Does your vibration depend only on you? Does your integrity depend only on your actions? Does your money depend only on your actions?

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I just had a profound realization: To the degree I deal with people whose actions lack integrity, to the same degree I lack integrity myself.

You are not only a sum total of your closest five people, your “originating” or “sourcing” circle. You are actually the same as the lowest of them in spiritual sense.

Your financial integrity, your earning power, your deserving factor, your happiness, your weight, your health, your mindset, all depend more on your friends than on yourself. Who you surround yourself with have more power in your life than you, yourself.

It is because they occupy more of your bandwidth, more of your consciousness than the things you do consciously. And they join the chorus of the inner voices and pull you off the path you said you wanted to take. Guaranteed.

So, in my work, filtering out the complainers, the arguers, the haters, the slimy ones, the liars is mandatory, if I want to amount to much. Even though I only spend a few hours a day communicating with people, and yet.

It is unfortunate, it is unfortunate, but this is how it is.

Jeff Bezos, founder and head of questions everything, except physical laws. This is a physical law.

I’ve been running an experiment for about 18 months now where I’ve been resisting my natural inclination to jump the gun on people, and in the past 18 months I only asked one person to leave… this past week.

The experiment has run its course, and now I can tell the difference, I hope, between a knee-jerk reaction of the “Firing Queen” and a “being true to my principles” necessary action.

  • It is one thing to be quick to react and react from ego, and another thing to respect your boundaries.
  • Stand up for yourself or put down the other.
  • Be a doormat or be a force to reckon with.

I am going to get busy restoring my own integrity by

  • 1. removing people with no integrity from my circle, and
  • 2. removing the temptation for people to buy stuff they can’t use.

It seems that maybe I am cutting my nose in spite of my face, and on the short term this may be so.
But I believe that in the long run I am serving my customers better this way.

Not everyone who needs my products is a customer.

By the way: the number one criteria for my decision is: did you get your hydration, consistently, above 30%? Did you get your health number, consistently, above 30%?

No? It may be time to say good bye.

  • If you are a student of mine, I’ll send you your measurements, so you know.
  • If you are not a student… you can always ask for it.

If you need help getting back into shape… and you are a long time customer/student/friend… then I’ll make sure I give you a helping hand. Sometimes it is not knowing what you are doing wrong that needs to be remedied.

And if you don’t know, I am here to help. I want you to get well if you have it in you.

What is your health number?
PS: Anything measured can grow. Anything not measured is an accident.

Therefore you should start measuring who you admit into your originating circle. And make sure you are not duping yourself.

If you spend more than 30 minutes a month with a person… then they are in your circle. And then you have your “inner” circle… But everyone influences you.

This is why I never go to cookouts, weddings, funerals.

Here is an example of an Originating Circle display. It is not mine… the person who made it is a random person I don’t know.

Guard your energies jealously…

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