Are you experiencing the “post holiday blues”?

In life, victory goes to the most adaptable… 1 says the law of self-selection. 2

The easiest to observe is yourself… when there is a long enough holiday: 4-day holidays are perfect.

If you get into the holiday mood: doing pretty much nothing… then you didn’t need a lot of adaptability: you probably habitually do a lot of nothing in any given day.

But the most important part is: how long does it take for you to get back into the swing of things… becoming productive, doing what there is to do, without sluggishness of complaint, or yearning to get back into holiday mode.

How do I know? I could say that I am watching you, but truth be told, I am watching myself, and getting back into workday mode has been very hard for me.

My holiday looked and smelled the same as every day: no company, nothing social, I just decided to get some rest.

And now, third day after the holiday, I am still having a hard time to do much more than writing an article, filling orders… but even those go really slow… like slow-mo. Resistance.

And I am a TLB 70… I can only imagine what it’s like at TLB 1… that is most of you.

So if it is this hard to get up to speed… just after 4 days of goofing off, what do you think it’s like after a lifetime?

I have buyers to my products, buyers, who in spite of the warning in many many many articles, after just the idea that they have to set up, for example, the water energizing system: buy a big container, buy headphones, have an mp3 player, get filtered water… that is too much of a hurdle for them to deal with.

Hey, I understand. But if you want anything different happen in your life, if you want to become the person who can make things happen, money, relationship, happiness, they you have to be able to go through hurdles… Even though every fiber of your being says: it is not worth it.

Here is the gist: a body in motion stays in motion, unless another force is applied… Same is true about a body not in motion…

The force to make a still body move is big… and yet, as the fairy tail says, after a whole bunch of animals gather to pull the carrot out of the ground, the tiny force a mouse can add tips the scales… and the carrot slides out of the ground.

In Russia the story is about a giant turnip… in Hungary we don’t eat turnip… ugh. 3 But the moral of the story is this: Even the hugest accomplishments can be done with gradually increasing the effort you invest.

And while nothing seems to change as far as you can see, the invisible reality has a different story to tell… You may only need just a tiny bit more… and you’ll have your turnip, or the result you want.

If American motivational speakers and writers knew any better – they don’t, 🙁 – they would stop telling stories about the acres of diamonds… which are, between you and me, a bunch of bull, and only serve sellers of more bull… and start telling the giant turnip story, where the effort of the person is directed at the thing they intend to accomplish, instead of wherever… 4 whatever their fancy is attracted to.

Anyway… I digress…

    • Going from low vibration to high vibration is a giant turnip to pull
    • Going from bad health to good health is a giant turnip to pull

 And it seems that for many people, getting four items to make it possible that their body is getting out of survival mode because of very low cell-hydration, is already a giant turnip.

So what can you do if you are starting with a very low TLB score, so low that  even this small hurdle is too big?

Introducing the Harmonize Your Vibration Avatar State Audio

I have an audio of an energy I stumbled onto during a webinar: where I connect your Self with All-of-it, through a giant vortex.

The vortex, as a vortex always does, spins, and spins away the impurities, and the not self… while the vortex is working.

It is not an audio you would listen through headphones: you would not put your brain into the clothes spinner… it can damage it, the energy is too powerful.

The energy, The Harmonizer, is an audio recording you should play in the background, as often as you can.

While it is on, you’ll be in touch with your self. And if used diligently, it helps you to do things that are not comfortable, that are not easy, that a TLB 1 would never do.

It won’t do your work for you, but it is like a cane for someone whose legs are not strong enough.

It can, with you doing the work you set out to do, raise your vibration to 200: the gateway to higher consciousness.

But I’ll repeat: only if you do the work you set out to do, the work you weren’t able to do without the help of the energy.

Want to get the Harmonizer?

here is the link to read more about it and buy it if you wish…




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  1. Keywords:Description:
    adaptable Adaptability is nature’s way to find the strait and narrow, to find the most likely winner in the evolutionary lottery. It is true on every level… In life you get more of the scarce resources if you are aware and adaptable.
    change Change is hard, because very change is uncomfortable. If you have a TLB score that is very low, your ability to change is low. But without changing, the default state reigns supreme: entropy, and slowly dying.
    skills Skills are, if they are real skills, they are portable. Meaning: doing something is not a skill… everything you do uses several skills. Doing diverse things, and doing them well, develops skills that are going to be the building blocks of your success. My methodology of building skills is, in order of the impact it makes: 1. volunteering to do something I don’t know how to do, 2. doing pro-bono work for others, work that requires me to learn a ton of new stuff 3. just doing things I don’t know how to do well 4. doing something like a course… like duolingo… that is my last resort.

  2. Your TLB score could be called your adaptability factor

  3. Once upon a time, in Russia, an old man planted some turnip seeds. Each year he grew good turnips, but this year he was especially proud of one very big turnip. He left it in the ground longer than the others and watched with amazement and delight as it grew bigger and bigger. It grew so big that no one could remember ever having seen such a huge turnip before.

    At last it stopped growing, and the old man decided that the time had come to pull it up. He took hold of the leaves of the great big turnip and pulled and pulled, but the turnip did not move.

    So the old man called his wife to come and help him. The old woman pulled the old man, and the old man pulled the turnip. Together they pulled and pulled, but the turnip did not move.

    So the old woman called her granddaughter to come and help. The granddaughter pulled the old woman, the old woman pulled the old man, and the old man pulled the turnip. Still the turnip did not move.

    The granddaughter called to the dog to come and help. The dog pulled the granddaughter, the granddaughter pulled the old woman, the old woman pulled the old man, and the old man pulled the turnip. But the great big turnip stayed firmly in the ground.

    The dog called to the cat to come and help pull up the turnip. The cat pulled the dog, the dog pulled the granddaughter, the granddaughter pulled the old woman, the old woman pulled the old man, and the old man pulled the turnip. They all pulled and pulled as hard as they could, but still the turnip did not move.

    Then the cat called to a mouse to come and help pull up the great big turnip. The mouse pulled the cat, the cat pulled the dog, the dog pulled the granddaughter, the granddaughter pulled the old woman, the old woman pulled the old man, and he pulled the big turnip. Together they pulled and pulled and pulled as hard as they could.

    Suddenly, the great big turnip came out of the ground, and everyone fell over.

  4. ooh-huh, I am feeling a huge rant coming on… beware!

    You see, what motivational speakers teach and what Leo Tolstoy taught with his Anna Karenina Principle are very different.

    Motivational speakers don’t and can’t tell you when to apply yourself… and don’t and can’t tell you that adjusting your behavior in tiny ways to get to the “strait and narrow” is the only effective way to produce the results that you intend to produce. Their massive action is a campaign, and the fence that goes up fast, comes down fast… you learned nothing in the process, and you will repeat it… whether you want to or not. While when you are taking small precise actions in the right direction, you create not just what you wanted, but yourself in the process. A person whose attitude, whose behavior, whose habits can walk the strait and narrow that leads to success and more success.

    Oh well… I am expecting more hate mail… lol

    T. Harv Eker taught me two things, at the tune of almost 50 thousand dollars, but, you know, it was worth it. To me.

    • He said: how you do anything is how you do everything… meaning: if you are into instant results, you do that everywhere in your life, and you are delusional and chasing your tails…
    • And he also said, in the context of being a multi-multi millionaire: it wasn’t difficult to make the millions, it was difficult to become the person who can make millions and millions.

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