Can beliefs be changed? With energy, with voodoo, with hypnosis, with activators, theta healing, NLP, positive thinking?

eyes2Can beliefs be changed? With energy, with voodoo, with hypnosis, with activators, theta healing, NLP, positive thinking?

Every Joe Shmo and their brother, every so called “transformational modality” goes for the goal of changing your beliefs. After all it is your beliefs that keep you at low vibration, wretched, poor, lonely, fat, whatever, then it is your beliefs that need to be changed. So far so good.

Let us examine if this unquestioned belief is true or not.

If you read my last post about trust, you learned about me that I have a “belief” that I will be abused… etc.

What you don’t know is that I also have the “beliefs” that I am stupid (or at the minimum not smart enough) and that I am ugly (or at the minimum not attractive.)

How you know that something is a “belief” is that no matter how many times they are proven wrong, the “belief” does not change.

first-stepsI spent about 20 years of my life, between 24 and 44 years of age, slim, below or at my ideal weight. It didn’t change my “belief” that I was a fat person. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was surprised, but that didn’t effect my “belief” either.

I have done tons of transformational programs, I have lead another ton… lol.

I still believe that I am not lovable, that my family never loved me and never will, I believe that no matter what I do, I will be thrown out. Whatever that means… lol.

I connect to Source, I practiced Theta Healing, I created hundreds of activators, but neither my beliefs nor my students’ beliefs ever changed.

I am 100% sure that beliefs cannot be changed. Muscle test also says: NO.

Now, with that said, it comes up to ask: are we screwed then? After all, if our life depends on our beliefs, then we are really screwed… right?


Beliefs are circumstances. They are on the periphery of your being, and your actions don’t necessarily come from your beliefs, and more often than not, they are completely inconsistent with your beliefs.

Beliefs are like pimples, like clothes, like the tremor of your hands. They effect who you are and what you do, but only sometimes.

What is the difference between the times when they effect what you d, and times when they don’t? Because if we can find some commonalities, we may be able to gain some power in our lives, and actually get a great life and live it powerfully, regardless of our beliefs.

All my programs are about that, living a great life and living it powerfully. The activators, the coaching programs, the courses, the workshops, they are all about causing you to live your life well and powerfully.

Here is a little bit of how I have transformed my own and many others’ lives, so actions outside of the confines of the beliefs are not just an accident, but something you can count on, and build a life on.

You can trust that the beliefs won’t change. Now what?

If we consider the beliefs the facts of life, the obstacles, the stuff that are just there, like a staircase, like a window sill, like the roof, like a fence, we can see that we have, in fact, a lot of those. Many of those we fight. We say: they shouldn’t be. Or that they should change… but that is spending your life in futile attempt to change reality to match your expectations. Stupid, if you ask me.

It is much like the fairy tale of the two mountain goats.

goatOver a river there was a very narrow bridge. One day a goat was crossing this bridge. Just at the middle of the bridge he met another goat. There was no room for them to pass.

“Go back,” said one goat to the other, “there is no room for both of us”.

“Why should I go back?”, said the other goat. “Why should not you go back?”

” You must go back”, said the first goat, “because I am stronger than you.”

“You are not stronger than me”, said the second goat.

“We will see about that”, said the first goat, and he put down his horns to fight.

“Stop!”, said the second goat. ” If we fight, we shall both fall into the river and be drowned. Instead I have a plan- I shall lie down, and you may walk over me.”

Then the wise goat lied down on the bridge, and the other goat walked lightly over him. So they passed each other, and went on their ways.

If you want the belief to cut you loose, if you want to have your way, you need to consider that the belief is permanent, people are the way they are, things are the way they are, and it is not your job to fight them, your job is to get the best life with what you have, including the circumstances, including the beliefs, including the obnoxious people in your life.

But that is easier said than done. Why? Because the desire to fix reality seems to be a machine that is as real as anything about you.

You have a machine, in fact, several machines, that run when they are triggered.

Train heading northMuch like a rocking chair rocks, these machines have cycles that keep on repeating till you die. They are like trains that are set to arrive where they are heading…

When you have a little time, you can speculate what is the destination of your train. I’ll give you a clue: mine is homeless, abused, destitute, and unloved. That is where my train is heading. Will it arrive? Not predictable… It is certain that I’ll die, but the train arriving to that particular destination is not certain.

But don’t despair, there are still enough things that we can do to alter the destination of the train.

You can wake up often enough and alter, ever so slightly where the train is heading… It is entirely up to you: your actions, your motivation, your motivator… and, of course, to what degree you learn to allow the machine to run.

trainAs long as your efforts are spent on fixing the machine, I can guarantee that the train will arrive to its destination.

Or alternatively, inactivity, doing nothing, succumbing to the machine will also guarantee the outcome.

What there is to do is design new actions, powered by your innate desire (the one I call The Pebble) and do it as often as necessary so you can experience being awake and aware most of the time.

In transformation there is no “set it and forget it”. Yesterday’s transformation is today’s arrogance, memory of the transformation, and memories are just that, mind-stuff, thought-forms, nothing substantial.

What you need to do is ongoingly cause your transformation, and keep on growing, expanding, and fulfilling the Original Design.

There is no other way, given that you were born into a culture, into a machine-laden world, and there is no escape.

Activators will be your guide, and your “savior.”

changecycleAnd you will need to know your innate desire, and learn how to manage the machine that it doesn’t revolt against your new actions.

I teach that in the new course, Brilliance at Will, Level 2.

The Pebble Webinar series is an introduction to this process, and if you are lucky, you’ll leave the webinars knowing your machine and your Innate Desire… priceless, but not enough (yet) to change the destination of the train.

For that you need to learn the management technique I teach in the new course… but make sure you are ready. Find out on the Pebble webinar series…



Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. Sophie, can our faith change our beliefs? Or maybe I should ask can our faith change the direction of our train? Thank you.

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