The sculpture method in health… or 70% of Americans are plagued by Candida…

By Garnhami - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, article is about the way you can get well if you are not digesting your food well enough… because of Candida overgrowth, or because you eat the wrong way.

I don’t have any problems finding a topic for an article, because I, myself, am a learning machine.

At some point I managed to drop all or nearly all of the content of “Who am I?” or even “What do I know?” and now nearly every question is a learning opportunity.

I learn from your troubles, trials and tribulations.

Case study #1: I have a new health client. He is 11 years old…

…and he is struggling with frequent sore throat. (Frequent antibiotics treatments!) In every other way he seems like a normal 11 year old boy.

His essential supplement deficiency chart shows a different picture: he is somewhat deficient in every nutrient, and severely deficient in 23 of the 90 essential nutrients.

When I look at his food list, he is only allowed to eat 17 different raw ingredients.

He is a alternating/consecutive eating type… one ingredient per meal.

The cause of his bad health, 8%, is that he eats by taste, and that he is a grazer.

He can even prepare his tasty food… But he should eat by appetite. But appetite he never has. 1

And everything he eats feeds the Candida Albicans that has invaded his small body, his intestines, his muscles, his heart, his brain.

It also disabled his immune system.

It ate his nutrients, built it into its own body. Not much was left for the little boy’s body… thus the overall nutrient deficiency.

So what is there to do?

I was like this little boy. And until I got that unless I starve and kill of all the yeast, I was going to be fat and undernourished, or slim and undernourished, and a slave to what the Candida wants me to eat, I didn’t get better.

So what there is to do is really the sculpture method: remove what is harmful. Remove what doesn’t move you towards the health you crave. (Or if your area of concern is making money, then what doesn’t move you closer to earn and deserve more money.)

You can do it slowly, you can do it fast.

I have tried both ways. The fast way was very very very painful, and I fell of the wagon as fast as I got onto it.

In my humble opinion slow and steady is the name of the game.

  1. I removed sweet stuff.
  2. I removed bread-like stuff
  3. I removed milk
  4. I removed even sweet vegetables
  5. I removed powdered stuff (they have a starch-like substance to bulk them up)
  6. I removed every grain fed animal’s flesh and milk. Eggs seem to be OK. Grassfed label didn’t mean grass fed… it is all a lie. It is as if I ate grass for a day, and that would make me grass fed… Bah humbug.

Each new step was implemented only when the previous steps, all the previous steps, were honored automatically. This took me two years. I also went from 165 lbs to 129 as of this morning.

And only when I removed all these, that I could finally really “groove” with one ingredient meals.

I am there now. I feel better than ever.

So what does the culture teach you?

The culture’s main interest is that you buy something. “Nothing happens until someone buys something” is the slogan.

Some clients end me a picture of all their supplements… Hundreds and hundreds of dollars… passing, transient results at best.

Instead, taking away what is feeding the enemy, what interferes with digestion is my solution. Cost? nothing.

Case study #2: This case study is about gut health too.

One of my health clients who, after the initial consultation, managed to bring her health and hydration up to par the fastest…

Then she decided to deal with an old-old health issue. Went to a medical doctor who prescribed antibiotics.

The health issue is not bacterial in its origin. The antibiotics destroyed everything my client built.

We are now rebuilding her health. She is eating the right things, but her digestive flora was killed off by the antibiotics, and is now being kept in check by the Candida.

Just for your information, 50% of the world’s population has Candida overgrowth in their guts. This includes every country. In the United States the number is 70%.

This is why the United States’ health is worse than many developing countries’… the Candida causes so many symptoms, and the medical establishment does not talk about it, because there is no money in it.

The solution is to take away all the carbs, even the hidden forms of it, and starve the critters. 2

NO medication helps, no supplement helps, only starving them and killing them. And then keeping it up.

Once you had a Candida systemic infection, your Candida comes back even from a cup of coffee with cream (or creamer) had one time.

But if you are already eating right, you need to rebuild the digestive flora.

First you seed it (take probiotics or fermented vegetables) and then you have to feed the bacteria.

But, listen up! do you know what people recommend as feed? All prebiotics are Candida food! Yes, you heard it right.

I was well for years, and got really not well from the prebiotics I read would work well. Bimuno, Fos, they are all sugars. The Candida started to thrive again, and make me sick. AND FAT!

chicory-endiveSo now I buy Endive, and gum arabic powder… 3 and I am getting well again. Even my weight started to move again. Down… lol.

Now, what should you have learned from this article?

That it is not so simple to know what to do, and whatever others teach comes from their financial interest. Or ignorance. Or both.

Don’t believe everything you read. It is all secondhand knowledge.

What I say is all tested, and firsthand knowledge.

Who are you going to trust?

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  1. Appetite is when you salivate at the sight, at the smell, or at the thought of the food. Not your taste buds, but your whole body signals it is ready for the food.
  2. For example, sugar free candy has sugar alcohol… carb. Alcohol: ditto. Everything that is a plant.
  3. I found only one brand that tested yes, this

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