How your health number, the number of spiritual capacities, and your earning power are connected?

So as long as you are eating the way others eat, and drinking the water everyone has access to, you are screwed. Eating and drinking on the Tree of Knowledge keeps you solidly on the level of human knowings, on the bottom of life.

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Warning: read the footnotes!

One of my students in my coaching program taught me something today that I could not see before.

Every student of mine has had one or more health consultations with me, where I muscle tested their supplementation, their eating style and the foods that work best for their body. 1

They also had to set up their water energizer system.

This particular student had her session a long time ago (in October of last year), but she didn’t make the changes I suggested. She kept emailing me with her doubts: can I trust that these are the foods I can eat?

And during this time her life wasn’t getting better, and her voice was that whiny little voice that showed that she wanted you to excuse her, and wipe her ass for her… “I wanna, I wanna… baaah!”

And how you do your coaching is how you do your life, so she was kicked left and right in her life… because that is what the donkey Eeyore gets in Winnie the Pooh. (Eeyore is generally characterized as a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey). Not a coach’s dream client.

Then we had another health consultation session, a month ago, where I spent a lot more time on lifestyle coaching than on her health.

Oh, and I asked her to document her eating. Every day, without fail. She is a separator type.

What you pay attention to grows… finally her health started to move and it is at 30% now… and her whole demeanor, her whole relationship to her life and to coaching altered. Dramatically.

She is becoming a woman. No whining. I mean NO WHINING… It is as if she were a different person.


But more amazing than her miraculous turnaround is that students whose health didn’t get better, because they are not hydrating their cells, or not eating the right way, aren’t getting their lives together either.

I’ll repeat that: students whose health didn’t get better, because they are not hydrating their cells, or not eating the right way, aren’t getting their lives together either.

Or more precisely: to the degree you have your health in your control, to the same degree you’ll have your life in control.

One student hasn’t brought her health number up, but her hydration is now rising… and her coherence in the rest of life is rising: it is obvious from the number of opinions she is able to give up, from the number of self-righteous indignation incidents disappearing. 2

Same is with another student… a gentle release of some old bastions of the fixed mindset worldview, only through the rise of his cell hydration. 3

And then there is the person whose water setup is not working, and who is eating stuff that is not on his list of foods that agree with his body… and no learning, no change can be detected. He is in distress in every which way. He lives in suppression and resistance.

When you suppress or resist anything, you need to suppress or resist everything. It is not a choice thing, it is physics.

And it is not what you are suppressing or what you are resisting… because the effect is on your whole life.

But once you allow one area where you release the force, your whole life starts to blossom.

Your health, your wealth, your social life, and your fulfillment… the four areas of Eaudaimonia, the excellent life, the life worth living.

You start to learn new things, new life-skills, spinning more plates, being able to alter your attitude, your being, it is a joy to observe.

In my programs I make sure that there are people on all levels of teachability.

Why? Because all my programs are experiments. All experiments are to reveal the truth about things I need to know to be able to move forward, effectively, to take people to the next level of human evolution.

I am reading a book called MetaSkills4 the skills that make you invincible and impervious to the changes that are happening in the world, in our economy, in our environment.

Metaskills are the skills that can only be learned on the Tree of Life… Metaskills that you lack, and will continue to lack if your mindset doesn’t change, if you don’t start to become an Expanding Human Being.

Expanding… because the sky is the limit… and you can be expanding on any level if you are expanding. Expanding is another word for growth, and only when you are growing are you impervious to changes.

Today, already, but more in the coming years, and decades, the type of work you can do with your fixed mindset, and closed attitude, will keep you, at best, in the poverty range of wage earners.

Doing the type of work robots can do, or robots almost can do.

You are very replaceable.

Metaskills are not teachable to robots. So people with metaskills are going to take it home… I mean success and money.

But you cannot learn meta skills being where you are… in the fixed mindset.

There are five metaskills according to Marty Neumeier, but the five metaskills require you to

  • 1. raise your TLB
  • 2. activate several spiritual capacities…

And working with those spiritual capacities you are able to master one, two, or all the metaskills that robots cannot be taught. 5

If you look at your job, a robot can be taught to do it. And it’s coming… the robot age.

At present one quarter of one percent of humanity is capable to learn, or has learned a metaskill… It’s not bad, one in 400. Are you one of them?

Probably not. But my students, the ones that are growing, they are.

They are learning through the methodologies I have developed in my programs…

My teaching, my articles, my courses look, sound, feel a little bit hodge podge, random, capricious, because I experiment a lot. I think on my feet. I never know what I am going to teach: no curriculum, no lesson plan, no powerpoint presentation… I observe what works and what doesn’t and I dance with it… I read books that take me deeper into this field of growth mindset. That show me what I haven’t seen.

And I am having a ball… it’s fun. It wasn’t always… results make it more fun. No kidding.

Summary: human doings, human “knowings” can be replaced by robots, because the potential of a human isn’t developed and isn’t being used in them.

If you don’t want to be stuck on the low level of human doings, you need to release your brain’s capacity for learning, seeing, thinking, and creativity.

These capacities are connected to the “hand”… your physicality, and they are “home” for humans on the Tree of Life, a whole different way of relating to life and to Self, than what you have been groomed to have on the Tree of Knowledge: the world of standardized test, the world of useless knowledge that cannot be turned into doing.

The Tree of Knowledge: The world of living in your head, fantasizing about a reality that is not possible without doing, experimenting.

All the b.s. teaching of all the teachers of all the modalities, all the schools, all the higher education institutions keep you at the same place… Let’s not forget spiritual teachings, abundance teachings, attraction, and all the Tree of Knowledge modalities you are exposed to. Even meditation! Yoga! Visualization! Shamanic journeys, retreats, the muck and mire of imaginary realities you are so in love with!

It takes courage to break out of this sludge level of humanity. It really does.

I have been saying this for decades: Humanity has a courage deficiency.

You have a courage deficiency, showing up in your low TLB

But I have found that once your nutritional needs are met, you find courage… Why? I am not sure. But it has never happened that courage didn’t follow right after the rise of your health number and/or your hydration number. 6

I have done thousands of measurements on individuals’ health number and hydration number. I have not found people with numbers higher than 10%… except extraordinary health advocates like Dr. Joel Wallach. Not even Dr. Schulze. Not anyone. 7

So as long as you are eating the way others eat, and drinking the water everyone has access to, you are screwed. Eating and drinking on the Tree of Knowledge keeps you solidly on the level of human knowings, on the bottom of life.

In a little box.

PS: Here is a video by Marty Neumayer

and a whole lot of them

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  1. The biggest growth happened for people with the Separator eating style, by the way. I have to eat that way myself…
  2. One of the ways coherence shows is through your cone of vision. If you can keep it wider, it is an indication that your coherence has higher
  3. Cell hydration can only be raised with coherent water. You can drink gallons of regular water, alkaline water, oxygenated water, or structured water, unless your drinking water is coherent, your cells are drying out and are in distress. When your cells are in distress, YOU are in distress!
  4. by Marty Neumeier
  5. Spiritual capacities are already in your DNA, unexpressed. Honesty, steadfastness, patience, industry, curiosity, responsibility… these are some examples of the 160 spiritual capacities you could activate in your DNA with the growth mindset and activity to match it.

    I measure the number of spiritual capacity you have in the Starting Point Measurements, and to my dismay most people have 1 for that number… almost always the same as your TLB, your twitchy little bastard score.

  6. It’s scary to suddenly have courage! I have students who initially raised their numbers and then got scared and went back to 10%/10%, and cowardly living… living for other people, for relationships, for maintenance.
  7. But even Dr. Wallach’s hydration number is only 10%. Why? Because he doesn’t even know about coherence, or the coherence of the water. And when you listen to him, you can tell… he is like a machine… robotic. Ugh.

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