Field of relationship? What the heck is that and why should you care?


The only field of relationship, the only field of communication that leads you to growth, that leads you to raise your vibration is what I reveal in this article.

I have a student whose biggest contribution to me is asking questions, the kind of questions that make me stop and look to give an answer.

As the father in our father-child, teacher-student relationship, I am immensely grateful... eyes fogged over grateful.

Because he is so faithfully in that field of relationship, everything he says is truthful. No intent to deceive. Also no desire to be accepted: he knows he is already accepted.

Father-child relationship is NOT your human standard. You didn't have it with your father. You didn't have it, most likely, with a teacher.

Father-child is the home of Unconditional Love.

God is the archetype of father. The energy that created you and therefore loves you.

Every conversation, every relationship is defined by the listener, by the recipient.

You can only hear, you can only receive inside the field that you yourself imagine yourself.

If you listen to "God" as the judge who will smite you... you are not in father-child.

The bible, written by people, already added the human interpretation, the fear, the jealousy, the ugly, covering up the essence of the archetype-God.

But the idea, the essence of God is pure father child, pure love, pure guidance, pure teaching.

Just one step further and it is the field of partnership: co-creation.

There is no force, no struggle, no resistance in father-child. Why? Because the love is unconditional. Nothing to do but what comes naturally: growing, joy, ecstasy.

Your relationship with your "father" figures is not father-child, the field.

YOUR father had a big ego. YOUR father loved you only when you made him proud. Rarely. YOUR father may have been an a-hole, who threatened your survival by harming your mother or you.

I had a father (he died 25 years ago) who, at least some of the time, was father-figure and our conversation was in father-child.

Looking back I now forgive him for being human. I forgive him for looking for his own pleasure, or expressing his love with force.

After I forgive him, I can see that the moments of father-child was a lot more frequent than just a few times. And I weep. Tears of love and gratitude.

I am lucky. As a listener, as the one who is being taught, I provide no resistance. I don't feel that I have to be different, or do something well to be loved by the father in the father-child. So I can learn.

On MY level, what is next for me is to trust the space, the field to lead to the field of partnership. Where I can trust that my questions are a contribution... like my students' questions.

In the moment of me asking question, the "father" is tested, the field is tested.

If the question is a contribution, and that doesn't depend on me... in that moment the father is the listener! then we were in real pure father-child. In a conversation the listener has all the power.

One of my students asked if the book, The Biology of Belief is a book worth reading. I said "no, it is New Age bullshit". 1

Most of what you read, most of what you can read is not written in father-child, just one step away from partnership...

The ego of the author doesn't allow father-child.

The "I am the big cheese, listen to me" is the human father-child field, not the god-child field where god and his creation are equal, even if their respective knowledge, skills, spiritual capacities, vibration aren't.

In the real father-child knowledge doesn't separate the father and the child. It connects them. Even though the flow is mostly in one direction, but not as a force, more like "god" says: whatever you invite me to look at, I will. And whatever new angle you give me to look from, I will joyfully look, because I am here for what you need. What you need to know.

Not the field where most people teach from.

Father-child is the field where you have space to explore who you are in the light of the father, inside the unconditional love of the father.

The space where you can see your Self and you can see the Opponent, the "IT", the not-you, the not-self. The "not" that is needed to distinguish your Self. Not the content of the Self but its boundaries.

Students who are in a field other than the true father-child cannot do that. They hear that not-self as part of their self, and their writing to me is complaining and blaming. Blaming the not-self for not doing what is important, not having energy, not loving life, not loving the grind. Powerless.

All their attempts to see what is important and what isn't fails: inside the field they are looking that is not visible.

You need to move to the real father-child field to see it. The field where they have real power.

They say that atheists are the most religious people, or something like that.

I am an atheist. I can see the god figure clearly. And I can live, breath, learn from, weep with it.

You think you know god, because you compare him to your biological father, to your pederast priest, to your pastor, rabbi, or cleric.

God likened to people disappears. And you are left with the Tree of Knowledge, where you are not enough, not worthy, where you have-to and need-to and are wretched and miserable.

But what those people teach you is not true.

  • You don't have to worship god... only people want to be worshipped.
  • You don't have to serve god... only people want to be served.
  • You don't have to bow in front of god...
  • you don't have to give sacrifice to god...
  • you don't have to praise god... and all those things that only people want, not god.

Your relationship with god is intimate and two-way.

I even sleep in that field.

If you try to sleep in mother-child, every bad thought will keep you awake. Mother is the archetype of selfish... mother is only interested that you carry her genes forward, not in you. So there is never any real softness in mother-child, never any real security or certainty. No unconditional love. You are always wrong.

Helen Keller lived in a father-child relationship with Annie Sullivan, her teacher and companion. Her biological mother-father were constantly worried and punished her... Helen Keller was able to accept that she was already loved unconditionally by Annie Sullivan, and therefore she could start growing, and grew past most seeing and hearing humans of her age.

Because what you have, or what you lack isn't what helps you to grow or blocks you from growing. It is the field you live in.

Find someone who you can be in father-child relationship with. And start your ascent on the Tree of Life. You may already have someone...



Risking that you can't hear me: When your cells are dehydrated, you live in scarcity, and you can't trust. Which means: you cannot learn, you cannot move into the Father-child field, because you are afraid.

Before you do anything, make sure you are regularly hydrating your cells by drinking coherent water. Structured water won't do it. Alkaline, oxygenated, or any bs method won't do it. Only Coherent water, with a vibration of 653 or higher.

If you have a system, but your cells are still not hydrated, I know that you are trying to be clever, that you are trying to do it your way. You have no respect for the true and tried, for the simple and uncomplicated... that the father-child field is.

So start listening to the Energizer Audio... it will make you, hopefully, coherent enough that you can set up your system correctly.

If you don't have the audio, I pick and choose who I sell it to... I make my decision from your Starting Point Measurements.

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  1. Bruce Lipton personal vibration: 130... not the level where much truth can be seen

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