Vibrational Review: Heartmath Institute

heartmath reviewFirst: Heartmath has a theory, that the heart has a lot of brain cells in it and they can be influenced just like the brain can be…

The promise is of Heartmath is to help you calm down and handle life’s stresses better at will.

I first heard of and listened to recordings, exercises from the Heartmath Institute around 2003. I found the idea very seductive, and really wanted it to work for me… but it didn’t. When a few years later Dr. Alex Loyd used them to prove that the Healing Codes work I revisited them… and found the methodology still not working.

The truth is: they are both, the Healing Codes and the Heartmath, a nice idea… but neither of them works reliably, consistently, and for anyone. If something is NOT reliable, NOT consistent, then in essence it doesn’t work… what works is the Placebo effect.

I am not discounting the Placebo effect: it is powerful, but it is used to sell snake oil…

  • If you take Aspirin: its effect is predictable, reliable and consistent. Aspirin doesn’t need the Placebo effect to work.
  • If you get pregnant, if you get drunk… predictable outcome.

This is not the case with Heartmath or with the Healing Codes.

They both need you to be primed… mentally, emotionally, to expect results.

And a large percentage of the users aren’t ready to be primed.

I used to recommend the Healing Codes to my coaching clients, and to my experience, they weren’t able to get into the Placebo mindset state… it didn’t work for them. Not even one of them.

So sorry, neither of them works. Snake oil.

I even bought the audio products by Heartmath… and instead of harmonizing and making my heart coherent, they worked just the opposite way.

You can try, and you’ll see… Because it is not a rhythm thing… if it were, you could be really using a pacemaker-like device and get smarter, happier, and calmer.

No, your heart isn’t out of coherence because of the rhythm. It is out of rhythm because of incoherence. Coherence is not a rhythm thing, it is a vibration thing.

Even though laypeople call it frequency, they don’t mean (I hope) frequency in the traditional way. Forcing a frequency on a heart is a one size fits all, forceful, Tree of Knowledge method, and you can kill with it. Cause more incoherence than there was to begin with. Like with my heart.

Raising the inner vibration and coherence calms down the heart, calms down the brain, calms down the nerves, and cause you to feel better, feel calmer, more collected, and more resilient to the troubles that life offers so generously to all of us.

Coherence strengthens YOU. But coherence comes from the vibration of the energy… like the Heart Coherence Activator… 654 on the Vibrational Scale.

Here is my vibrational review: 1

Heartmath Institute: truth value: 3%, efficacy of products: 10%

PS: I am in the second day of my no coffee, no tea experiment, and I am experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms. Heart palpitation, headache, and an overall restlessness.

My Heart Coherence Activator Audio is running. I am able to work, comprehend what I read, even though I feel the symptoms. So what I am seeing that the symptoms that, in the normal course of events, would cause serious incoherence, are just symptoms, like the symptoms of a cold, and I am OK.

I need no will-power, or if I do, I have plenty.

Yaay to the Coherence Activator.

coherence Coherence is the secret sauce of a high achiever human… When stress, inner or outer, multitasking, pressure, difficulty, rob you of your coherence, makes you incoherent, your IQ drops a lot, and your performance drops. You eventually will get sick…
heartmath institute This private organization attempts to bring you up to coherence… in my view, not very effectively
heart rate variability Heart rate variability is what can be measured directly and it is correlated strongly with your coherence level.

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  1. I am not an affiliate of any of the reviewed products. If you look on the internet, every single “review” is a sales letter. Heartmath pays a generous commission: their commission is higher than what you pay me for my coherence product, the Coherence Activator.

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