Your deserving factor, your earning factor… How much do you deserve? How much have you earned? Are you worth a damn?

I am listening to step 1 of the 67 steps again. The seventh time? Eighth time? I have lost track.

And as is usual for me, I am seeing something that Tai is not saying, and I kind of have been seeing, but not really. In the corner of my eyes.

  • The whole program, the 67 steps, is based on a few quotes: “but is he worth a damn?”
  • And the one by Charlie Munger: “In life, to get what you want you, need to deserve what you want.”
  • And the third: “there are only three types of people: people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who ask: what the heck happened?”

My hunch is: These quotes leave you not knowing what would actually earn you what you want.

Because it is earning what you want. NOT deserving or not really. Earning.

I muscle tested my own deserving factor. It is 70, but my earning factor is only 30. Both on a scale of 1-100. Update on 11/9/19: My deserving factor and my earning factor are now in alignment: both are 50%.

So let me attempt to bring it all together for you and for me.

Component #1: The deserving factor is the intangibles: what you have to work with. Your raw materials. Your components.

  • Spiritual capacities, like patience, or humility or courage… 160 are inactive and activatable spiritual capacities in your DNA.
  • Knowing a lot about how things work. So when you are looking, you actually know what you are looking at. We call this capacity astuteness.
  • Awareness of what is relevant and what isn’t. What you should pay attention and what is noise. Being able to distinguish 1
  • Being able to see cause and effect… even when they are separated by a wide gap in space or in time… Seeing the big picture both in width and in depth.
  • Being able to do many things well. Skills.
  • Being able and willing to learn new things, even though every time learning  makes you feel stupid and inadequate. You AND me. both.
  • Being able to see value, potential value, all three levels of value. You cannot create, you cannot capture what you don’t see. And ultimately, unless you capture value, you didn’t earn squat.

To increase your deserving factor is the main job of the 67 steps.

It shows you around with instructions on how to see what you see as you are taken around in real life.

What Tai doesn’t say because he doesn’t know is this: unless you can see at least 110 degrees wide, so the previous insights don’t disappear from your cone of vision, so that you can see the connections, you are not getting a lot wiser, or more deserving.

If you do the steps piecemeal, like a homework, like a step to check of on your to-do list, wiping your brain clean between steps, or if you do it dutifully, hoping that the steps will do the work and you don’t have to… you will not benefit.

The spiritual capacities of seeing the big picture, and seeing the timeline are missing, and it is missing that it’s missing. You are unconscious, unaware, and ultimately undeserving.

Component #2: Action: Capture value.

  • The right action
  • at the right time,
  • with the right intensity,
  • on the right thing.

All those right-words… no wonder you are not earning anything.

This awareness, or the consideration of the “right”, or appropriate, or precise is missing… you see that if any of those are missing, or are not the “right” amount, or the right thing… your earnings through the action dwindle to nothing.

There are a lot of moving parts. It’s a lot like juggling, it is a lot like spinning plates.

Let me look, with your permission, at the fact that my earning factor is so low, in spite of my relatively high deserving factor. What is missing? Where am I gypping myself? Where do I fall short?

My biggest mistake, where I am not in the “right” I see, is falling short on all four, but especially the last one, “on the right thing”.

My hunch is that my error comes from not being able to see what would be the right thing to work on. Or not clearly. Not being certain. And experimenting on my own baby (my own brainchild) feels very dangerous… lol.

And here, we are back to the deserving factor: Maybe I am not humble, and not astute enough. And I am trying to do it, I am trying go it alone.

I see that I could add to my deserving factor by hiring another pair of eyes, and another brain… someone who is impartial and is worth a damn.

If I pick the right person and follow their instructions, I can bring up my earning factor to 50%. And I would be really happy with that. Update 11/9/19: that is actually exactly what happened. I picked a new dude for teacher. I don’t like him. He leaves me with just a little bit of disgust. And yet. I buy his $97 a month newsletter, that I don’t think was worth it. I read his 100 emails a month. And I find that just one thing he says in his newsletter that he actually does himself, has doubled my income. Big sigh. I have so much more to learn… lol.

I muscle tested that. 2

It is a lot easier for me to see where and how you are screwing yourself, how you sell yourself short, how you miss the boat, than seeing myself. And you are the same way. That is why you need a coach, a guide, a second pair of eyes.

A coach, a teacher, can only guide you.

There are a few factors that make you not guidable:

  • 1. if your coherence is low, you won’t even get what I am saying. or you’ll consider it a slight, a make-wrong, an insult. No guidance is possible.
  • 2. When your coherence gets higher by increasing your cell hydration, you become potentially guidable. It is not certain… you need to put yourself into the father-child field as child, or into the partnership field, partnership with the coach/teacher.
  • 3. When your predatory genes are on the ideal level (3), neither too low, nor too high. Both extremes make you not coachable
  • 4. When you use the Big Bundle, the Consciousness awakening audio diligently, especially when you are actually listening to it while getting feedback…

And you better do what the guide asks you to do, if you want to benefit from their guidance.

Knowing the guidance but not doing is worthless tree of knowledge.

If you are not in father-child field but in another field, or even though you are in the right field for coaching but YOU try to be father… or you play the role of belligerent resentful child… no guidance will happen.

Before you can even contemplate Component #2 of your earning factor, you need to increase your Component #1: what you have to work with.

  • The level of your awareness,
  • the level of your astuteness,
  • the level of accuracy,
  • the match between your map of reality and reality needs to be high enough for your actions to be the right actions.

In another word: your delusions need to be few and far between. Your delusions about yourself, your delusions about other people, your delusions about life.

But to get there, you need to get a lot tougher.

Your starting point measurements tell the whole story about your current level of earning factor. Especially about Component #1.

These numbers, what they measure show what you’ll do, what you have to work with, where you are at.

The numbers are connected.

This means that when you raise one number, it raises all. And when you lower one, it lowers all. 3

The easiest numbers to raise are number 3 and 4 in the starting point measurements, the health number and the hydration number. Why? Because they are relatively simple, and don’t require your intelligence, your knowledge, your sharpness… just your WILLINGNESS to do it. No willingness? I probably can’t help you…

I give you what you need to know, I give you what you need to do.

Obviously if you are resistant to feedback, or if you think you know better, then you won’t do what I tell you to do.

your deserving factorResult: Your earning factor will remain where it’s at, or will, maybe, go lower.

Because there are actual physical laws that govern our Universe. Cause and effect.

No one can rig the laws… or if they say they can, they are lying. (Law of attraction?)

Nowadays I don’t accept anyone new to my program unless they have proven to me that they can listen, and they can follow instructions. Whenever I violate my principle, I pay for it… Dearly…

That is how life works… That is also part of the laws of the Universe.

PS: If you want to find out where you are at with the deserving/earning factor, here is a link to pay



earning factorIn common parlance earning factor could be said as earning power. It is a projection of someone’s ability to earn. They mean money, I mean everything that makes life good… love, fulfillment, health, and a sense of security or purpose.
your work’s worthYour earning factor depends on how much value you can create in the world, value that is considered value in the buyer’s eyes.
earning powerYour earning power depends on your knowledge, skill level, and on your intangibles, including exercising your power to act on the right things, with the right attitude, the right intensity, at the right time.
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  1. This is the Amish horse training exercise that is maybe the most important exercise anyone can do
  2. 20/20 hindsight: I hired a coach early this year (2018). My income shot through the roof, relatively in the very short time (five days) the coach was willing to work with me.

    I wasn’t obedient enough for him to want to work with me. I insisted on doing what I thought was more important than what he said.

    As a coach, I give more time to my clients to turn around… but that is neither here or there. He “fired” me. But proved that getting another pair of eyes, another brain can increase my earning power.

  3. I see this with people who, for whatever reason, stop energizing their water, or stop adhering to the diet. Or drink energized water only at work, and by the end of the weekend they are a wreck…

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