If you don’t know how to be a queen, you don’t know how to be. Anything.

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queen motherThis is a bold statement. After all there are not many queens.

Maybe you say: oh, I am an actress, I can behave like a queen.

But behavior is not being. Being is through and through.

I watched the BBC series, “The Crown” a few months ago. I loved it.

My favorite scene was where the Queen Mother spends some rest and recreation time on a stormy seaside place in Scotland as a guest of a couple. They visit with a castle owner there, and the Queen Mother is interested in buying the castle.

The gentleman doesn’t recognize the Queen Mother, who used to be queen. She doesn’t enlighten him.

A few days later, when a messenger meets up with them on the shore, he realizes who he was dealing with.

The person to watch is the Queen Mother. Not a muscle in her face moved.

When you are the queen, you are the queen whether you are recognized or not. You don’t act like a queen, you are a queen. The sovereign.

If you can bring the same being to life, you are who you are, whether you are recognized or not, you suddenly find freedom in your life.

Freedom to be queen… or genius. or a simple person. or whatever you choose to be.

Or gentle. Or kind. Or humble.

And then be that. Without any need to act it out.

Only paupers act out being a queen, or gentle, or kind, or humble, because they don’t believe a word they are saying.

Being is not believing. Being is being. Pure and simple.

That is why you cannot pretend.

And because you have no idea how to be, you believe every Joe Shmo… because you are a fake, everyone needs to be a fake.

You have standards, and ideals, and you have no idea what you are talking about.

Because beingness is out of your reach.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “If you don’t know how to be a queen, you don’t know how to be. Anything.”

  1. I watched this series. The strength of character the Queen had to exhibit so impressed me; upholding principles far and beyond any personal connection.

  2. You see Nancy that you cannot even relate to beingness… you look at what she had to do, what she had to exhibit, but not that she learned to BE a queen. The role doesn’t make the person necessarily, you make the role…

    Like one needs to learn to be a mother, a father…
    Beingness is the hardest for humans…
    And the character I was talking about, with regards to being is her mother…

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