Pathways To Gratitude

Pathways To Gratitude

Acknowledging source is a great way to get to gratitude… And ‘they’ say that Gratitude Is The Activator Of The Law Of Attraction, or what I’d prefer to call it: receiving for the sake of sharing.

The purpose of this article is to introduce to you another way to access and activate receiving for the sake of sharing. Receiving respect, energy, love, anything.

I am not only talking about acknowledging the source of a quote or an idea… although it is important.

I once had a friend who was irked by my constant acknowledgment of where the ideas, the knowledge, the technique came from, instead of just pretending they are all mine. I instinctively knew this is why she was dirt poor…

I have a teacher who talks about all his sources as the great this, and the greatest that person… and he is getting richer by the minute.

So yeah, acknowledging the source of your knowledge is very very very important. Only when you acknowledge standing on the shoulders of giants that you can ever be considered a giant… and who doesn’t want to be a giant, am I right about that?

Yes, I am talking about acknowledging your source of power and knowledge… the kind of source that requires you to look, recognize it for what it is and to give it value… aka appreciate it.

It is up to your mindset phenomenon, whether you live in scarcity or abundance, whether you can and are willing to give and receive…

Acknowledging source is a spiritual and life altering distinction.

In this article I will write about the importance to practice your new skills and new mindset, and to acknowledge source.

With the work I do with you, you raise your vibration… The next step is to practice driving your new vehicle

The purpose of my work is to cause the evolution of humanity, from homo sapiens to human being, so humanity can live in peace for the next 1,000 years… god-years. Great years, as the Kabbalists called it.

The evolution of the planet will happen by raising humanity’s vibrational frequency. At the moment the average vibration of a people on the planet is 207 in 2011, 100 in 2020… so it is going in the wrong direction. Only 1% of humanity’s vibration is above 100.

I have the technology to raise an individual’s vibration, but my personal goal was, back in 2011, to raise 1,000 people’s vibration to over 300, and I was 63 years old.

What I found out that unless a person is willing to tell the truth about where they are at… and look at the source of that, they will never be willing to do what it takes to raise their vibration.

I had a student who quit when I told her, in a feedback, what she was unwilling to say: the truth about her.

The truth really stings. The truth is always ugly. The truth can set you free… but you need to look at the truth as an ugly bug that you don’t have to carry with you any longer.

Everything suffers when you withhold the truth about yourself. Why? Because without integrity nothing works.

When you can look into the face of the ugly, without blinking, then you can start growing.

If you can’t, or won’t… then you won’t grow, you’ll continue being that split person, using all your energies to make people believe that you are OK, or whatever you want them to believe. No energy is moving… because energy is blocked by lying.

When you allow the truth to come out, hold it in the palm of your hand, look at it, you’ll find two things:

  • 1. It is not who you are.
  • 2. It is not as ugly as it felt while it was inside. It won’t now occupy your whole cone of vision, visual field… you’ll have energy to grow, to do things, to make a difference in the world… after all that is what we all want, don’t we?

In the beginning, starting in 2011, I was trying to do the process in large groups. I felt that unless I take everyone with a pulse I wouldn’t be able to meet my goal.

That is the problem with goals… they make you do things that won’t work, cannot work. Desire trap.

So I chucked the goal, and started to work with tiny groups… Seven people seems to be the ideal number.

I am working on a piece of the training, where my clients can learn and practice living life with the new, higher vibration. Developing practices that return them to the high vibration, catching themselves when they fall of the wagon. Without this step most people revert to their old habits, and the old mindset will follow soon after.

The lower the person’s vibration, the less willing they are going to be to practice… and practice the right way.

The question is: why would these people not practice? Why would YOU not practice?

The answer is intriguingly: ego. Most people have a vested interest in feeling smart and capable, maybe even a genius, superior. Especially if they have doubts about their capabilities. They don’t believe that they can be really smart, really powerful, really free, really rich… any of it.

So when you give them exercises to do so they can raise their vibration… instead of doing them, they will be more interested in failing you and your intention: raising their vibration. It doesn’t matter what they say… the only thing that matters is what they do.

They will be (unconsciously) working against you and their evolution.

I know this doesn’t make sense… but it does from the ego’s perspective. The ego is not logical. It is only interested in perpetuating how it has been, and isn’t interested in evolution, growth, transformation, though it is very willing to give lip-service to it.

By the way, the ego is the same as the precious ‘I’.

People have paid tens of thousands of dollars to transformational teachers, only to find themselves with brain-candy and no transformation. The cause? Ego.

They could, but they won’t.

Acknowledge Source: how do you do that?

I have said before, and I will say it, again and again: the largest part of what you read here is coming only through me. I am channeling it… I am not the source of it. The source of it is the All-of-It; there you have it, this is what ‘acknowledging source’ sounds like.

Acknowledging means: telling the truth about something. Accept or admit the existence or truth of something. To recognize the fact or importance or quality of something or someone.

You can acknowledge good and bad equally. You can acknowledge someone’s brilliance, or that someone made a mistake. Both are acknowledgments.

You can acknowledge that you are using someone’s feathers in your cap. You can acknowledge that you have been a liar. You can acknowledge that you don’t know something. That you didn’t do your homework.

Why am I dealing with this, and why now?

  • An integral part of our evolution is to acknowledge source. In my programs: acknowledge Life, Reality, Source, because ultimately all comes from there. And maybe, if you want to, acknowledge my assistance, acknowledge the results you have but that is not mandatory.
  • Acknowledge a new insight, a distinction… if that was the source of a result.
  • Acknowledge the source of your wrong step if you had one

The more you can acknowledge without being prompted, the faster you’ll grow.

Anyone who is not acknowledged will stop giving more. Like a spouse, client, child who is not valued and acknowledged will stop valuing you… In the language of Source, lack of acknowledgment and gratitude signifies: I don’t want more.

The Law of Attraction says: appreciate what you want as if you already have it. Is this pretending? Yes and no. Yes, in the all-of-it you do have it already. To appreciate it there, you need to acknowledge All-of-it as the source, and the Ego doesn’t like that.

How do you acknowledge source?

To acknowledge source you first need to acknowledge that you got something of value. So, you need to be able to see value… All three types of values: systemic, extrinsic, but especially intrinsic value.

Unfortunately that is a capacity that is closed (i.e. not open) for virtually 100% of humanity… including the teachers that teach you to appreciate.

Appreciate simply means: see value. It is not a feeling. It is a seeing.

Seeing value can lead to gratitude. Can, I said… I didn’t say will… The ego doesn’t like to see value… and literally hates gratitude.

Gratitude is your key to get into vibrational harmony with Life, with yourself, with what you want in life.

Acknowledge source.

Start where you are… you cannot start where you are not… Desire trap people, did you read this?

How long will it take to get from no appreciation to full appreciation?

It can take forever… it is three DNA capacities… that all three turn off if you don’t use them… So I am not even going to waste your money.

Learn the moves of appreciation by acknowledging source, the source of anything… you’ll be, in the beginning, the opposite of astute: you won’t know the source of anything… But with learning, coming to my webinars, using my energy tools eventually you can get sharper, and more astute.

In 50 minutes I’ll be at a workshop: the What’s the Truth about you workshop I give regularly.

If you have had your Starting Point Measurements done before, you are eligible to participate. If not: get it done now.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Pathways To Gratitude”

  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t come to today’s webinar, I know I missed I lot of valuable stuff….But I want to acknowledge what you teach in the webinar recording that you shared was truly amazing…I want to acknowledge everything I am learning from source through you and you being my Giant. I also want to acknowledge that I’ve been a liar, an entitled person wanting and desiring things I am not earning up to yet. For pushing against life and resenting life..For being like a whore..if you can call a man…I also want to acknowledge that I DON’T KNOW anything, NOTHING and than doesn’t make me less than anyone or anything..There is only one way from bottom and that is UP!..There is the place I am not who I am.

  2. thank you Kawa. I appreciate you doing the work, telling the truth, publicly. Pretty much that is what we did in the webinar. I am exhausted… it’s hard work… now make sure you meant what you wrote, and stop fantasizing about what you want, and get to work on what you need. xoxo

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