The single reason you fall back, even after you raised your vibration. The reason that you can eliminate

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Yesterday I spoke about reaching the magic 200 vibration… and falling back…

When I look at the common cause in everyone I have ever observe falling back, the common cause is one thing.

The TLB score. Your Twitchy Little Bastard score…

The TLB score measure to what degree you are willing to postpone gratification.

Most people I observe feel entitled, act entitled. Entitled to pleasure, entitled to smooth, entitled to politeness, and courtesy, and love, and sex, and nice things.

Now, what is underneath of entitled is going to surprise you: it is scarcity. Anyone who doesn’t live in the scarcity mindset: I can only be happy if… is going to have a higher TLB score, and will be OK to work towards what they want.

Or have patience and tolerance for things that don’t work.

It will take them a whole lot longer to curse out someone or life when something is not working that is “supposed to work,”

Life is the way life is… you plan and life does, regardless, what life does. One day my website doesn’t work. Next day a video won’t play. Third day the storm stops your internet connection. Fourth day your favorite food is discontinued by your local store…

In a world of seven billion people, the likelihood that your plan will work out is between zero and none.

And if it bothers you… hell, your vibration will be under the rat’s ass… so to say.

I have been systematically making myself toughen up. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually… and the result is another jump in my vibration.

You need to toughen up… But, between you and me, if I were not healthy, if my cell hydration weren’t 70%, I would not be able to do half the tough things I do in any given day.

When your body is in scarcity, your whole self is in scarcity, in survival, in panic.

This is why the very first thing I recommend to everyone is to drink coherent water made by my Water Energizer audio. It is inexpensive and it comes with handholding until you succeed.

Now, if and when you are down in the dumps, mad at me, and decide that hating me and hating life is more important… of course you won’t want to do it.

Let me know when you come out of it.

And lastly here is a good article by Tai Lopez, the 67 steps guy… worth reading.

I live in Hollywood. The city where dreams are made. Or I should say the city of broken dreams.

For years, my neighbor on the right was Katy Perry. And my neighbor on the left is Cameron Diaz.

Why did those two celebrities get their dreams instead of the 1,000,000 struggling actors and musicians who left Hollywood empty handed?

I asked myself that question when I was still a teenager.

I wanted to be someone who got what they wanted.

We all WANT something…

The first answer I got came in the form of a ‘mental framework’ I memorized (a fancy way of saying a quote I memorized).

It was from the famous Columbia University historian Will Durant:

“A nation is born Stoic and dies Epicurean.”

Stoics were people who believed in sacrificing the now to get something better later.

Epicureans lived for pleasure.

They believed in “YOLO” – you only live once – so get what you can today without thinking about tomorrow.

Durant was saying great nations and great businesses are built by people willing to sacrifice present luxury for a future benefit.

It also means nations and businesses and lives fall apart once they get into the hands of ‘soft’ people.

Victor Hugo said, “Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.”

Ask Yourself…

So my question to you is, “How soft are you?”

When’s the last time you went a day without eating, went camping and slept on the hard ground, or sat down and read a business book without getting up, went a month without going out to eat, did 100 push ups, or walked to get groceries instead of taking the car?

An Amish old farmer once told me, “Tai there are 3 types of people in the world. People who make things happen; people who watch things happen; and people who WONDER what happened.”

If you are wondering what happened to your dreams there is a simple answer.

Toughen Up…

I learned it when I lived for 4 months in New Zealand. I learned to shear sheep to pay for my trip. If the sheep shearers ever heard me complain about the 12 days they would look at me and say, “Harden up mate.”

That’s the simple answer. We are all too soft these days. Modern convenience is great but it comes at an expense. The expense of weakening our will to create, to survive, to build, to dream.

The world is on a fast path to reaping the results of luxury gone wild: 50% diabetics, 60% obesity, and 20% of people on depression medication…

And I will tell you why. It’s because of the media. They are trying to SELL you something. They sell us convenience in the form of big Macs and stupid music and cheap clothes with fancy labels on them because they want your money.

It’s the wealthy using capital to prey on our basic instincts to seek the easy way out. So they build big companies that make frozen dinners and big gulp sodas to fill their pockets at our expense.

The Rule Of The Sucker…

Remember this, “When you are in a room and you don’t know who the sucker is, YOU are the sucker.”

You never want to be the sucker.

Stop being the sucker.

You should WANT life to be a little hard. Like Tom Hanks says, “…The hard is what makes it great.”

The world doesn’t need 50,000 more Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashians running after the newest Louis Vuitton thing.

The world needs 300 Spartans. Spartans embraced being stoics.

I was reading about how the Spartans trained their children:

“the students… were fed just the right amount for them never to become sluggish through being too full, while also giving them a taste of what it is to not have enough.”

Compare that to our schools where we fill up the cafeteria with sugar, fat, salt, and soda.

Spartan Rules…

The Spartans had 8 rules for training their children:

1. Spartans had to prove their fitness even as children.
2. Spartan children were placed in a military-style education program.
3. Fighting was encouraged among Spartan children
4. Spartans were expected to be lifelong soldiers.
5. Spartan youths were ritualistically tested.
6. Food was intentionally kept scarce, and poor fitness was cause for ridicule.
7. Spartan men were not allowed to live with their wives until age 30.
8. Surrender in battle was the ultimate disgrace.

Sounds crazy? Yes. Not something I would recommend in our day and age.

But there is a valuable lesson here. As Shakespeare said, “Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.”

Forget Drake and Lil Wayne. They are trying to sell you something. YOLO – You Only Live Once – is for suckers.

There is a balance. You must find the balance. Maybe it’s one part convenience, two parts challenge. Or maybe you are a little softer. Start out three parts convenience, two part challenge.

Whatever balance you choose, choose a little more ‘toughening up.’

Take a cold shower, take the stairs not the elevator, lift something heavy, run around the block, turn off the air conditioning for a day, read a hard book, do a hard math problem, take a martial arts class, do 100 push ups, go a month without buying any fancy clothes, go a week without any sugar.

It won’t hurt you. In fact according to Martin Seligman, the famous happiness psychologist, it will make you a hell of a lot happier.

And as Charlie Munger says it will make you a hell of a lot richer too.

Just Released the 67 Steps

67 Steps To Getting Anything You Want Out Of Life… Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness

These four subjects (health, wealth, love, and happiness) are appealing to us precisely because they are the raw ingredients we need to live the good life.

But in my experience, getting the good life isn’t quite that simple. You must avoid chasing a mirage, the lies of modern day life (that is actually step #32 in the 67 Steps).

There are no “3 quick secrets” or anything of real value that you can get overnight. That’s what marketers want to sell you.

The real question I asked myself many years ago was, “If there aren’t 3 steps to get whatever you want, how many steps really are there? And if you can’t get success overnight, how quickly can you actually make a big change?”

Your success in life hinges upon you finding the answer to these questions.

In some ways the answer has already been laid out by the self-made billionaire, Charlie Munger, when he said, “To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

The 67 Steps are not a get-rich-quick scheme, although I am sure they can make you richer than you’ve ever imagined.

The 67 Steps will not make you lose 30 pounds overnight, although you can use them to get in the best shape of your life.

The 67 Steps will not bring you a soul mate or rekindle your love life in 24 hours, but as Dr. Helen Fisher teaches, we are attracted to people on our level and as the 67 Steps raise your level, the quality of love you attract will rise accordingly.

John F. Kennedy was right, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Start by asking yourself: do you tap dance out of bed each morning? Are you so excited about life that you can’t wait to wake up? Not many people are. But it would be nice. I have been mentored by people who live life like that; great men like Joel Salatin and Allan Nation. It’s a beautiful way to live.

It sounds like an impossible feat – to really live the dream. Like I said in my recent TED Talk, everybody wants the good life, but not everybody gets the good life. 2
The good news is that you don’t have to be like everyone else. You can be the exception to the rule.

As Thoreau wrote in Walden Pond: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.”

But if you proceed carefully you will not be part of those desperate masses.

You must start by following Pablo Picasso’s rule of life:

“Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life, a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time. Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time.”

Joel Salatin told me the same thing, “If you have to go on a vacation from your job, never come back.”

There is no need to compromise. You can find whatever it is that you want from life.

For you, maybe it’s becoming a millionaire, or getting the perfect body, or falling madly in love, or waking up each morning feeling alive and optimistic.

But you won’t find it if you are looking in the same places as everyone else.

Don’t follow the crowd, because most of the world is just the blind leading the blind.

Fortunately, there have been many wise people over the last 8,000 years of civilization. And they can point the way. They have left clues.

But can these clues really be mapped out or is it just the old causation vs. correlation argument? Is there a pattern?

I think there is. Throughout history, a handful of people have found out how to live an extraordinary life. These 67 Steps I am about to share with you now are my attempt to lay out this success ‘blueprint’.

Find out more:

Tai’s article is three years old. Half of those I have been listening to 5-6 steps every week… and my life is unrecognizable… hell, I am unrecognizable!

And for most of my students, it is the same.

I say that doing the 67 steps on your own is OK… but how you do anything is how you do everything. And if you need to toughen up, chances are that how you do your life is not what works in doing the 67 steps.

That’s why I have a coaching program where you do the 67 steps, one step at a time, and then report to me in writing with every step… get redirected, and you do this every time you have something to say.

It’s been the best decision I have ever made to coach in writing, and coach through the 67 steps..

Writing out what you think causes clarity, a lot like journaling.
The 67 steps makes you examine your life and your world through about 100 principles… timeless principles.
Getting redirected is priceless.
And being accountable to me… if you know anything about accountability, you know that the magic lies there.

Here is an additional audio…

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