The size of your life is an indicator. The size?

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The size of your life is an indicator of the size of your possible happiness. What is the size of your life?

In the Playground, people do the work in pairs… we call these Partner Calls.

A partner call needs to be about a problem that came up in an incident. It is less talking than looking.

The person who talks, while the other listens, looks at the incident and attempts to take it through a set of looking points… we call that a script.

The looking points are filters through which the incident suddenly looks different… Richer, more detailed, looked through different vantage points.

The goal is to disappear the problem. A problem says that there is something wrong in the incident. Which indicates that the person’s perception is not of reality but of meaning, interpretation, or rules.

The goal is to get to reality. In reality there is nothing wrong. All wrongs are added by the observer, they are not part of reality. Reality is the way it is… and all the wrongs take your power away to live life, to be intelligent, to solve real tasks, to be with people the way they are, to learn, to be productive, to feel good about yourself.

Ultimately the wrongs take your power away to live a live worth living.

The issues people deal with in the incidents are puny. All of them come from some perceived wrong in childhood, injustice, mistreatment, misjudging, etc.

With adult help, me, people can reframe the incidents in their lives, and the wrongs become less frequent, so they, the participants, can become available to solve REAL problems, if they are interested.

Suffering from those puny problems renders a person not available for life, for a life that is satisfying and makes a difference.

And because people cannot be happy unless they feel that they matter, that they make a difference, people are not happy.

The Playground is taking people, taking participants to the gate where happiness can become attainable. Where they can begin to be interested and available to solve bigger problems, worth solving.

Solve big problems, and your experience of life will be fulfilling.

The bigger problems you solve the more money you’ll make and the more fulfillment you’ll experience in life.

Obviously what you call a problem depends on your view of life.

And how you solve a problem depends on you too…

And thus YOU create your level of happiness… your life’s experience.

You live in a world of your own design. And you live a life of your own design… Mostly unconscious…

I know you would not design a life that feels as bad as the life you are living, but in an unconscious way you have designed it…

This article is about how to design a life that you can enjoy. Your unconscious design has been given you the life you don’t love… Your conscious design will give you the life you’ll live…

If you are like most people you live a life that is about your life and about you.

Your relationships are about your relationships and about you, nothing bigger.

Here is the issue with living like that:

Any problem is too big a problem for and inside the same level of consciousness that created it.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”~ Albert Einstein

If no shift in consciousness happens between the birth of the problem and the time you want to solve the problem, the problem cannot be solved… worse than that: the solution will be the next problem… an even bigger problem.

This works a lot like trying to solve the traffic on the street level… impossible. Just watch policemen directing traffic: the traffic gets more stuck than when it was left alone… the policeman makes decisions obeying his inner voices, the voices of HIS Opponent, that cares nothing about the traffic, cares nothing about the people stuck in their vehicles, only about being right in the moment, looking from where the policeman is looking from, his “god” position, directing traffic.

The Playground is designed and getting better at taking you to look from outside… so you can see the consciousness that created the problem in your incident… Once you see it from there, it is no longer a problem, or if it still is a problem, you can solve it without creating an even bigger problem.

Life is not about not having problems. Life is about having BIG problems worth solving. World hunger, pollution, cruelty, or like mine… humanity ending up on a side track not able to continue its evolution…

Everyone wants to understand what Einstein’s saying means for them: No problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness that created it.

I get hundreds of hits a month for that. But it is not easy… one needs to see what are the levels of consciousness, what it means to operate on a higher level of consciousness, where the solution is a solution.

The traffic problem is a perfect example: you can probably see that the street level solution isn’t a good solution… And maybe you can see that the level of thinking needs to be higher, both physically and consciousness-wise… one could see wider and further, and could actually solve it.

Can you see it? Widening the road, having something that triggers the light to switch on certain condition, etc. All potential real solutions.

You cannot see solutions that are adequate to solving a problem looking at it on the same pedestrian level as where it is occurring.

Now, how does this relate to your life?

Your life’s problems, your happiness are on a certain level of consciousness. Always.

Consciousness is best understood if we go back to the metaphor of traffic and street level.

If you keep on looking and directing the traffic of your life on the same eye level where it is happening, the problem becomes about itself, with unresolved traffic jams, and arbitrary short sighted decisions.

And if you look around, this is how life is directed by most people in every area of life that you can see. Politics. On all levels. Reactive, nearsighted, and unworkable.

The pedestrian consciousness is survival centered. The pedestrian consciousness is focused on “looking good and making it” in life.

That is the consciousness underneath all decisions. Nothing bigger and nothing higher… even if there is lip-service about higher purpose.

When you want to find out what someone believes, what moves a person’s actions, watch their actions. It’s about “looking good and making it” if you look long and hard enough. Being right and making another wrong is just another version of looking good and making it!

The participant whose view of life is completely different from anybody else’s… who has made a rule how he is the only one who sees life accurately, bumps up against other people’s rules, other people’s view of life… and becomes battered, withdrawn, and forever bitter.

In a world where every person lives not in reality, but in their personal reality created by their street-level consciousness, happiness and fulfillment is as rare as a huge diamond.

The quality of life that is about you is a hollow, empty, unfulfilling life.

You being right, you looking good, you dominating, you winning, you avoiding responsibility… about you, like that.

For life to be fulfilling, it needs to be bigger, way bigger, than you or your life… the business of living. The purpose of your life needs to be way bigger than your life, even though it includes your life… as it should. It is not something out there, independent of your life, like a goal… no, it is a larger box that includes your life.

The way you find something bigger that includes your life is by raising your consciousness a few levels higher… and look from there. Your consciousness and your vibration are synonyms, by the way… So my site’s alternative name could be your and it would mean the same. Raising your vibration and raising your consciousness mean the same.

I can clearly see, in the Playground, when someone’s vibration drops by where, how high they look at their world from.

the consciousness of every countrySince I started measuring, 2011, the world’s people’s vibration has dropped from 130 to 100.

A purpose invented on the street level as higher is not higher, even if it sounds high and mighty. Most mission statements are of this kind… if you listen you can hear the “looking good and making it.”

In entrepreneur lingo the mission statement is called a why. Your why.

Why are you trying to do this business… and people scramble to say something… but the level of consciousness is the level of “I want to make money” and even if you take it further and look for your why’s why… you remain on the same level.

On the why’s why you can say: to take care of my family, to see the world, to help others… but they are the same level of consciousness: they are all about your “looking good and making it”… street level. It is about you and your life. Only.

It is impossible to create a higher purpose with a the consciousness of “looking good and making it”.

The reason it is impossible to create a higher purpose with a the consciousness of “looking good and making it” is because you have to take off your eyes of what belongs to you… and on a low level of consciousness it is impossible. Not hard: impossible.

In the book “Be like Amazon” you can read a few examples of creating and adhering to purposes that are not on the street level. Where making money is cause by something on a higher level that making money.

And you can also read case studies of what happens when making money is about making money. When the business is about itself.

This way of thinking, this level of consciousness, where making money is about making money. Being happy is about being happy… is the consciousness level of humanity at this point. About 150-200. Under 150 people don’t even engage in conversations like this: under 150 life is too hard.

My work is about helping you to become an outlier. To become someone who can actually make money and do something fulfilling. Be happy and fulfilled by elevating your consciousness above “looking good and making it.”

You don’t have to elevate your consciousness to the level of the penthouse… only two-three floors above where the action is happening.

Your consciousness level and your vibration are correlated, one might see them as the same. I think they are only correlated.

The simplest and fastest way to get to a higher consciousness level is by moving your body out of survival.

Clients who manage to do that, by hydrating their cells, and raising their health level by eating the right things the right way, start seeing their lives differently. They start looking from a higher consciousness than where their lives are happening. Higher consciousness than before.

The biggest proof of this is when, for a reason, they drop the ball and their hydration and their health falls back to the original 10% survival level… their view, their consciousness falls to the street level too.

And when they return to the above-survival level, their consciousness returns to the higher elevation too.

I have a small number of students I check in with every day. And often I don’t need anything beyond their health and their hydration number to know how they are, and how they feel about their lives, about themselves.

The higher consciousness is hardcoded in your DNA. In your genes, that are either expressed (active) or suppressed (activatable). This is the key to your ability to raise your consciousness to a higher level. This potential of a gene to become expressed.

But if you continue to be about survival and therefore about your life, these higher capacities cannot be “expressed”, and you’ll continue your existence in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

But let me emphasize it: No one, in my experience, has raised their consciousness without first getting out of physical survival mode.

This is the first and most important reason none of your gurus have a really high vibration. And even the ones that have the vibrational level of around 500… got there only on the mental level, not on the spiritual level. They are still assholes in their private lives…

How do you know what level one is at?

Again, the street level and traffic metaphor will explain it best.

  • The street level is where all the stuff that seems to distract you, attack you, is happening.
  • It is on the street level where hard, difficult, tedious, tiresome, lives.
  • Work, duty, obligation, on the street level is something immediately resistance creating…

Don’t forget: the street level is a metaphor of a certain consciousness, a way you see something.

So if you want to find out your level of consciousness, your level of vibration, put yourself in a situation where there is a lot of street level things are happening.

In the actual metaphor, street traffic, it can be anything really. Criticism. Feedback. Someone calling you names. Weather, rain, snow, potholes, slipping tires, someone honking, someone cutting in front of you, you have to wait at the red light, the car in front of you driving too carefully and slowly…

On the street level it is all about you. It is a world of you and them. Or even you OR them.

Your mind screams. Your body tightens. The face, the micro-expressions give it away.

The situations can happen to anyone. You can have anger, even hate, even thoughts of vengeance on any level of consciousness.

The mind screams on every level… there is no such thing as a silent mind. It is a myth. A lie.

The mind’s job is to scream. Consciousness can be listening to it as guidance or not.

  • The person on the street level completely gets taken over by the voices of the mind.
  • A person on the second and third floor can rise above it, but first they will have to let go of obeying the mind.
  • A person on an even higher level will hear the mind, may even have feelings (marker feelings) typical of the words the mind says, but their actions will be not directed by the mind.

OK… now, let’s go deeper: there are also a few levels below street level. Where nothing needs to happen, no traffic, no weather, and yet the person seems to be reacting all the time.

I had an incident yesterday that is a good illustration for what I am talking about. You can ask to read it… and I’ll let you read it… but will hide from most readers.

It is not frequent for me to have a “case” unfold as clearly as this one unfolded.

My energy products, my coaching require you to have a higher consciousness than the below the street level “I am already doomed” consciousness of the customer yesterday.

This is one the reason I need you to take the Starting Point Measurements before I will do business with you.

I can see that some of my products are still available to buy without my permission. I am going to get busy and put them behind lock and key…

Am I reacting? No. I am solving the problem on a consciousness level higher than it got created.

One of my business principles is that I don’t sell you something you cannot benefit from. And I violated that.

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