while you are visualizing healing, other people develop their capacities, practice changing their frames, their attitudes, and win in life…

You are too busy avoiding all that works.

Result: your considerable size brain is not used for what its purpose. And without use even the best brain languishes and atrophies.

I keep on returning in my mind to the prolific Irish-English author, Iris Murdoch.

I saw a movie documenting her descent to Alzheimer’s.

Why did she get Alzheimer’s if she wrote every day? You could argue here that Alzheimer’s is more to do with brain chemistry and what you eat than using the brain, but surprisingly what you eat has a lot to do with brain activity and sharpness…

I am going to look at both aspects, not because they both belong, but because I want to get you off my back.

She did the same thing over again for some 50 years of her life. Write the same type of books, over and over. From the vantage point of brain usage, it wasn’t more activity than being a housewife, a welder, a book distributor, or a document writer in a government agency. A JOB.

Her IQ was average, and her vibration 130. She didn’t grow. She didn’t challenge herself.

Had she been a chess master, she would have suffered the same fate. Had she been a scientist, she would have suffered the same fate.

Had she played with puzzles, played bridge every week, learn another language… in spite of her nutritional deficiencies, she would have had a functioning brain and would have died of some other cause, not Alzheimer’s.

Now, very briefly, because my own knowledge is cursory and second hand knowledge, about brain health on the nutritional side:

The brain, tissues of the brain, and the myelin sheathing 2 needs certain type of fat to be consumed. Animal fat. Butter, egg yolk mainly.

Egg white is an allergenWithout those fats the myelin sheathing dries out and the brain stops functioning normally.

I never stopped eating neither, so I am not a good example. But my sister-in-law, I believe because I suggested that she starts eating eggs, a lot of it, seems to be on the mend from Parkinson’s disease or something that is a lot like Parkinson’s, another brain disease.

Dr. Joel Wallach has stories of miraculous recoveries, but another man’s story is always suspicious if the story proves them right.

Can egg yolks make you smarter? When I muscle test the question, the answer is yes/no. Yes/no says: the question is not precise. The correct question is: can egg yolks make you smarter if you haven’t eaten right and avoided animal fats that build the myelin sheath… the answer to that question is a strong yes.

OK, I know I started out this article writing about thinking, and I haven’t said anything about that, have I?

This is why: if you don’t have a well-buttered (lol) brain, and if you have no habits to use your brain diversely, then you probably have a dead brain, unable to think.

All of my students start out that way, by the way. That is the state of humanity: dried out brain, and no diverse use, no brain gym… weakling brains…

But some of my students have turned that situation around and raised their available IQ, raised the brain’s ability to process the information they give it: books, courses, challenges.

Here is the bad news: all the ones that are successful have, by their life circumstance, opportunities for variety of “puzzles” and challenges. They are business owners.

So what about people who are students or employees?

Unless they created opportunities for themselves to grow, expand, and be challenged, the answer is no. They haven’t made their brain better.

It also takes time, After the initial jump because all my students have committed to eating right, the “getting smarter” process stopped, because you can have the best equipment, if you don’t train it, it will not grow into what it can do.

With that said, some employees/students muscle test “somewhat grew smarter”, the ones that have been challenging themselves.

And the ones that don’t… no change. Still dumb as a door knob.

Please don’t forget that all started out that way…

Now, in the From Upset to Communication I train people to work in different frames. This is a word I learned from the Freak book above.

Act out frames, make collages about frames, and then shift frames.

Almost everything that is in the Freak book is about shifting frames. When you shift frame, what you see is dramatically different.

A new world of possibility.

Beware of the word “possibility”. It is not that airy fairy b.s. that Landmark Education teaches. It is actually very real: the world looks different. It looks like something is dramatically different. A world that is friendlier, a world that is more on your side.

And you can ask different questions and get answers that are not possible in other frames.

You can become a Houdini… escaping the miseries and drudgery of your current life, and you can become a Warren Buffet, a Elan Musk, an Einstein, because in the new frame you can. You can see. You can see things that are obvious but were totally hidden in the old frame. The frame you thought was life.

And that, that is spirituality, my friend.

And this is why all your gurus test so low on the vibrational scale.

Because they insist on working in the same frame, because they are one-track ponies, because they have no idea that there are all these different paradigm they could shift, and jump, and travel, and combine and grow.

Why? Because it takes work. But more importantly it needs humility and generosity.

Most people, including your gurus, are arrogant know-it-alls and stingy misers.

And those are the two barriers that keep people low vibration and never learning, never growing.

Not your innate intelligence. Not your IQ. Not at all.

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  2. Myelin is a fatty white substance that surrounds the axon of some nerve cells, forming an electrically insulating layer. It is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It is an outgrowth of a type of glial cell. The production of the myelin sheath is called myelination or myelinogenesis.

    Glial Cells: Why are glial cells so important?
    They had long believed glial cells served solely as supporting actors to neurons. Glia’s only known duties at the time — tasks like carrying nutrients to neurons and cleaning up dead nerve cells and other debris — were, after all, seemingly less important

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