Greed: Impatience, Hurry, Wanting, Forcing, Craving

Greed: Impatience, Hurry, Wanting, Forcing, Craving, Pursuing, Fighting For. Even What You Call “Loving” Is Greed. Sorry to burst your bubble…

And all resistance in the chest, in the pit of the stomach and in the shoulders… whatever the reasoning.

What is the opposite of greed?

I mean, if you knew that anything with any element of greed in it works to your detriment: it makes you miserable, and it repels what you are greedy for… You would get curious what is the opposite of greed, wouldn’t you?

Talk about double punishment!

Empathically looking: greed is a tightening. The shoulders try to get closer to each other and want to meet in the middle. Why? I am the reporter, not the theorist, sorry.

Your upper body is like a bow and arrow: designed for attacking, set for killing. All energies are outward directed, propelled away from the inside. The inside is ignored, de-valued, dis-respected, emptied. All that is valuable seems to be on the outside of oneself. The desire is to fill the empty space, the de-valued self… is misdirected.

The intended item (feelings, mostly) to fill the empty space is compelled to run. Whether it’s a thing or an idea. Another person is reduced to a thing to be possessed and stuffed in one’s empty hole, consumed. You can expect them to run from your “desire”.

Certain forms of greed are even harder to recognize.

A few minutes ago I went downstairs to get my mail and found a notification for a public hearing. What happened next is the perfect illustration for this article.

feed-the-machine2Three years ago my next door neighbor sold her house. I live in an old historic neighborhood where the zoning only allows one-family, owner inhabited dwellings. The guy that bought the house is an investor who intended to make as much money on that house as he could. The zoning changed a day after he signed the contract to buy the house. He works for the City, no accidents there.

He’s been fighting to change the house into some multi-unit student house, meaning that it will be impossible to maintain property prices: student dwellings are a 24/7 nuisance, parties, lots of parking cars, trash, urinating, yelling, playing ball in the street.

For me it means: I must move.

I fought at court with foaming mouth…like a mad dog, protecting what is mine, my right, the truth, law, justice… whatever.

Looking back, I degraded myself to the same level of greed as this guy is. Wretched.

The whole story and the accompanying chest, shoulder and arm pain, the choking sensation returned with full force as I was reading the public hearing notice.

Isn’t my life perfect? I got the perfect spiritual exercise from All-of-it, exactly at the same time that Dark Side is spewing greed into our heart as part of their preparation for turning humanity even more sheeple than it has been.

This has given me a wonderful opportunity to see what the heck you do when greed wants to take over.

  1. Do you lie down and let them (whoever them are, lol) walk all over you? Or are you going to fight?
  2. Do you fight and lose a big chunk of your soul in the process?
  3. Do you choose something outside of this “oscillating structure”? Let me explain…

greed doesn't have an oppositeGreed doesn’t have an opposite.

Why? Because greed is a machine. Its sole purpose is to take you out of your Self, to pull you out, engage you in evil play, losing all self-respect, and deliver you to the Mind… the one that will spend the rest of your existence with finding excuses and justifications of why you did what you did… completely taking you out of the Now, Life, Reality… trapped in the machine, lost, zombie, fodder for the machine.

When you try to fight something with its opposite, you are still feeding the machine!

In Level 2 of the Brilliance at Will course I teach how to have a machine and still be able to be well, productive, human, and a winner.

There have been weak attempts for that, the most successful of those is Landmark Education, but their effectiveness can be measured in minutes, maybe hours, but not a lifetime.

The reason none of the “attempts” to free you from the tyranny of the machine is simple. There is a secret “pebble” that no one has bothered to look for. That pebble and the process I have developed is going to be the secret ingredient to set you, for ever, free from slavery to the machine.

I had introductory workshops held back in 2013 when I was preparing for the course. Everyone loved them. They had very few attendees at a time, so I have time to work, personally, with everyone, so you can see your machine and the elusive pebble.

The Pebble workshops were recorded and are available:

You can buy the series here

Get your Pebble workshops…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Greed: Impatience, Hurry, Wanting, Forcing, Craving”

  1. thank you for the article Sophie. i am exactly like the person in this article, i am always ‘out of’ the self and thats why i always feel so miserable and fearful. I guess i am a super greedy person.

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