A good tool keeps on giving, and giving, and giving

skills, they keep on givingWhen you find something good, then hold onto it, make it your permanent tool or partner.

How do you know if what you have found is a good thing?

This can be in any area of life, health, wealth, love, and fulfillment.

Here is how you know that something was a good purchase, a good bet?

  • A good thing keeps on giving.
  • A good thing doesn’t just give you one time, or for a little bit of time. It keeps on giving and giving, maybe even indefinitely.

In another word: what is good is useful. Long term. Keeps on giving to you.

When I came to the United States, I had nothing. I mean I had some summer clothes, but it was late fall… and winter came early.

I had nothing. But then I rented a room in a rooming house, and there was a kitchen there. I bought a set of kitchen knives… This was in 1985. Since then I bought tens of new knives, but I am still only using the ones I bought in 1985.

Why those? Because they are real steel. I can sharpen them. They are old style knives made for cutting. My way.

I have done programs. Some were trying to tell me what I needed to know. I didn’t find them useful. I stuck with Landmark because Landmark showed me how to look with different eyes. I had control, like I have with the knives. I can decide how to and what to… Landmark is a tool. A good tool.

I went to architecture school where we were told that the only useful thing we’d learn there is to where to look, how to look and how to think. It was a good tool. I am not practicing architecture, but I learned an awful lot about how to see things, how to find things, how to think.

Everyone can learn to look and everyone can learn to think. It requires no talent, it requires no special high IQ. It requires practice. (Growth mindset anyone?)

I was fortunate, because it seems that the people who I write for, the people I am attempting to guide to a life worth living don’t know what to do with the guidance I give them: they never learned to look… How do I know? For example, when I set up a community project to help you help yourself, help yourself to pick out pictures of different “fields” of communication, you do nothing. Except one person… who I hail as a hero.

You need to learn to look and see. See patterns, see commonalities, see distinctions.

She, the exception, grasped the essence of troubled sibling relationships… the pictures are hilarious, very funny, very real. they are in her comment

The art to growing is seeing. The art of seeing is through being shown diverse and different patterns, principles, filters, distinctions. The more you see the more astute you become. Astute is what is measured in the vocabulary… in the Starting Point Measurements.

This is how the 67 steps has been for me.

The 67 steps has been a vehicle that takes me to see stuff a “normal” life doesn’t give opportunities to see. I know, I am beating this poor 67 steps to death… you want to throw up, but hold it for a second longer. Because this article isn’t about the 67 steps, it is about how to remain the kind of person who can harvest and harvest and harvest… once they found the good thing.

So the 67 steps doesn’t teach anything. Not a thing. No knowledge there… Instead it teaches you to look, and it takes you on regularly scheduled trips to places you would never have a chance to travel to while you are living the life you live.

I bought my 67 steps in February of last year, and I knew it was a good choice after about 3 days. But how good: that I didn’t know.

I started doing the program, listening to the next step, and attempting to answer the questions about my own life. Answering the questions is what I call “mapping it onto your own life”. I have been doing an average of five steps a week, sometimes more, never less. Answering has been hard for me.

I listen to the steps, in order, undistracted, and ponder the step for a day. I see it in my life, I see it in my students’ lives.  I see how relevant the point it makes. I write something that is related, either publicly or privately. Meaning: I digest, and implement, I am co-creative in my relationship to the steps.

One full cycle of steps, for me, is 14-15 weeks, which means I get back to the same lesson only every 3-4 months… But I do get back… thank heavens.

Why thank heavens? Because the only failed experiment is an experiment run too long… past the time when it’s obvious that it is not working.

This step wasn’t even about experiments… but, of course, everything is about experiments.

The step was about mastering the wrong thing… mastering a method that doesn’t take you in your desired direction.

I run many experiments concurrently, but each experiment is observed separately.

I have been paying attention that my skin tone, my muscle tone, my energy level are not what they were 2-3 months ago. Also I am not regular.

I am doing seven times more exercising… so what’s up?

So I turn to muscle testing. I am looking what changes I have made in the past 2-3 months…

By the way, if you didn’t learn muscle testing from me, you are dumb… sorry to be so blunt, but you are. Muscle testing, done the right way, on the right things, is a gift from Life… priceless. And whenever you do a recorded course on my site, the support from me is as if it were a live course… I want you to get all you can from my programs.

OK, I digress… I zeroed in on eating plant food.

It seems that plant food is not working well with my body. This says nothing about YOUR body, by the way. You may do well with plant food… but I was a preemie, I have had a problem with my digestion since birth, so it is personal.

But I noticed, about two weeks ago, but didn’t even think of analyzing it and changing strategy: ending the experiment.

Thank god for the 67 steps, I caught myself before I ran myself to the ground… literally… lol. Next experiment: reduce vegetables in my diet.

So, what should you take home from my story?

Two things:

  • 1. Pay attention if a program will keep on giving… or if it is a one shot deal. For example switching from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset is something that WILL keep on giving… no matter on what level you’ll find yourself. Or muscle testing. Or my remedies. Or the Water Energizer. Or the exact diet your body can use to be well. Or creating your Self…
  • 2. here is where awareness pays the most dividends: where you don’t continue doing something just because you started, just because you know how to do it. You learn to say good bye… So you can keep on growing. Meaning: stop unproductive experiments… Stop repeating the same thing over and over, expecting different results.


  • Stop any relationship where you have to choose between the relationship or growing: it is a death sentence to your growth.
  • Any activity that stands between you and growing… ditto.
  • Any overfocusing on some result. Focus on the process… growth is process. Life is process. Results don’t matter much.

If you don’t consider your number one criteria for life to grow yourself and your abilities, you have chosen dying…

I don’t care if you have, but you want to know…

Oh, here is the link to buy the muscle testing course. No refunds, so if you are not sure, don’t buy.

… or check out the sales letter for the muscle testing course here

The muscle testing course is a useful tool that will give and give and give, till you die



PS: You are the youngest you’ll ever be. It is never too late and never too early to learn new skills.

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