Brilliance, Digging For Gold, Soul Desire, And Eavesdrop On My Private Conversations…

listen in on my private conversationsBrilliance, Digging For Gold, Soul Desire, And Eavesdrop On My Private Conversations…

I was on the phone with a friend of mine this morning. We started out in a mastermind. Every other member fell away, but we have been talking, every Sunday at 9 am, for seven years now.

In mastermind, the most important ingredient is: you get to say what’s up, out loud and be heard. This is really important, because the people in your life can’t hear you: they have too much past that interferes, too much vested interest in the way: they will not be able to hear you. But on a mastermind of people with no investment in you being anything other than you are, you can speak, and you can be heard.

I heard somewhere, I can’t remember when, can’t remember where, that “It is hard to be silently brilliant, lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.”

I always wanted to be brilliant. And I always knew that brilliance was like gold, hidden in layers and layers of dirt, sometimes deep, and you need to dig for it.

dig for gold
That dirt is everything that you already know. There is no brilliance there: it is an already knowing… brilliance is shiny because it is fresh. Because it was never seen, Because it is from the beyond.

When you want to dig for gold, the most important “tool” you need is something or someone who will remove the dirt that you had sifted through, so you don’t have to sift through it again.

Most of you have never had anyone to hold the dirt, so you have been spending your life sifting through the same dirt over and over, expecting gold. No gold there.

You come to a call with me, and share the same old thing again and again. You journal only to write about the same boring stuff, again and again. You are stuck with the dirt… and you are paying the price: your vibration isn’t rising.

Raising your vibration is like digging for gold. You need to go beyond what you know, into the “beyond” area: new dirt, new sifting, that is what it takes to find gold.

I have noticed that without a new area to dig in, you are not able to move on on your own. It’s ok to dig up the “yard,” a few inches deep: that is all you can do effectively alone. But at some point you will need to go deeper, and you will need someone or something to hold the dirt for you.

sift-the-dirtThis is one of the main functions of the Path To Enlightenment coaching: to take you wider and to take you deeper. Often. So you don’t spin your wheels, so you always deal with new dirt to sift.

Masterminds are a good place, but to find a mastermind where people don’t have an agenda is very very hard. Most people have an agenda, they want to help, and that is not going to help you: they refuse to hold the dirt.

Most coaches are the same way… unfortunately. One of my students is excellent at listening: she would be a great partner for anyone… you can email me for her contact info: I vouch for her, I have tested her: she has a great “echo.”

What is echo? Echo is when you can hear your own voice with a slight distortion. It is a great guidance. Most people provide no echo, instead they broadcast their own “stuff” to come back to you. You, thinking it’s echo, become fearful, confused, discouraged, feel useless, worthless, and powerless.

None of those feelings are yours, they came from the listener: your parents were a horrible “echo” for you, and they likely reduced you to a useless, worthless, impotent bunch of cells… instead of a powerful human being. (See Parental Disapprovement Syndrome)

98% of humanity is like that: a bunch of cells…

But even though the echo was crushing, sometimes the desire of the Soul is stronger, and it gets you on this site… although the fact that you are reading this article is not a guarantee that your Soul’s desire is strong enough.

You need a strong Soul desire to get you out of the prison you live in. The desire gives you courage, and strength so that in spite of feeling bad, in spite of inevitable pain, you should start and continue on a path that takes you out of your prison, and into Life where nothing is certain, where you can get hurt, where you can fail.

A strong Soul desire gets you through these humps, trials and tribulations.

This and more was the topic of today’s call…

In my calls with my mastermind partner, we talk about my work, 60-70% of the time. These are, mostly, the things I never write about, never talk about, because I don’t even remember them. When I have a chance to re-listen the calls, I am amazed how much gold is in them. Real gold…

I would like to offer these calls for your listening, if you are interested.

The calls will be unedited.

You will be the first person to know about my new programs, about how I think, about what I see, about how I get to the conclusions I get to… I think it’s fascinating, but you may not think so.

If you want to give it a try, please click on this link… It will take you to paypal to pay. Eventually, I promise, I will have a salesletter… I know, everything needs to be sold, even love… lol.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Brilliance, Digging For Gold, Soul Desire, And Eavesdrop On My Private Conversations…”

  1. I agree with the quote – it comes to my attention sometimes that I get to something new while talking to someone, especially when I know what I want to say and have it more or less organized in my mind beforehand… sometimes it comes as new ideas for interpretation of my own things and sometimes it feels like the information gets somehow more consistent and whole after I get it out of me.

    I realized that my mother was the person talking to whom I’ve had most of these “glimpses of gold” coming out… she’s also a good listener, and knows me well… I didn’t realize this that much before reading this article.

    Thank you Sophie!

  2. Miko, because you are special, I am going to give you an eeny bit of coaching: say: “My experience is the same” instead of “I agree”… it will make a huge difference for you, because that doesn’t come from the mind.

    Every time you consciously say something NOT from the mind will raise your vibration… no kidding. Just what words you use tells me where you are looking for what to say.

    For an empath like you, being able to get out of the mind and live there is the “saving grace” because being an empath is a curse unless you can just watch it like an instrument showing you what it feels… not YOU.

    I hope this is clear. If not, tell me what is not clear… please.

  3. It is clear to me. Thank you very much for pointing it out, I’ll try to put more attention on my words from now on.

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