Still with the extra $33 a day question in mind…

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Still with the $33 a day increase in mind, I attended a webinar.

The product sold on the webinar is an unusual way to make money: in essence investing. High risk, high return.

I’d attended this webinar before, but I was at a different place in my life than this time, so I stayed till the end. I diligently muscle tested.

I asked slightly different questions this time, more in line with the supplement reviews I intend to write: I didn’t just ask: is this good for me? can I do it? can I make money with it?

Instead I asked the same questions in general terms. And I learned something new and interesting.

You see, for years I bought everything this guy put out, and none of them made me any money. I just could not follow his teaching.

But he is really brilliant, and I always hoped that one day I would. Magically.

Tens of products, and no, I didn’t even come close to being able to do what he was teaching to do. In fact most of those attempts were non-starters, I never even got out of the gate. Got stuck early on.

This time muscle test said what I should have already known: my learning style and this guy’s teaching style are not a match, and although the material is good, the value is high, I would fail with it. Royally.

And this is, very likely, true for a lot of people, maybe everybody: the teaching style of the teacher and yours need to match or you’ll get nothing.

Nowadays I am getting new clients who work well with me. I haven’t changed, or I don’t think so.

And then I have people who may like me, who may think highly of my stuff, but cannot learn from me, like a cannot learn from this guy. There is a disconnect somewhere, and the student cannot bridge it.

Of course there are some ways the teacher can experiment with, if the teaching is one on one… but that is not a guarantee that there will be learning.

Stop pushing on a string

It is a style difference? or it is a modality difference? whatever it is, you want to recognize it early, and stop pushing on a string, shop pushing on something that is not going to fly.

Now, with some clients, they need to go through the emotional work that without doing it they are all about themselves.

I did that for work for twenty years for myself in Landmark Education. Any place where crying is OK, helpful, useful, and gets something resolved.

Therapy, support groups, but just because you are attracted to my work, it doesn’t mean you are ready for it.

Just because your father abused you, (that is the most frequent issue), it doesn’t mean you are not ready. I have clients with father issues who regardless are a great match for my style and learn fast and well.

If your number of fixed mindset/thinking of yourself is so high (over 90%) that it poses a real barrier to hearing what is being taught… instead you only hear what YOU are saying… not what I am saying or what is being said.

You may be able to do the work by yourself, with a book, but I think that ability is rare.

The book I just uploaded to the subscribers’ site is a good starter book… Get unstuck, or something like that.

Some spiritual books, like 21 days Consciousness cleanse by Debbie Ford is also a good book. Debbie Ford deals with emotional issues… (I can put that in the subscribers area for you, if you want it)

It doesn’t matter how old you are: if you have emotional unresolved issue, you need to resolve them before you can start growing spiritually.

I started at 40, and by 60 I was ready to grow spiritually. You may be able to do it faster. But do it you must.

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