The Scientific Approach to Transformation: Why is the vibration of gurus so low? Why are their teachings ineffective?

the scientific approach to transformationWhat is missing from all the self-help books, teachings of gurus, religion? What is missing the presence of which would make a difference?

There are two ways to approach life, one is effective, the other is not. One is wondering, aimless musings, the other one is astute, powerful, and makes short job of the most complicated issues.

If you are over 18, you have probably heard of the famous amateur sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. He would look at a person, and reliably tell a dozen unique things about them after a few seconds of observation. You can’t tell the same after observing them for an hour, after living with them for a lifetime.

the many distinctions of eyes, invisible for most peopleThe Sherlock Holmes type of observation comes naturally to me: that is how my “machine” works. His method is what is missing from all the gurus’ approach to life and teaching.

In the TV series, Lie To Me, the scientist looks at a face and knows exactly what they are hiding. I do the same by identifying the feelings of the person. Exactly. We are consciously competent. The “natural” in the same TV series is mostly accurate, but has no idea why… she just knows, she is competent, but unconsciously so.

Most people are unconsciously incompetent: they know their lives don’t work, but they don’t know why, and that’s that. Some, few, are unconsciously competent. And very very few are consciously competent.

When you are consciously competent, you can expand your area of competence at will: you have the approach and the methodology consciously, and you can expand it to money, to health, to relationships, to transformation… whatever direction you want to expand you’ll be effective at it.

So what’s the difference between a “scientist” and a “natural”?

The natural, on the other hand, doesn’t have the approach, only the result. They will not be able to expand to areas of life where they are not “natural” and, for the most part, their lives don’t work outside of their narrow expertise.

4 Stages Of Competence: unconscious competence is like being able to tie your shoe laces, but only the shoe you already know.Unconscious competence is like being able to tie your shoe laces, but only the shoe you already know. New shoes: and they need to start learning again. They haven’t grasped the essence of the thing… the essence that is the same for every shoe, every purse, ever door, everything that can be closed.

Most gurus that are not fakes (there are some) are unconsciously competent. The Buddha was unconsciously competent. So was Osho. You find something, but you have no idea how you found it… you don’t have any path to teach, because the path, without a methodology is not a path.

About a year and a half ago I started to teach people to transform their life (before that I was a coach, mainly, coaching people who were trained, yet didn’t have a handle on their lives or some aspect of it, like their business). I started to train this approach, the approach of the scientist, the key ingredient to power over your own life, emotions, relationships, your money… your ultimate fate.

I didn’t realize until this past week that getting this key approach is not within the easy grasp of most people: in education, in our approach to life, we were taught by our parents, we learned the exact opposite way, the ineffective way, that gives all our power away. Our teachers were not able to teach that which they themselves didn’t possess.

The life of one who lives life utilizing this missing ingredient (the Sherlock Holmes type of observation) live with clarity and purpose, but their life is pure frustration when they find themselves dealing with people who grew up with this backwards way of learning and viewing life, the “normal” way of the world.

expert_447This has been my life’s story, utter amazement and frustration, and all the more so since I have been trying, in vain, to reverse people’s approach to life. And yet, I can’t give up, because this is the “job” I have gotten from the Universe: to get those that are able to grasp this reverse order straighten out their perception and their methods of approaching life.

I’ve recently discovered one effective test: the “you can have your cake and eat it” saying… those that can’t get it approach life in the linear way, the ineffective way of the world, and unless they can turn themselves inside out, they will be, sorry to say, left behind, and when the end-times come, they will die.

Life and the ultimate causes of our misery have been slowly revealing themselves to me: I am allowed to see only as much as I can handle without breaking, without descending to madness or depression, or worse.

It is still clear that my job is to train the small fragment of population that will make it to the new millennium… the thousand years of peace. Without substantial training they won’t make it.

So, I am plugging away, teaching whoever is willing to expose themselves to being taught, while I am more and more frustrated. But I need to teach the ones that are willing, even if they will never learn it. In the effort of teaching the blind to see, I am developing techniques that will be laser sharp.

One thing is already clear: the pedestrian way of thinking, linear way of thinking, being a moocher and a secondhander prove to be barriers to the path to power.

Is it by design, or is it by fate?

I don’t know. But upon looking at the books that have taught me so much, that have opened my eyes to pieces of the puzzle, were all written by linear minds not in the possession of this power tool. The authors were not wielding this direct method of approaching the invisible connections in life, their teachings truth value was low, and yet all bits of truth come into focus and start making sense.

Without the scientific method, they interpret what they see, they make up likely stories, compare them to other things… in order to have a sense that they grasped what’s in front of them…

But when you read them through the scientific method, when looking through the power tool,you can see clearly where they are off, and where they are on… and ultimately you see that they have little truth in what they hold true, or teach.

carefully worded bullshit passes for truth for the unscientific mindThis is the main reason most teachers that I test: test very low on the truth scale: they have more story than truth. We could say there is a smidgen of truth in their tale.

And even though this last book, Demonproof by John Darling (Amazon Kindle) measures 500 on the vibrational scale, was written by a linear story-telling, meaning making machine kind of a mind. 500 on the vibrational scale is about 11% truth value… Don’t forget that the vibrational scale is logarithmic…

11% truth means 89% untruth, or BS.

I feel lonely.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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