Your physiology and psychology work hand in hand… And how can meditation work for you… finally

co-creationIn some regards I am still a Twitchy Little Bastard… even though outwardly my behavior has calmed down a lot.

What am I talking about?

A Twitchy Little Bastard is someone who acts without regard to the future, without considering if the action is sustainable or not. 1

I am looking at this phenomenon from a different vantage point: your quick to react, your high-sprung state.

I am looking to prove to you that your physiology and your psychology, your body and your mind are intimately connected.

That you calm down one and the other calms down too.

Why does meditation work? If and when it does… And why doesn’t when it doesn’t?

Meditation is not explained, or not explained correctly. People who are good meditators gain a ton of advantages from doing it, while 90% of the people who attempt meditation don’t benefit from it…

So what is special about the people who do, and what is missing for the people who don’t benefit from meditation?

I could not have written this article yesterday… because I just discovered the secret for myself.

You need to calm down what you can control. Your body and your attention. You control both. And your mind calms down too…

Because they are all connected, body, attention, mind, your whole being calms down. And that is what meditation can and does for you.

I am quite restless. I itch, I can’t get comfortable, and I am not very disciplined. I am reporting about my base nature: restless. Maybe even hyperactive.

So I have a real tough time getting into meditative mode. Or to go to sleep. Which is, in a way, from the body’s point of view, the same.

Some years ago, I was at a Peak Potentials course in the Catskills mountains, and we were on the way to a sweat lodge exercise. On the way the group stopped, and we got some instructions. And about 10 minutes into this break, something moved, rustled, and a young man emerged from the fallen leaves.

His body was full of red welts… He was lying motionless in the leaves… being eaten alive. Like a log.

I was deeply inspired by that. I have been an insomniac since I was a baby. Twitchy Little Bastard… Without some calming agent, it takes me hours to fall asleep. Hours.

After that course I practiced being like a log. It is hard, and it is against my base nature. It is hard to ignore itching, discomfort, but it’s possible. Takes iron will.

But since I have been testing The Instant Coherence Activator audio, I have been able to get into the “log mode” faster… and I have been falling asleep in minutes instead of hours, and even when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can go back to sleep faster.

I haven’t tested it, but I may be able to get into meditation mode as well…

The nature of reality… or the law of Free Will

Now, is it automatic? No. Even though the vibration of the Instant Coherence Activator effects my body, I can override it. When I know that it is my twitchiness that doesn’t allow me to fall asleep, I can fall asleep.

I say to myself “let’s do log mode” and that, co-creating with the Activator, is what makes the falling asleep so much faster.

Activators are not like some drug that takes over your physiology.

All Source energies need you to do your part. They are all co-creative.

Unless you do your part, they don’t.

I first learned that when I used the White Chestnut energy to calm my mind. Thinking that it’s like a chemical… And it didn’t work. (I took it as a Bach Remedy at the time… this was a long time ago)

But when I also intended to calm down my mind, between the White Chestnut energy and my intention, my mind had no chance: it had to calm down.

Many people are unwilling to do their part. They are disappointed in life, disappointed in god, disappointed in their lack of results.

They are, ultimately, unwilling to be cause. Or be “at cause” as they say it in Landmark Education.

They are like the proverbial pigs… no one will teach them to fly, because they are not willing to pull their own weight.

I am fine with that.

If you want ME to do all the work, you’ll be disappointed.

Because I am not in the business of teaching pigs to fly.

I am not even in the business of proving to you that my stuff works.

Because all my “stuff” needs you to carry your own weight, if your attitude is “prove to me that this works!” you’ll likely prove the opposite… And I am fine with it.

It doesn’t trigger me. I know my stuff works… and if it doesn’t work for you, I also know that the problem lies with you.

This is why I am unwilling to do any coaching with people who haven’t passed the first hurdle: energize their water and bring up their hydration to 30%.

About 40% of the people who come to my site and approach me are of these “do for me in spite of me” mentality.

The art is to know if it is their mentality or some innocent mistake preventing them from getting the benefits.

Now that I have the Instant Coherence Activator, it is easier to test. Because with the Instant Coherence Activator it is a lot easier for people to enter the co-creative mode.

The saying: god helps those who help themselves is another way of saying co-creative mode.

You put in 10% and the god-energy will do the rest.

According to the Be like Amazon book, the main difference between businesses that succeed, people who succeed in a sustainable way is caring.

Of course each of us care about something.

The 40% cares about staying right about remaining the same. In Kabbalistic terms, they care that the Opponent wins. We could say: they are rooting for the Dark Side, they work for the Dark Side.

Another almost 60% cares about themselves, and about what they get… and maybe their offspring. In Kabbalistic terms their desire is for themselves.

And the almost 1%, the successful ones, care about something bigger than themselves.

Now, is that a cause, or is that an effect?

In my experience, once a 60%-er gets more coherent, once life doesn’t feel like a struggle for survival, the ego doesn’t need to be protected, they open up to care about something bigger than themselves.

But opening up and actually aligning your beingness and actions is quite another thing.

But it becomes possible.

And with proper guidance, these people can be lead to live a fulfilling life.

Nothing that is solely about you is fulfilling. You are a black hole when it is only about you. No echo. No energy coming back.

The work to do, the 10%, is first and foremost distinguishing your own voice from all the voices. Your Self from all the opinions of others, or who you “should” be.

In that space of “YOU”, you can look what aspect of all-of-it you want to care about. Without worrying about yourself or putting yourself in the pictures.

Caring for caring’s sake.

The way I care about you. Whether you can benefit from my work or not. Whether you like me or not. Whether you are a TLB or a champion.

If you think the Instant Coherence Activator can work for you, here is the link to buy. It comes with some handholding.

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  1. The phrase I learned from Roy Williams, in the book Be like Amazon, represents business people who act now and regret later.

    I use it to measure your TLB score in your Starting Point Measurements. Want to know yours?

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