Change your perspective and get unstuck. Perspective Series Part 1

perspectiveWhat does perspective have to do with it?

Even though we intellectually know that perspective matters, we, unconsciously, have the tendency to look at things the same way, every time we look at them. Result: we see them the same way.

Examples: your neighborhood... you look at it from the car. You live there. The neighbors are annoying, or nice... the potholes in the road, the trees, the lawns. All familiar, all nice or boring, depending on your opinion of them.

Maybe, just like in my street, the street trees are slowly dying because the electric company indiscriminately cuts their branches to protect the wires... And the city doesn't replace the trees. But you don't care, it is happening slowly, and you don't even notice it.

But one day you get a chance to look at it from above, and wow... you suddenly you see that in a sea of forest-like trees your street stands out like a desert... The heat map says that it is overheating, and suddenly you have a deep desire to help return the street to its previous shaded state: you want to plant some trees, even pay for them from your own pocket.

Change Your PerspectiveThings look different from different angles, but as we saw it, you seeing them from those angles is accidental, and so you are stuck in your one view. If that view is miserable, which it normally is, then you are stuck in misery.

So, what are you "supposed to" do... are you stuck? Because, believe it or not, how the world occurs to you, invites your behavior, maybe even defines it.

Nowadays a lot of people struggle to make ends meet. So it will be a great example to demonstrate changing perspectives and the predictable results.

3 Ways to change your perspective to get unstuck:

  1. Use Temporality to get unstuckAsk the question: will this look the same way five years from now?

    15 years ago I was dealing with a ruptured ovary and I was slowly bleeding to death. Then the rate of dying took me to the hospital. I spent a few agonizing days there, not wanting to be operated on. Although it looked hopeless, I wanted to stop the bleeding with natural means...

    When I asked myself what was the worst I was afraid of, I was afraid of being killed on the operating table. What I didn't know that my worst wasn't the worst that could happen: dying is the the worst thing. Being robbed of your tool of making a living is. I came out of that operation with major brain damage.

    My IQ dropped to moronic levels and although I could remember what I was used to be able to do, remembering doesn't equal doing.

    I took a driving job, because I could still drive. Some aspects of my intellect weren't touched by the damage, so I could also continue to coach... but that's it. No math, no sense of direction, no idea how to put together anything.

    I asked the question: shall I sue for malpractice? And I decided to instead move forward, wherever it takes me.

    Since then I have made lots of decisions similar to that one... my guidance was a simple sentence "Don't look back, unless you want to go that way..." I didn't want to go backwards, so I didn't sue, didn't insist on saving stuff, fixing stuff, I just kept moving forward.

    I would have never gotten doing what I do: energies, connecting to Source, raising my own and others vibration... I probably would be still talking to lawyers.

    The stuff that worried me 15 years ago didn't matter even a day later... and none of the problems I encountered in these 15 years mattered a few days later...

    This simple principle kept my life in motion, and raised my vibration to the level of 900's.

  2. Use Height to change your perspective and get unstuckImagine yourself as you are now, being bothered, limited, by the situation you are in. Keep, for a moment, your eyes in your head... everything seems to be blocking the view of a path, of a future that you would like.

    Next step: Imagine standing on a mountain overlooking you and the obstacles that block your view. Looking at it from an elevation, you may be able to see a direction that is not blocked, or takes only a few steps to get out of the jam you are in, and then you can follow that direction to success, freedom, money, or whatever you crave.

  3. Test your imagined future - can you deal with that? A great way to get unstuckAsk the question: what is the worst thing that can happen if things don't change right now?

    I asked this question two days ago, and the results astounded me: I saw that the worst thing I imagined is not being able to pay my rent. But suddenly that worst thing wasn't anything I could not deal with. Suddenly every movie, every article pointed me into a direction of traveling lightly, and not be owned by a big place that is way bigger than I need because of all the junk I have accumulated over the years.

    I have decided to prepare for a trip of traveling lightly: to decide what it is I can't live without... and get rid of everything else.

    This was the most freeing experience... and now, the combination of this new perspective and the HOE long range are keeping me in an upbeat, optimistic, life-loving state.

In the "context" webinars we deal with changing the perspective, so we can get a new glimpse at situations. I have these three times a week... no sales pitch. I am not selling anything. I am working on how to train people... and you are helping me in that while I help you get unstuck.

There are conditions though: you must participate, and you must have a good internet connection and a good quality headset to participate on the calls.

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