Is being astute a good thing? Or does it mean you are a bad person who wants to deceive others?

astute? frog or ice cream chooseIf someone says: You are very astute… that is a high compliment. It means that you can see what most people can’t, and you can see it accurately.

One of the issues that keep you from being astute is that you are dehydrated, that you are not well. The other issue is that your vibration is too low. This other article explains why and how.

Let me check your vibration


Often when people use my Water Energizer® to energize their water, or change their diet to what matches their body better, they get smarter, they get more astute.

When you are in survival, because you are not well, you retreat to the mind… the stupidest part of you, that isn’t even looking before it speaks. When you try to be astute from the mind, or be astute from the intellect, you aren’t.

You can only be astute from intelligence, from actually looking. Intelligence is a Right Brain phenomenon: not word-based, not logic-based, not based on what you know. It is based on what you see, what consciousness sees, without any filters.

Trying to be astute from the mind or the intellect, both left-brain phenomenon, word based, stored pictures based, you aren’t astute. You can’t. You are a smart Alec or a dumb Alec… neither intelligent, nor astute.

One of my best students asked for the capacity. I turned the capacity on for her… and she promptly trashed it, by using the mind and the intellect to keep it active.

We could also say: she used thinking. Which says one more thing about intelligence: intelligence is not present when there is thinking. Thinking is mind and intellect. Intelligence is seeing. Intelligence is getting it. Not thinking.

So, with that said: If I asked you what would be the most important capacity to master in the coming years, you would come up with all kinds of capacities, but I bet you would not think of saying: becoming astute.
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If you go to the online dictionary, like one of my students did, the one for whom I made this activators, you would not understand why that capacity is important.

Here is what the dictionary has to say:

Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage: “an astute businessman”.
shrewd – sly – wily – crafty – canny – artful – sharp

To understand the meaning better, you look at the synonyms, and you are appalled, am I right? They are all words usually used to express one kind of deception or another.

But the meaning is only the first few words, the rest of them is added by “culture”: “Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people”

Of course you will turn everything to your advantage, after all accurate knowledge is power… I said accurate, because all the things that YOU know are not accurate, your vibration number belies that.

Your vibration number grows with the percentage of accuracy of your knowledge.

Let me explain it with an example: fear is a normal feeling, and is very useful, when the fear is the warning signal of something life threatening. But for “modern” man, fear signifies stuff they are afraid of, stuff that is not real and will never happen, or will never matter. It will never matter to your survival at all… it is a thing that you would be able to say “so what” without pretending. Try it out: people will laugh… so what? I will make a mistake… so what? I will get angry… so what?

Notice, I didn’t say so what for a happening: you’ll lose an arm… that is not a so what, your chances of survival are effected by the lack of an arm.

Modern man can’t tell things apart, can’t tell accurately what’s important and what isn’t… they are not astute. Not in anything.

You worry about things that won’t matter even an hour from now… but you keep worrying. You are not astute.

You say: I should not feel any negative emotion, but you know that now that you suppress, you will feel it deep, now it will run your life… you are not astute.

I know it allYou say: The Dalai Lama looks happy… but you don’t know that, you only know that they are smiling… you are not astute. You don’t look, and you don’t know where to look.

You can’t tell your ass from your elbow… You are like a little kid sitting on the potty waiting for someone to come and wipe their ass… in the area of thinking… seeing, evaluating… You have assigned others to do your thinking for you.

99% of what you hold true in life didn’t come through your thinking, they came through scriptures, bibles, courses, your parents, TV shows, books, and you have no idea if they are true or not.

Did you ever ask yourself the question if the great sages that were the source of scriptures, if the son of a carpenter (if he lived at all) was accurate in their utterings or not?

You’ve probably never questioned that charity is a good thing, helping the less fortunate is a good thing, keeping alive the cripple is a good thing, being a good Samaritan is a good thing… have you? If you have, you are one in a million, you may count yourself as someone with some capacity for thinking.

In the thousand years of peace, heaven on earth, only people that can do their own thinking, accurately, will be allowed… and chances are you are not going to be one of them.

The tool of deciding who will go on and who will be left behind, are going to be emotions and emotional intelligence. Being astute in the area of emotions. Why? Because emotions are universal, and because emotions: the ability to discern if they are an accurate response to what’s going on, will be one of the main requirement for the human that can create and participate in the Earth of the Thousand Years of Peace.

At this point, muscle testing shows, that only 19 people are ready. I don’t know any of them, neither personally, nor through their work. None of them live in the Americas. None of them live in India, Africa. All of them live in Asia, except myself.

Asia is big… The Caucasian mountain small countries are home to some, but most of them are further east.

Why? I don’t know. But my experience is consistent with this: my Chinese next door neighbors and their childlike innocence, my student originally from the Philippines and her results…

will you or won't you?Now, does that mean that you can’t become astute? Emotionally astute? No, but it will require a huge commitment. Commitment of time, commitment of awareness, attention, etc.

All those will be wrestled away from what is using them now. You will need to make some choices. It will not happen “by the way”, happenstance, it is not like it will rub off on you.

The ‘Distinguish, Discern, Be AstuteAvatar State Audio activator is specifically designed to deal with your current blindness. It will not take you all the way, but if blindness is your biggest issue (which also means that you think you are smart, but your results don’t agree with it) then this activator will start you right.

Your assignment will be to notice when you judge things by the same two-bit logic you have used all your life: your job will be to find the aspects of things, the signs by which you could decide but you haven’t… so you have a whole slew of criteria.

stupid or astute... there is nothing in betweenYou will have to work with the energy that will shed light to your life, where probably nothing works, or not well… And after you confront the life you life, the desire to pull it tighter and tighter, smaller and smaller, grieve over it, and then start, in earnest, enlarge it.

It will take a while. Your blindness will slow you down. But the energy of the activator will open your eyes, as you become ready, to see… see more and more, so you can become more and more astute.

The new world needs you to become astute…

Update November 9, 2015: I am offering an activation of the DNA capacity of Being discerning, which means Being astute, mental acuity.

It is rare… because for most people everything is the same as everything else…

Download the pdf version of this article astute Astute
So how do you become more astute? As long as you exclusively live in your head, there is not hope for you.
I teach my students to enter Theta Brainwave state, so their Consciousness can see the world accurately. Because that is the issue, ultimately. You don’t see the world accurately.
In the Theta State Training I teach the technique, and in my 67 step coaching program people take that Theta Brain State to see all areas of life. The more areas you can see, and the longer you practice, the accurately you’ll see the world, the closer the match between what you see and what is there.
I am dyslexic. It is a brain issue. But accidentally, it is possible to demonstrate how one perceives the world NOT as it is, but how the brain sees it.
I often have to look 3-4 times at things before I can see it accurately.
The biggest secret is: you need to know you are NOT astute. Then you can look again.
People in general are SURE that they see reality… and never look twice. Never question that what they saw is what is there… and their lives suffer as a result, in all areas, relationships, work, money, health.
The current astuteness level, average, for all humans currently alive is three, on a scale of 1-10. This includes you, your teachers, your politicians, your priests and rabbis…
Which means you often eat the frog, thinking it’s ice cream…. I am referring to the picture at the beginning of this article.
But you can get better.
The fastest way to become more astute is to pay me to activate the capacity in your DNA for astuteness. It activates the habit of looking until you see clear. Will you become a 10 in astuteness? Not necessarily. Your results will still depend on your level of education, knowledge, how well you are read. But it will become better.
Download the pdf version of this article astute
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  1. 17th June 9:00 pm EDT is 18th June 3:00 am CEST – right?

    I don’t want to miss it!

    Good job 🙂

  2. are all of them in china? or different parts of asia like india, south east asia? or even tibet?

  3. Hi Sophie – I can believe that this is a rare capacity as I don’t have it. Please let me know how I can get this capacity activated. Thanks!

  4. ready for what, Rick? It has taken me 68 years and so much suffering you wouldn’t want any of it… ready for what?

    What you and them have in common: you want to get it ready. But no free lunch: you get what you earn.

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