Instead of trying to change life, Become a match to life

Instead of trying to change life, Become a match to life

I can feel the wind, but I am not the wind. I can hear the voices and I am not the voices.

The above is a quote from one of my students who has raised his vibration, even though his soul correction is one of the difficult five.

Thinking that the voices are significant, engaging with the voices makes us schizophrenic, as if we were many people.

Thoughts, voices, are like the wind. If you start to listening to the wind as if it talked to you, you go crazy. The wind takes over your life, starts running your life, and you go crazy.

The wind whispers, the wind sings. It has nothing to do with you. And so is with all the thoughts.

Hoping for a silent mind is like hoping that everything is given to you without you having to do anything. Really.

Wanting life to be different than it is.

No one can promise you an easy life. No such thing.

The only authentic promise anyone can make is make you a match to life.

When you are not well, when you view life from the midst of it, when your vibration is low and you look at things from too close, you are not a match to life.

Your most effective way to become a match to life is to be able to raise yourself above the hubbub… the street level where everything seems to be in your way, seems to be too busy, seems to oppose you.

The state you are in on the street level is called incoherence. In=not.

Just like in the word inauthenticity. in=not Inauthentic: NOT authentic.

  • Authentic means that you are you, through and through without pretending to be someone else.
  • Coherent means: your nerve ending, your heart, your brain all fire to the same rhythm. Peace. Humming.

When you are incoherent, you are like a conductor trying to tell the wind how to blow, what to whisper.

When you are coherent, you can tell you and what you have power over… and what is noise. You don’t try to control the noise. You don’t waste your time and energy on it.

You invest your time and energy into what you can control.

To the degree that you are coherent.

Because there are levels to coherence.

Let’s talk about something I haven’t talked about: Greed. Desire. Ambition. Hopes. Dreams.

Greed is almost any desire that you have no control over. Lust for things, experiences. Vengeance. For being right.

These are all greed, and these are all something you don’t have control over.

The only control you have is to say: this is not me. This is like the wind. I am not the wind.

If you have spent your whole life, until this point, like a leaf in the wind, this is going to be hard for you.

  • Case study #1: She has been trudging through life, barely able to match life, even in its reduced form.
    She has been relating to everything as herself… and everything as personal. And her reactions were harsh, quick, and jarring. Even when she suppressed them.
    Finally we managed to bring her hydration up to 40%, and her health number up to 20%.
    The Instant Coherence Activator is playing in her bedroom. 1

    But she is not doing the observation of the voices…

    She is experiencing a surge of energy… but alas, this energy is taking her to greed… forgetting everything else.

    The result is predictable: she is living on the street level with more energy… the energy isn’t used to lift her to the second or third floor of life.

  • Case study #2: She took on the whole idea of energizing her water and her cells… and listening to the voices like they are from the wind.
    Adjusting to the new diet, she is a one food per meal type of person… has managed to get the items down to two so far.
    She lifted herself out of incoherence, and miraculously her whole family shifted with her.
    Her vibration went from 70 (living in fear) to 300… spreading her wings.
    Just from the energies and the practice, which she practices also with her family… Brilliant.

If you still think that the energy will do what you hope it will do: take you to the second/third floor: it won’t. It is the practices that YOU DO that do that.And as in case study number 1 is evident: energy not harnessed will harness you to the wrong direction.

Do the practices.

The phenomenon in case study #1 is the result of the following attitudes:

1. You discount your role in your own life
2. You discount me and my suggestions
3. You consider a practice like a duty, like homework, something that you do and then you are done
4. You think you know better
5. You think that doing what you want to do is more important than doing the practices.

Students that do the practices are poised to take a flight.

There are really only three types of people in the world

Type 1 makes things happen
Type 2 watches things as they happen
Type 3 wonders what the heck happened.

If you ever wondered why the world has winners and losers, you’ll find that the losers have one or more of the five reasons they don’t do what works.

The good thing is: you can shift into winner mode any time.

Your results, your coherence, your vibration will show if you understood what you are supposed to do… or not.

I am here to guide you. And give you the supportive energies.

But I won’t do it for you. And neither will the energies.

We live in a co-creative universe.

Instead of trying to change life, Become a match to lifePS: As I was searching google for an image for this article, I am mortified that the expression “a match to life” doesn’t seem to be in the common language.

It is quite telling. Being a match to life means that you have a chance to succeed.

When two fighters are paired, they need to be a match to each other, or the result is already decided.

Are you a match to life? Well… probably not yet.

But you can become a match… by adding skills, capacities, etc.

Every animal, it seems, is a match to life… except humans. Why? Because humans spend their lives in their heads, not in life, not with life.

You can’t be a match to something you hide from. You have already lost.

Now go back and read this article… and start becoming a match to life.

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  1. Instant Coherence Activator audio

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