What is Kabbalah and Why Should You Care?

Imagine that you got yourself a car without a user’s manual. Or a computer. And there would be no person that you know that even knows what they are about… these items would rust, collect dust, be in the way… instead of giving you the power to quickly get from one place to the other, or to solve seemingly impossible problems, communicate to millions with your computer.

This is exactly the situation with regards to life on Earth, with regards to human beings.

Billions of people wonder, daily, why they are here, and what they are supposed to do. Are you one of them? I sure am and have been.

Billions of people wonder why life isn’t working the way it is supposed to work… because somehow we KNOW that life is supposed to be satisfying, joyous, and full of light and love and pleasure.

What if there were a User’s Manual, and it were being “translated” little by little, so every human being that is interested in “riding the horse in the direction it’s going” could figure out which direction the horse is going. Because with life it is not that easy: even though the smell (life stinks) gives us clues… but life is ultimately more complicated that riding a horse.

Humanity has received at least one user manual (my hunch is that there have been several isolated attempts at giving us clues… that’s why there is so much similarity among the major spiritual movements on earth… among the teachings of “enlightened beings” like the Buddha, Like The Christ… ).

The “manual” this blog concerns itself most is The Zohar (a book), and The Kabbalah (an oral tradition).

If you wanted to ask the question why we would receive a manual that needs to be deciphered… good question. A good question deserves a good answer:

Have you noticed that what comes easy, what comes cheap or free doesn’t see to have a lot of value for people?

It is because no one really wants handouts, we all want to earn our light. When we get more than we “deserve” or have earned, the uncomfortable feeling of “bread of shame” sets in and somehow we aren’t inspired to use what we got, enjoy it, take real advantage of it. We somehow close ourselves to it.

This is also the case with spiritual knowledge. So the “powers that be” make it difficult to acquire the knowledge so that you can earn it, so that you can use it.

I have 23 years of “heavy duty” transformational training under my belt, and yet Kabbalistic knowledge, even the bite size easy pieces published by the Kabbalah Centre puzzle me, engage me, and it takes me a long time to “get it” and even longer to integrate it into my habits and way of thinking.

But as a result, my relationship to the knowledge is that of ownership. I am working for it long and hard, and I am benefiting from it, tremendously.

The question is: how many people are willing to trade hard work for fulfillment, joy, light, love, etc. That is the real question. If nothing changes, in my opinion, not many.

I hope I am mistaken.

Please talk back to me…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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