A piece of the vibration puzzle just fell into place

Today was one of those days where the plenty resulted in only confusion and nothing got finished. 1

I started four articles, and ran out of steam, or focus, or attention after half a page or 120 words.

I was a lot like you… lol.

Anyway, when nothing goes well, then the best thing to do is to go out for a walk, or in my case, climbing the steps. Some call this “changing the state”, or you could call it: changing the field inside which life is happening. So…

67 steps audio on my ears, I merrily walked down the steps, 160 steps, 20 cm high each, 3200 cm, not a high hill, about 10-11 stories high. 110 feet or so…

I turn around at the end at the bottom and start the climb. That’s when I ran into this guy who I see on the steps occasionally. I stopped him to ask how many times he climbs, and found out he climbs the steps 7 times at a clip, 3-4 times a week.

I do it once a day… and it “cripples” me… lol.

Anyway, we started to chat and shared stuff… After about 10-15 minutes I managed to zero in on his internal state.

The interesting thing about this empath (me) is this: I feel what someone feels almost instantly if I don’t see them, and it takes a lot of going within if I do.

So it took 10-15 minutes for me to feel him. His insides were fluttering, like the wings of a dying bird. I shared this with him, even though he said it, clearly, that he didn’t believe anything, including energies, and empaths, and all the stuff I was saying.

So I told him what I felt that he felt…

My interpretation was that he didn’t have a Self, a core, to keep him straight and secure. This could have been educated guessing, but I actually felt it. Not pleasant.

I remember when I was like that…

Anyway, the guy is a musician, a composer, among other things.

After I got up to the top, I limped home, and did whatever I did. First off: I checked if he sent me an email…

He promised to send me a link to one of his songs through the contact link on my website… I muscle tested and the muscle test said he wasn’t going to… And I looked and I saw that I didn’t care either way. I was OK if he does and OK if he doesn’t. My life, my self-image, my attitude won’t change a bit.

He didn’t send an email… or haven’t. And then it dawned on me:

When you don’t have a core, when you don’t have a self, then your results, whether anyone listens to your song, or thinks well of you, or whether what you do works or not is what will define you… 100 things in a day, changing moment to moment.

The typical roller coaster life… What I hated about my life most before I defined my Self in 1992 and again in 1998.

daruma dollWhen you are like a Daruma doll, no matter what happens to you, what pulled you out of balance, you’ll be out of your center only for a little bit of time… but you always return to your core, the whole and complete, no parts missing, upright self.

Being a Daruma doll, anything anyone says is interesting, you may ponder it, you may research it, you may consider it, but it is the circumference, and it doesn’t, it can’t touch your core.

You’ll know this best when you get together with family… parents, siblings, grandparents. The people who are like a tornado… pulling you this way and that.

So what is circumference? Any circumstance and your reaction to it. Pain, anger, hatred, bad luck, mistakes, confusion, frustration, failure, etc. on the “bad” side, and compliments, winning, pleasure, gifts, making money, success, etc. on the “good” side.

Remember: good or bad… you can only see whether something was good or bad looking back years later…

Example: I met a guy who was a prick back in 2000. I moved to Syracuse NY with him and became destitute. Both sound bad, don’t they? But without these “bad” things happening I would not know that I was an empath, and I would not be happy today.

I could bring a lot of examples, but I am more interested in you.

I am interested in you strengthening your core, so that nothing pulls you out of your center longer than minutes.

People are surprised when they find out that at my level of vibration I can be angry. Maybe even yell… god forbid… lol.

Because for them, I guess, anger lasts for a long time, and sways them this way and that.

But when you have a strong solid core, which is mandatory if you want to raise your vibration, then all those “circumference” things are like the weather, momentary, and irrelevant.

Of course, in Syracuse, with its very changeable weather pattern, everyone bases their happiness on the weather.

The sun comes out: they are happy. The sun hides behind the clouds: they are morose… It snows, they are downright depressed.

You have to have a vibration at least 200 to be able to allow the weather to be the weather.

Over the years, through energies, or activation, there have been people who raised their vibration to 300-ish… only to return to the low vibration where they started.

It had been puzzling me for a long time… but today I realized that without a solid core you can’t hold onto anything. Not vibration, not love, not success, not health, not hydration, not coherence.

So how the heck do you build a strong, solid core?

I just muscle tested if I know. I probably know 90%… so I am going to spin this question as a 14th plate… until I know and then I share.

One thing is certain: the 67 steps combined with my coaching is a godsend when you want to build your core.

Unless, of course, you never commit to anything…

Commitment and responsibility are building blocks of a solid core.

It is a “who” question, not a “what” question.

What questions almost always refer to the circumference. The irrelevant, the changing and the changeable.

PS: Leo, the guy I talked to this afternoon, is a meditator. But meditation is, alas, not a useful activity unless you have a core. Millions of people can attest to that. Unfortunately. Same with yoga. 🙁

Maybe this is why the vibration of all those Indian gurus is so low.

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