What’s your mission in life? YOUR mission… not what others want your mission to be!

What’s your mission in life? Everyone and their brother is asking this question…

The question indicates that you should have a mission… You should have a purpose… or else…

But why is that? Are people misleading you or is it true that if you have a mission, if you have a purpose then life is better? Let’s do some looking together, ok? 1

Some people also tell you to follow your passion. Or they tell you to find your purpose.

Both of those feel too big and both say, find… intimating that there is a passion, a purpose with your name on it. Pre-ordained, given to you by god, or by your birth date… or maybe your soul correction?

But if you have passions, you know that your passions may change over time.

Your interests may not be the same as they were 5, 10, or 20 years ago.

You pick up new ‘passions’ throughout life. But… what is passion anyway? Is wanting to lose weight a passion? Is researching water filters on the internet a passion? Is wanting to make money a passion? Is gossiping about your boss a passion? What the heck is a passion… You may not have any… Most people don’t… Most people are dead before their time.

And ‘purpose’ sounds a bulls-eye you have to hit perfectly. That’s a lot of responsibility. It’s overwhelming. It probably leaves you feeling indecisive, afraid. Afraid to make a mistake… and lose that purpose… so better keep it as a hope… lol.

Some people like the word ‘mission’ instead.

A soldier may be sent on a ‘mission.’ They come home, and they’re sent on another mission.

You can have multiple missions throughout your life.

Your mission can change over time.

It’s about making a difference in life. Mattering.

Part of my mission is helping people become an individual, start to live their own life instead of what everyone else wants them, needs them to live… and be free to be who they want to be, while being healthy and earning a living.

You don’t have to live your life based on anyone else’s rules.

You can chart your own path.

I always wanted that for myself… and always wanted to protect my path from any and all influences, any and all interlopers… I found that everyone wanted to play with my life and tell me how to live it.

And what do I primarily do today?

I help others to become individuals but according to their own design.

Instead of telling people what they should do, I help them to see what the truth of the world is, what is so about themselves, what are the forces that have shaped their lives and their thinking… and how to make sure that they can tell, clearly, what is theirs and what is added by well-meaning or sinister others.

The ultimate result I hope for my clients is to live a life worth living: for them. I don’t want to tell people what is a life worth living, because it is your choice, an individual choice.

Living a life worth living is a lot like an ant conspiring against an elephant… in the world of Facebook and other influencers… but if I could do it, then it can be done.

You can do it. It’s a lot of “distinguishing”, because the elephant is so much bigger than the ant… But with diligence the ant can win, and that’s the point.

The Amish Horse Training Method, being able to identify the inner voices as not you is the core exercise you can do to begin your journey.

I am being reminded that an exercise like that is also in the Bug Free Mind books… I totally forgot. I wish they had those books in searchable digital format, but the Bug Free Mind people are very protective of their content.

But don’t forget: they are marketers first and second and third, and maybe on your side fourth… maybe.

What’s your mission?

Who do you want to help? What value can you bring to their life? To Life? To Life on the Planet?

It’s easy to make the mistake of simply copying what someone else is doing, or trying to do what someone claims they have done…

But you’ll notice that to be an individual, you need to walk your own path, you need to dig deep to find what YOU want to contribute to life.

But first you have to find YOU… in the noise of your head.

Because unless you have your Self clearly distinguished from your religion, your nationality, your gender, your family, your age, your community, your education, everything that is external to the Self… everything that you say is your purpose, mission, goal, desire… isn’t really yours…

Do you see my point?

And when you try to accomplish someone else’s goal, desire, mission, or purpose, it doesn’t give you want you’d like: a life worth living. Unfortunately.

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  1. In my “criminal” article I share that if, as a child, you are not allowed, or you feel you are not allowed to make a difference, you’ll have one of two predictable purposes, 1. become a criminal, a taker, a cheater, a freeloader, 2. remain a forever child, pleasure seeker, let’s have fun! About 30% of the population has already chosen a purpose, but underneath is all is the grief of not feeling that they can make a difference, or not really. So I am talking to everybody, to you, even if you, maybe, belong to that 30%… So please read on…

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